In Need of a BBL Procedure - Dominican Republic

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Hi Dolls! Like many of you I've been stalking this...

Hi Dolls! Like many of you I've been stalking this site, I've been reading reviews on here for about a month or two now. I have made up my mind and want a BBL and a breast lift done. I am a mother of a 3 year old boy, my body's not that bad but I want a bigger butt and to get rid of my pouch! I've seen Dr. Duran work miracles on people! My top 3 doctors are Dr.Duran, Dr. Lily or Dr.Baez. I'm in need of my RS sisters help tho, I'm looking to get the procedure done in February. Am i rushing it, do I need to give myself more time? and also what test should I get done? Please help xoxo

Goodbye Dominican, Hello Colombia!

Hey Dolls, at first I wanted to get a BBL procedure with Dr.Duran but after struggling with trying to get in contact with her, the reviews of dolls that got infections, and the couple of deaths I've decided to go to Cali Colombia. I'm not bashing Duran but I just don't have time to be chasing down no doctor especially when I'm paying so much money for her to do work on me I know I'm in need of a tummy tuck but I don't want one because the scarring, and I want more kids in the future due to the advance technology in Cali I've decided that I'm going to get HD laserlipo instead. My top three doctors are Dr.Villalobos, Dr. Hugo or Dr. Ramirez all three doctors are board certified and have years of schooling and experience. I've gotten my quote from Villalobos for $3500 for laser lipo, lipo sculpture and BBL. I really like Villalobos work and he did Cury J's body. I'm planning to go to Cali around April 10th, if any dolls would like to partner up that would be great just inbox me :)

Help me, my RD sistas!

Ok so I got a quote from Villalobos for 3500, but I decided to throw in a breast lift and he quoted me 4000 for everything. I won't be getting a tummy tuck because I do want to have more kids in the future and the scarring from it is just so ugly I rather my tiger stripes. Since my quote included 10 massages, would I need more than that? It also included 2 fajas, do I need more than 2? Because I read reviews of people that go through a lot of fajas. Also what else do I need to be prepared? xoxo
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