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Hello RS, I have been doing research on doctors in...

Hello RS, I have been doing research on doctors in DR to do my surgery. I have narrowed it down to Dr. Robles and Dr Medina. They both have impecable reviews, Dr Medina's price is about $500 or so more for the same procedure but I REALLY REALLY love her place of surgery and RH (My Home RH). Im torn between two Doctors! Dr Robles has great reviews too, however I see more complaints of after care with her which is very important to me. One Dr uses Cecip and the other Cecilip... ughhhh Im all over the place right now trying to decide so here's where I need your help dolls! Input on both Doctors, should I start taking vitamins now for a Sx date of late March? I appreciate your help.
Here are my specs.... 46 years old, 5'5 200lbs will lose 10 more prior to surgery.

Doctor & Sx date Chosen, Deposit Made ...... Doctor Tania Medina it is!!!!!!!

So after research & more research I feel Dr. Tania Medina is the best Dr for me. Correspondence with her so far has been great! Overall I know I made the best decision. Dr Medina sent my list of items to bring and Pre Op instructions and I made an appointment with my PCP to get blood work done just to check levels, I know its 4 months away but I want an idea of what the levels are so I can be prepared. Oh I didnt say the date! Its March 29, 2016 I will be staying at My Home Recovery House and right now my feelings are all over the place with anxiety, nervousness etc which I know that's expected so It's time to stay PRAYED UP because this is going to be a journey!! Can't wait to see the new me.

How to deal with Nay-sayers who dont support you???????

How do You guys deal with family, friends coworkers etc who dont share your joy or wish to celebrate you journey? Today was such a downer for me, first my co-sx buddy decides she's not going for her own reason & I'm not blaming her at all for that decision. Then a coworker decides to share a bad story about going to DR that has no merit.... I actually told her not to tell another soul that story for fear they may think she's retarded!!!! So now I may have to go alone which im totally ok with because I trust the Dr I chose and her RH facility but it helps to have a lil support. My daughter actually is 100% behind me in my decision but she has 2 young children and needs to be here for them. So I have told everyone that I am not doing Sx and refuse to talk about it to anyone except the few (abt 3ppl) who share my joy and although today is not a happy day, it will pass and better days will come! I will stick to my decision and if I choose not to do Sx it will be for my reasons only. How do/did you gals deal with this situation??????

Pre-Surgery Photos

Before pics, I was asked if I wanted to get a BBL but let me tell you about this butt of mine. It was Huge before I lost 35 lbs recently and Im soooo happy i lost a lot of it. Now the reason for me NOT getting a BBL is because the second I gain 5 lbs it goes straight to my butt so thats a big no no for me. I mean i Love having bootie but Ive been dragging a huge wagon around since I was 4!

3/29/15 Surgery Buddy needed!

Anyone going to Dr Medina on or aound that 3/29, I could really use a buddy. My daughter wants to come for 5 days just to make sure Im going to be ok (she acts like she's my mother). I tell her to not waste her money on me, I will be fine (Thanking God in advance).

A Change of Doctors.... Dr Jose Leon just may be the one!!

Now I can probably tell you everything you need to know about Dr Medina which means I go hard for her, However I have been secretly researching Dr. Jose Leon and his magnificent work he does. So out of the blue I send him a request for a quote and the next day on my home from work he CALLS me! We discussed the surgery in full detail and I expressed to him that I did not want any implants so I chose to not get my breasts done and he replied that I had enough mass in my breasts to do a breast lift instead. I was over the top ecstatic about that, he also said he would do the tummy tuck with lipo to my waist back and legs and a breast lift. Told me everything that was included which RH isnt but his will be opening soon so I will most likely stay there. With all that said and as long as he has an opening around the time I was to go to see Dr Medina im pretty sure I am switching over to De Leon. Oh did I mention he speaks perfect English?!!!

3/30/16 Dr Jose Leon

Its official, im going with Dr Jose Leon on 3/30/16! Anyone going around that time lets buddy up!
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