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I want a small waist. My butt has always been big....

I want a small waist. My butt has always been big. No problems there. But as I lost and gained weight repeatedly of course the curves start vanishing and the rolls start appearing. I'm hoping to get this body fat gone from the places it shouldn't be and put to its right place. Saggy butt is not what I'm use to. I want to be a Robles Barbie. I'm so excited. I've decided to set my surgery date for November 2016.

I have officially moved my surgery date!

Instead of November I will be going for surgery in September! I'm super excited and couldn't wait any longer! I had to move it up! I will definitely keep you all updated. I haven't bought anything off my list yet. But I guess I can start sometime this week. Just to get it out the way.

I'm readyyyyy!!

Finally got my whole suit case packed!! All the supplies I needed. Plane tickets confirmed!! CBC sent and everything was of course great. My best friend is coming with me!! This is so exciting!! The closer it gets!! The more excitement starts to build!

Plane tickets!!


Wish Pics

Some more of my wish pics!! This girls body is drop dead gorgeous!

39 days till TAKEOFF! Sept 2,16!

I swear I have been counting down every day. I am more excited as each day passes!! Sometimes I have days I am super nervous. Some days I feel scared. But then shortly it goes away. And I know I will be just fine. I guess what worries me. Is being away for so long from my kids and of course my husband. But they assure me all will be okay and taken care of as I'm gone. I have been preparing them every day. Just so I know they will be okay. Because everyone knows it's nothing like how mom does things. But thankfully my mom will be here with my family to watch over them.

So I have been out of mind. I literally got everything done and ready for my trip two months ahead lol. I take my vitamins every day. I try and eat as healthy as I possibly can. I definitely have been off anything fried. Which I'm completely okay with. I will post pictures later on vitamins and my list of supplies I have. To help anyone following.

More before pics of me, yikes!

Okay so I decided to update some more pictures of my before body pics. I did have to edit them. Just to keep my self less recognizable for now. Until I get my body I'm comfortable with. I did forget to post pictures of my list of supplies and vitamins. I'll definitely try to remember tmrw. It's pretty difficult to keep up. Since I have 5 kids to keep up with, 4 being mine.
I can honestly say I'm like a big kid at this moment! I mark down my days on the calendar just to remind myself it's actually happening! 36 MORE DAYS NOW!! I can't stress it enough! I've never imagined myself actually going thru this kind of procedure! I've always been the type to think I can do it on my own. But hey, why not?! I've always done everything to make everyone in my family happy. They always come first. Although I don't regret any of it. I enjoy the responsibilities I upkeep for my family!! They honestly motivate me to be who I am. Till finally I convinced myself... It's my turn. I deserve this. A once in a lifetime jump I need to take. To make myself happy. More confident. Although my husband loves every inch of me. Oh man this husband of mine is absolutely the most amazing man I have ever met in my whole existence. I kno my body isn't perfect. But he makes sure he makes me feel as if I am regardless of any surgery, every single day. And for him to b completely understanding about this, pretty much about any decision of mine. Makes me so much more relieved to have him by my side 100%! I'm so ready to be a doll ????

Vitamins!! Ughh!!!

I take these everyday!!
1 of the Vitamin C
10 folic acid
1 B Complex
1 Super Complex B
6 iron
All at once in the morning.
I kno it seems like a bit much. But it isn't. The pills are pretty tiny. Except for the Vitamin C. I have to take them early every day. Or else I'm up alllll night. I use to hesitate to take them. And my husband would remind me to take them. Usually by 1-3 pm. I realized it was the pills that was keeping me up at nights. I'm bettering myself although my CBC test was perfect. I need it to stay that way. So that I can have all that I need done, to get done lol. I'm considering breast augmentation. I'm all set as long as all goes well with my hemoglobin etc and Dr Robles gives me the okay. Then I'm definitely getting them done. All one shot. Im soooooo excited!!


Oh man! It's becoming so real!! I kno I'm on constant repeat!! But I am so excited!!

My kids still don't kno about me leaving for two weeks. I kno its going to be real hard for them. As close of bond I have with all my kids. And the way I maintain they're days with activities and favorite lunches. Plus our family play time at nights. This is gonna b pretty hard. On not just them, but with me as well. I will have to get them a calendar, so they can check off the days I'm gone and count down till I get home. I'm sure I'll b FaceTiming them every day, all day lol. Since I've already took this trip before with my friend while she got her surgery. We already kno what the distance feels like. And how hard it is to b away from each other. Especially for my husband lol. So hopefully the days go by fast. Im definitely not excited about the separation. But I can not get my dream body out my head !

17 days till takeoff

My journey is right around the corner! I'm so excited! I can hardly wait. I've been trying to stay occupied as much as possible. In order to not have this trip so much on my mind. Which has been working out pretty well. Getting as much done as I possibly can before I'm unable to help like I do. Kids appointments out the way. Check ups. Physicals. Beginning the school year. So far, piece of cake. My husband will have to take over for the next month. I hope he gots this lol. Well until I have more to write. I hope all goes well....

So it's been a while since I've updated.

I've had so much going on these past few weeks. I had surgery two days ago. Oh man, this is such a roller coaster. I'm staying at Queens Recovery House. Wilson is my driver. I absolutely love him. He always makes me laugh and it hurts like a b**** to laugh lol. His wife Louisa is the manager of this recovery home. They treat me so good here. So of course I try to the same to them. I hear a lot of bad talk about these nurses stealing and taking things. And I know we all pay to stay which should b enough as it is. I try to tip the nurses every other day. And guess what, they appreciate any thing us patients have to offer. Even if they do steal, obviously they need it more then we do. As much as they do for me. I try to return the favor. And they have became very close to me because they know I appreciate them. I am becoming very sleepy with the meds they just gave me so I will try to update a lil bit more every chance I get. And my next post will be of my body and pictures. Thank you for those who follow my posts.

So here are some pics

I'm not gonna write much. Because I'm feeling very tired and drained. I was great yesterday. But I think I over worked myself trying to push myself to be strong. As a mother of five I'm always pushing to get things done. So I try to do it even when I'm away from my babies. Taking care of myself. But also worrying if everyone is okay and situated well at home. I sleep good through the night with one lil white pill they give me but when I wake up. I feel all sorts of discomfort. Because i go all night with out pain meds. And waking up to my back in pain and my body swollen. But I'm recovering well thank you all for your words and messages. I'll update again on a better day. Hopefully tomorrow.


Pics update






I have to take better pictures. But I amazingly happy with my new body. From where I use to b to what I am now. I am thankful 100%

Just a small uodate

Scar line healing pretty good. And picture of a picture my son took of me while I was in a waiting room. U can see the curves. Swelling still pretty bad.

3 hours without my faja.

I went three hours without my faja and my body became very swollen. I knew it would happen. But omg the comfort and security my faja gives me is amazing! But this is the view of my body when swollen. Still looks amazing to me!


Dark but it'll work. Very happy with my recovery. It's been almost three months and I feel great. I work out. I keep my faja on at least 12 hrs a day. Give it a break every now and then. I've lost more weight recently. By maintaining my eating portions. But pretty much eating what I want. Scar is healing tremendously. I'll update more soon. Enjoy ladies.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I love that Robles assistant Laura is always on top of my questions and timing isn't bad at all. I understand they have many patients. And for as well as they keep up with my daily questions I'm completely satisfied.

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