24 Getting a TT, BBL, BL, and lipo!!!!

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I want perky boobs where they still look good...

I want perky boobs where they still look good without a bra i want a flat stomach which i have never had even in high school and i was always very athletic but no matter how many sit-ups and planks i did nothing ever mad my stomach look good. I have bad genes so my body is full of stretch marks which i have accepted but now just want my boobs lifted and my stomach flat and lip of my back and arms and BBL.

Getting supplies

I am also trying to loose some weight I put on during the holidays I have always been plus size I don't think that will ever change but I just want to look good plus size I took pics of my before I can't wait to see my after pics!!!????


I forgot to mention I have; Lipo foam, gauze, peroxide, gloves, arnica gel and tablets, white under shirts, robe, some dresses and sandals, faja. I still need some things but that's what I have so far.

Wish pics!!!

I did my hemo a couple months back and it was a 13.4 and I wasn't taking any supplements and I told Dr.Mota which he said was very good to add supplements so we know for sure it won't go down. And that's a supply list he recommends you bring I have already sent the $300 deposit!


My wish is to have nice boobs nice butt flat stomach and no back rolls and I will be awesome????????

Nervous and excited!!

So I am kind of nervous to go somewhere alone but I am also excited to get what I have been wanting for years now..I just talked with Dr.Mota by text and asked if I needed to get any tests done before I have surgery and he said maybe just blood work to make sure I'm not anemic it everything else they will handle there which is a relief that I don't have to scramble around to get tests done. I was going to have it done in March but I don't want to miss my daughters Easter so It's probably going to be the end of Febuary. I am mainly nervous about something happening to me during surgery. But I have faith in my doctor he hasn't had any complaints yet which is one reason why I chose him....

Actual cost!!????

So my surgey is $5300 and then I estimated another $1000 for the recovery house and then my plain tickets are going to be around $1000 for round trip and then all the supplies I have been getting are probably going to add up to about $200 and then another $500 to $1000 of just extra cash in case I see something I want!! So that is a total of about $8500 but hopefully I won't need that much. But it's better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it!!!????

Stay after surgey?

So I was wondering how long everyone stayed in a recovery house after surgery? Did anyone stay in a hotel instead? How long was your drain left in how was the flight back home?

Surgery Date

So I just talked to Dr. Mota and I think I am going to make my surgery date Febuary 17th because the week after which I was hoping for is pretty much full he said. I also sent him this pic of this girls areola to see if he can do that and he said yes but I am still deciding on it its cute I really like it but still thinking about it!!!??

Date Change...

So I had to change my date because my mom is having surgery to remove some cancer lumps in her breast and i don't want to be gone for that so I am hoping to go the first Wednesday in March i haver to talk to the doctor and see if that date would be available...


I have only told 2 people about this surgery my fiancé and my sister. My sister was suppose to come with me to get surgery herself but she really isn't going to have the money, then i was going to pay for her to come with me as support but that would be an extra 2000 so i decided against that. My fiance isn't really that supportive at all he thinks i don't need it and i'm like "have you seen me naked"? But i don't want to tell my mom because i don't want her to worry. But my fiance is coming along i am going to miss my 1 year old daughter like crazy. I am still nervous about this surgery because i don't want anything to go wrong i feel like i am being selfish by leaving my daughter IDK i just have a lot of things going through my mind.

13 days!!!

I only have 13 more days until I fly out I am going to probably pay half of my balance the day before I leave so I don't have to carry a lot of cash. The health department recommends you get Hep A, HepB, Typhoid, TDap, and a melaria pill for mosquitos so I am getting those tomorrow. I have all my supplies I think I will go over the list when I pack. I also got international calling so I can face time my daughter that is the hardest part about this whole journey leaving her and my fiancé but I will talk to them as much as I can.oh yea I sent a deposit to Recovery Armonia I wanted to stay at High Class but they didn't have any single rooms available. And I've still been on realsealf alot!!!


So I got a call this morning and my hemoglobin is still 13.4 it hasn't gone up or down from a couple months ago. I've been taking all my vitamins but 13.4 isn't bad so I'm ok.


So I saw this Almonte doll she looks awesome it doesn't even look like same person!!! I like the roundness in these butts I don't want a humongous booty just more roundness and plumpness

2 Days!!

I leave Wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m. Arrive at 2pm. I am very excited but also nervous but more excited. I think I have everything packed hope I'm not forgetting anything if anyone has any suggestions of what I should bring please let me know. I'm probably sendI got Mota half of the cost Monday so I don't have to carry a lot of cash on me and I'm getting a mani and pedi before I leave so is will be set!!!!!

Plane ride!!

I got some beautiful photos from the plane I got luck on the way to the Dominican from ATL and got a row to myself so it was comfortable I liked it!!!

Surgery day!!!

So today is my surgery day I have to be ther at 10!!! I have seen 2 of Dr. Motas patients and they look amazing they got the same thing that I got done. So please pray for me everyone and wish me goodluck!!!????

RH trouble...

So I originally booked my stay at recovery Armonia and when I got there they didn't have any rooms available. So they said I would have to go to a hotel which was ok for the first night but the. She said I had to stay 2 nights and if I wanted something to eat to call them and they would come get me to take me to the RH house to eat and bring me back which was a big inconvenience because the driving scares me half to death it's crazy they just Go go go. Then she said the hotel was really nice 4 stars no not really its kind of far from the RH and its kind of right next to the bad parts and I just wasn't feeling it at all so I talked to kenia and she said to should get my money back so I did and I came to spa medical and I really like it here so far!!!


So I went into surgery yesterday at 1:00 and it lasted around 5 hour everything went well he said he lipped about 5 liters of fat I was in a lot of pain and was cold and hot couldn't get comfortable now I'm at the RH about to go to sleep I took a couple of pics let me know what you think!!!

First massage!!!

Ok here are some pics from when I had to take my faja off for my massage I am super swollen my back and belly feel like a water bed or something...


Ok so my recovery so far! Well the first day after surgery when they made me stand up I was I. So much pain I didn't know what to do but after that everything got better from there the plane ride home though killed me I was so swollen by the end it was crazy the last plane home I had to take a pain pill to get through it comfortably I have been home 9 days now and I have really just been resting I still have all my stitches in except the ones that dissolved. I sent pics to my doc and he doesn't want me to take the stitches out yet he said my belly button is taking longer to heal. I got tape blisters so where they popes and the skin came off looks bad I have it on my belly button and a spot on my tummy tuck scar. I finally took a shower today and it felt so good and I feel so much better now the massage lady in the DR said I should wait 15 days to shower so that's what I did... Other than all that I'm still swollen and where I live I can't find a massage therapist that does lymphatic massages so I me and my fiancé have been trying to do it ourselves.

Most recent pic.

This is my most recent pics it was taken a couple weeks ago I'm still going to wound care for my belly button and I have a small open spot under each Brest that I am doing wound care on but they are healing it's just taking longer than I expected and if I leave my garment off for 30 min I feel myself getting swollen and lumps on my side form so I am still wearing it 24/7 I look way better than before but still not were I want to be yet.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

He is a nice person he called me and spoke very good English. We talked about a lot of things he asked me if i had any questions or concerns and i asked what i had and he answered all of them even if i had some crazy question i would text him or email and he would always get back to me within a good time limit. so far i really like that i have chosen him to be my doctor. I can't wait for my surgery!!!!

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