25 Year Old, 1 Kid, Brazilian Butt Lift and Liposculpture - Dominican Republic, DO

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Ever since I was a teenager I..

Ever since I was a teenager I always imagined myself looking like an exotic barbie doll. I'm Dominican and Puerto Rican and I always had junk in the trunk but I always wanted more. After I had my son my breasts grew and my butt was humongous. It looked perfect! But after I gave birth my body looked disgusting. Men barely look at me. They seem interested but after seeing me naked they disappear. I haven't had a boyfriend in like 4 years! My self esteem went down the drain and I don't feel happy anymore. I thought about getting surgery for 3 years now and I finally decided to go through with it. I've been on RealSelf since 2013 and I've been doing my research. Yily De Los Santos seemed like the most popular surgeon here in RealSelf so I googled her and found out a couple of patients have died in her hands but that didn't stop me. Everyone's body is different and we all react to things differently. So I decided to email her. She took too long to reply so I bought a Boss calling card and I gave her a call. Her assistants picked up and they were really friendly. They immediately sent me an email with SOME information. So then I contacted Fatima Almonte to compare prices and her assistant picked up. She wasn't able to answer my questions & during the phone call I didn't hear any background noise, it was so sketchy. She told me to contact her on whatsapp and when I did she flat out ignored me. My mom told me about her friend who went to Tanlger Castillo & got her breasts augmented. She told me her breasts looked amazing and very natural. I called Dr Castillo but she was very busy, her assistant was such a doll though. She told me to contact Dr Castillo on whatsapp and she replied the same day. We have been talking back and forth; she gave me a quote ($3,000) and now I'm looking into getting my bbl & liposculpture in either May or June 2015!!! I'm so excited!!!

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PreOp (92 days left]

Tanger Castillo and I have been talking on WhatsApp for a few days now. I've been asking her a bunch of questions and she's been answering all my questions one by one. Before when I was considering Yily De Los Santos she email me very detail instructions answering ALL my questions. Tanger Castillo didn't though. And she hasn't so I've been following Yily's instructions lol. I'm sure Tanger is going to send me more detailed instructions soon though. 92 more days until surgery! As an attachment I'm posting the detailed emails Yily sent me (lol] and a few wish pics ;)
Tanger Maria Altagracia Castillo

She's very attentive and replies to me on whatsapp within a few hours to a day.

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