23, No Kids, BBL, BL - Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm a 23 year old from London UK. I believe I...

I'm a 23 year old from London UK.
I believe I have a nice shape whenever I hit the gym, however I can't find the motivation any more and I could use some help with the booty side of things lol! I am looking at 3 surgeons, Duran, Yilly and Molina! This is for both my BBL and BL.

Has any one had surgery in the DR, how was the hygiene standard. I actually do not want a massive projection, I am more focused on having nice round hips and a shapely bottom with natural looking breasts (still deciding wether to proceed with implants)

Who has had a BBL and BL, how was the flight back? I am willing to fly first class!!

Dra Yily

I cannot find a lot of pictures on Yily's Breast lift.
I really don't want implants as it's seems Dominican Republic surgeons seem to use the most awful looking implants. The breast look stuffed and stuff. Years of being unhappy with my breast I am NOT prepared to have my breast looking like yuck!! Also the bums are huge. Lard!!


There has been a death in the DR on the 27/04/15.

This is worrying. They'd apparently caught a bacteria. I feel it is vital
to know the hygiene standards!!


Hey guys,
After seeing all these HUGE booties I really realised I cannot go for surgeons who stick 1400cc in each bum cheek. I need a moderate bum, I need it to look incredibly natural!

I have been researching and looking at Dra. Diaz.
He is amazing in my opinion!
His Breast Lifts are divine, and his BBL's are shapely, however moderate. He does exactly what I want, nice boobs with a shapely booty.

I'm waiting for a quote then I'm most willing to book!


I have gotten quotes from Dra. Julio Molina and Dra. Yily dos Santos.

Molina quoted me 4000usd for BBL and BL I'm sure it includes the standard waist, flanks and abdomen lipo! I have only seen his breast with implants and they look abit yuckish!!

Yily has quoted me a package, both packages include a tummy tuck! I actually do not need that soo unless she can alter the package it's not possible to go with her. Her email is sooo informative! I actually know what questions to ask future surgeons. Her quotes were
6400 usd
5000 usd! If she took off the tummy tuck then I'd consider her


So I have hyperthyroidism, I want to do this surgery but my T4 levels are not stable! I have to wait. I'm hoping to have them stable by November! This is really disheartening!!!!

Has anyone with hyperthyroidism had an BL with BBL! Any knowledge will be soo appreciated.

Dr Aslani

Hi ladies... I'm finally back after really thinking hard for a year. Surgery doesn't only change the physical but mental. I would like to go to Dr Aslani in December. Does anyone want to buddy up? I have received my quote and now I am waiting for a date.

I would like a breast lift however, Aslani doesn't perform too procedures at one. I trying to convincehim Apparently I may get loose skin from the procedure so I intend to loose 2stone by the time I got to Spain

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