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I'm very disappointed to find out that Duran is...

I'm very disappointed to find out that Duran is suggesting a TT. I hate that scar!!! It takes the beauty away from her work. I asked the coordinator how much do I need to lose to avoid a TT but the response email said I must pay 200 to get the answer and have 24 Hrs to make a decision... Decisions decisions smdh..


I need to hear from someone that recently had surgery with duran and is recovering...I love her reputation but cipla is not for her. I have met a woman here in nj and her cousin is an anesthesiologist in Santo Domingo.. She recommended collado BC his clinic is super clean and he's an excellent doctor. After researching him I do feel more comfortable with him. She said she likes Duran but she quit working at the clinic bc of sanitation. I'm stuck on Duran BC she's excellent at liposculpture. I think collado is very close but I don't see enough pictures. What to do!


I bought a yoga mat but can't remember wth for?! Lol got my faja with arms attached in case I do arms for only 58.00. Geritol is an old school liquid vitamin complex with the largest amount of iron. I'm picking it up today! 3 to 7 bucks. I want liquid not pills... I purchased vitamins but too many to take and forget...


I'm procrastinating with purchasing a flight...so far cheapest is 517 to 535..i need to just book it already, but cipla is scaring me gosh!!


So far armonia is consistent with positive reviews but I want clean water. Healing haven was going to be my choice but they sheisty.. No bueno para me lol...any suggestions??

the city

A few friends have been to Dr and I've never been out of the freakn country smh... I hear there's whore houses on every corner..none of my beeswax that's those folks business but I need some positive reassuring talk to keep me excited.

wish pics

I don't have a wish pic BC Duran makes all the girls look the same that's y I love her she just gets it. My wish pics have actually changed to some of the Duran dolls themselves. My goal is to lose to pounds before surgery. I'm battling 168-172 ughh 36-34-39 ruler in full effect lol

weight goal

Today weight 171
Today hemo 12

Weight by 7/21 160
Hemo 15-16

flight insurance

I didn't see the option for flight insurance when I purchased my ticket. But I have 24hrs to cancel for a full refund with travelocity. The lady says its only 23.00 and its only used for emergency death in family other wise if you wanna change your booking or date you have to pay difference and it also covers luggage.. Deciding if I should say f it and keep the ticket or rebook.

princess recovery

Can anyone tell me about the pros and con's to princess recovery?


This place is fantastic from what I've viewed. Its located in Harlem and she is from DR. She does all kinds of treatments and Duran recommends her when you go home. Facials under eye circles body wraps and she gives you health smoothies and tea before she starts working on you. I think I may take a protein powder for them to make smoothies since one Dominican lady told me not to eat the veggies down there... I'm like, DAMN? How am I supposed to eat if I can't eat healthy? How the fruits and veggies gonna be suspect when you on an island??? I guess its the water?

TT vs lipo

I saw a pic of a girl who opted for lipo over a tummy tuck and it scared the ishhhhh out of me! It was not a good look at alllllll im feeling for her right now. I hope the massage therapist in Harlem can help her.

post op tips I'm learning

Fibrosis can develop and seromas if your faja and massages are not in sinc. A triangle board for posture in your lumbar sacral region and I'm so happy to know that wearing a wife beater under your faja reduces skin burn BC that's what I planned to do already! And im taking Geritol and had no clue Duran recommends her patients to take preop..so far my thinking is on point so let's keep up the positive thinking!!


So my grandma is in the hospital and it was a rough week for but now she's back to her good old 80 yr old self..so I shared my secret journey to DR and showed her before and after pics from Dr Duran and she said ooooh shiiiiiit!! Lol can I get my boobs done?! Lol that's y I love her so, buuut she embarrased the heck out of me a few days later BC she just said I told EVERYONE here at the hospital how you're going to D.R. for surgery. I wanted to scream, but I was calling her from work..I said you're not supposed to tell anyone grandma!!! She said oh you're one of those secretive ones. I said hell yea!!! Who did you tell?! She said oh a lot I can't remember.. She said what's the big deal I don't see anything wrong with it...I hung up. I had to. Smh.

kindness vs princess

Please tell me which one is better and which one is in a better neighborhood?

princess recovery

So Im booked at princess recovery through her fb since what's app couldn't be trusted. I hope its really them..

Duran 4 surgeries?

I found 4 girls so far who share my surgery date.

4 weeks left nd no one wants me to go..

I've gone back and forth with my decision BC of reading these infection cases. I need to hear from some recent post op people to tell me what they have witnessed at CIPLA please!!

up 10lbs ugggh

5 "4 175 this is not a good look. My period jumped to the day before my surgery and I scheduled it a week before my period so I wouldn't have my period the day of...I really need a break from day to day responsibilities and needy folks . not my children just negative people. I never get to do anything for myself and this is something I've wanted for so long. I pray God gives me the desires of my heart bc I've been a good girl.

7/21 changed to 11/16

I haven't been updating you and since I haven't been on.here I've gained 20lbs...I realized talking to you all have me motivation..seeing my schedule buddies make home looking great gives me confidence to keep pushing through..I need to here from some post op Duran dolls!!!!!!

I made it!!!

SX done today finally but with Hasan. Still booked with Duran just pushed back. Will give detail when strong

Need prayer continuously

Thank you for your prayers in advance.

Claudia's recovery home

Claudia saved me from a neglectful experience at another recovery home. My only regret was not making her my first choice. She is super experienced, professional, affordable and dedicated. Her food is seasoned to perfection and she's on top of making sure she gives you your massages and medications on time. Her home is quiet and full of positivity. May God bless her establishment. That is my Truth. 
Miami Physician

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