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Hi like most of you i am extremely addicted to...

Hi like most of you i am extremely addicted to this website..discovered it doing a google search on tummy tuck cost and dangers. So Ive been stalking for 3 months and have narrowed it down to my two favorite Doctors. I have chosen these doctors based on the reviews both good and bad. I will list some pros and cons of both doctors that i have discovered thru intensive research not just on but other plastic surgery blogs as well.

before pics

Just posting some before pics so you can see what im working with

Dr Baez pros and cons thus far

Let me start by saying Dr.Baez does great boobs and tummy tucks based off the pics ive seen and the reviews ive read. However her asses are mediocre. However god has already blessed me with a booty. So all I want is a breast lift with implants and a tummy tuck. I was able to reach Dr.Baez by sending her a request for a consult thru realself. She replied back to me after 2 days. She requested I send her some photos and a listing of what I would like done. I did that and it took another few days for her to respond back to me with a quote. However she quoted me for the wrong ptocedures ill attach a screenshot of the email below. I then emailed her back askingher for a corrected quote which she sent back. Also Im abe to ask her questions thru watsapp. So far she seems courteous and responds in a timely manner.

Email correspondence between my self and Dr.Baez

further convos

Now about Dr.Duran

Well I have yet to hear back feom her. I WATSAPPED HER...I followed her on twitter...follow her on instagram and emailed her. I do have international calling on my cellphone so I will try calling her. Dr.Duran uses silicone breast implants that are not Fda appproved however she swears by them and they are approved in Europe. Her breast tend to be a little pointy looking and not round or natural looking. Her tummy tucks are very sculpted and her asses are ass-mazing. Ive always had a bigbutt but Iack hips so if I ever was to consider getting some hips I would most definitely go to her

be careful there are fake accounts going out for Dr.Duran

Ppl are getting scammed out of their money.

Decided to stick with Dr.Baez

Its just comforting knowing that shes more available. I cant chase down a Dr especially if I have important questions. Dr.Baez doesn't answer immediately but she answers within 2 days. Plus I dont want a bbl which is what Dr.Duran is famous for. So ill stick with my dependable Baez.

Dr Robles

So i was on real self researching vitamins to take before surgery and Dr.Robles reviews came up. So i decided to look into her. Her breast are so natural looking she does awesome boobs. Her tummy tucks are just as good as Dr.Baez. So i requested a quote. Received an immediate response which i beleive is just an automatedresponse. It request for you to fill out a questionnaire and send in pics. Also you have to list what you want done. Also come with a mini booklet on what medicines to stop taking and what vitamins to start taking. Also she has an all inclusive package that would include RH and Transportation. So i filled out the questionnaire and sent my pics. Now just waiting for price quote.


So I received my quote back and I think im going to stick with Dr.Robles. She has an all inclusive package that includes transportation and 12 day stay at RH ..but im going to stay 14 days so I have to see how much extra that will be. Also I found 2 really nice girls on here and im going to see if they want to be buddies they are going around the same time as me. Oh and its Virginias recovery house which I heard is really nice

my quote

sent deposit

Wel I sent my deposit today which was 100 dollars and its non refundable and if you have sx its taken off final cost. My quote is 6000 for tummy tuck breast implants and back lipo. Laura is so helpful she is Dr.Robles assitant she responds in a timely manner and answers questions. She did suggest I lose weight for maximum results. Will let you know how that goes but not killing myself to lose weight since I like my thickness just not my belly

wish pic

My wish pic is pinky the pornstar

Type of implants and lifts.

So I would really like a donut lift because it has the least amount of scarring. But after researching I think I might need an anchor lift to get maximum results. Ill post some pics so you can see the difference. Also Dr.Robles doesnt use the gummy bear implants she uses silicone but they are fda approved. My main concern is rupturing the silicone ruptures way more than the gummy bear implants

Types of lifts

I want the donut lift but because I have larger breast may need the anchor or lollipop lift

Its getting real

I know im going to blink my eyes and it will be March. .. Now time to request time off from work. Going to take 3 weeks off


Its getting real

travel buddies

I found 2 great girls on here Coco03 and Brilliant1jaz. Coco03 is scheduled for surgery with Robles March 20th and Brilliant1jaz os schedule for the 24th. Its great having someone to voice concerns to and to share helpful tips with. We are all staying at Virginias recovery house which you have to request because its not guaranted you will be placed there. If your going I highly suggest you find a buddy or bring a family member so you dont feel so alone. Now im just counting down the days

Time off Approved

So my vacation time has been approved. I am so excited. Now its time to start looking at flights. I want a non stop flight on the way back

Told my Boyfriend

Well I had casually mentioned to my boyfriend a few months ago that I was interested in getting a tummy tuck and he kind of just laughed it off and said I just needed to exercise. So I never brought it up again. Well today I finally told him that I was really going thru with it and was having it done in March. Well he didnt take it very well. He started yelling and saying it was stupid. Said I was wasteing money and I was being lazy. Then he said I was doing it to get male attention. Well we argued for a bit and then he finally let me explain to him why I was doing it. He then said he would support me for the tummy tuck but not the implants. So im debating if I should get implants or not.

Duran Scam going around again

Im not sure how the scammers got her patients email but this was sent to alot of her patients. ..maybe she lost her phone. This is what happens when a Dr has bad communication with her patients they are open to be scammed by ppl who know they are desperate to get a hold of the Dr.... This is not the first Duran scam

Please God protect me

My biggest worry is that I will die.i lay awake last night thinking about it. My heart started pounding in my chest and I couldn't breathe. I started thinking about my daughter and who would take care of her. What would ppl say if something happened. .nobody would feel bad for me they will allltalk about me and say how stupid it was to go to another country to have surgery. Then I read a few more reviews and it gave me courage. Ill be fine I trust my surgeon. .im not having too many procedures healthy and young. God will protect me I have faith.

Your body Your Money Your risk Your Dream

They talk if your doing good or bad

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I am trapped in my head day dreaming of my new body. I cant walk pass a mirror without stopping and staring and poking at my fat and picturing how im going to look. Less than 2 months to go. Still need a few supplies like wipes and pads.Little things. Going to buy my stage 2 faja down there.

Surgery Calendar is a great resource

I wasn't aware that alot of girls on here are unaware of the Surgery Calendar. Once you set a date for surgery your name goes on the surgery calendar. Its a great way to see whos going the same time as you and to find a buddy. Type in Surgery Calendar in the search box and it should come right up

just some pre op pics

cant wait to wear a 2 piece

vitamins..hate vitamins

Taking my iron everyday. Take a pill in morning and a tablespoon of the liquid iron at night. Going to start taking bcomplex and vitamin c a month before

lets talk sh*t

This iron really messes with your bowel movements. I was so constipated I was in pain. I bought this tea called Smooth Move. I drunk it at night. When I woke up in the morning I had the urge to go and I felt so much better. SO I will definitely be taking a box of that tea with me to Dominican Republic. I hope that the constipation is a good sign and means im absorbing the iron. Other than that not much to update

Im just trying to look good lol

Lipo Foam restocked on amazon woot woot

So I have been searching for lipo foam after reading about it in a review. . Amazon had sold out of it and they just restocked a few days ago. I bought four pieces. The lipo foam is supposed to prevent the faja from rubbing against your incision and and also creates cushion barrier. Also it is washable. Also bought an ab board from the pink room.

just wanted to share a few bbl pics

Im not getting a bbl but just wanted to share recent results from Robles patients from her fb page. She has been working on her bbls and giving more volume she goes for a natural look tho. I know alot of ppl like her breast and tummy tuck but not her looks likr she is improving

Death in Cipla recently

So someone has died but yily is stateing not her patient so im not sure whos patient it was. Woman name was Trina Jackson or Treena Jackson. Condolences to her family. We all have to remember what we are doing is very dangerous whether we have it here or in another country.

More info on the was due to complications from lap band

Silhouette Recovery HomeGood evening ladies. With a heavy heart I confirm that my dear Treena Jackson passed away yesterday. In this post I will give a detailed explanation as to what happened to clarify all of the speculation.Treena had a LapBand procedure done about 3 years ago in the US. She came last year for a tummy tuck and all went well. She came again this year in late January for some lipo. Her lipo went good. She began to complain about the tightness of her band. She was unable to eat for a couple of days....And asked to see a Bariatric doctor. When taken he discovered her band had busted. Advised her to go back to the US immediately. Yet she waited two more days. The day she was due to fly back, she was too weak and was rushed back to the clinic. It was discovered that the band had punctured her stomach. Stomach contents had spilled out and burned surrounding organs. She was becoming septic. She remained in the ICU for almost two weeks getting better, then critical, then better again. I saw her everyday and thought she was gonna go home this weekend. I saw and spoke to her Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately she passed in her sleep early Wednesday morning. Her mother was with her till the end. May she rest in peace. Her outcome was due to the Lapband not the plastic surgery procedure. I know people are saying different stories. This one is the real deal. I lived it with her day after day, and am so heartbroken and feeling so absolutely helpless.I know its scary and these are some of the risks involved in any kind of surgery. Its unfortunate. She was an amazing and beautiful woman. I love you Treena baby and I know you are in heaven. Rest in peace Ma.

Duran claims not her fault the lapband busted

Well I believe the lapband busted due to aggressive lipo. Patient had lap band for 6 years without complications so I believe because duran was to aggressive with lipo the lapband busted. But im not a dr so who knows and we will never know the full story because we weren't there. I dont like duran or yily because they do 2 many surgery in one day and arent able to take there time on each patient. Also have to put partial blame on patient she should have left back to tge US when directed instead of waiting a few days. May her family find peace and may her soul find peace in heaven.

oh gosh getting close

Time is getting so close iy yi yi...trying to think if im missing something to bring with me. I dont think I am but I would hate to get there and not have everything I need

Another young lady has lost her life

I just cried my eyes out. I am just so hert broken for her family. She was young and beautiful. She was so excited for her surgery. My heart is very heavy and I can only imagine what her family and friends are feeling right now. It is rumoured that she is a Duran patient but not confirmed. ANGEL

unable to verify surgeon

Well someone had inboxed and said it was a Duran patient but I cant confirm and I don't see anything posted on her page. Could just be confused witg Treena. I was given some new info stating she didnt have surgery at Cipla. So maybe this is a lesser known surgery which I know may sound wrong but is a bit of a relief. Rip Angel

Did my own research

Well I cant sleep so did my own digging around and found an article. .its on spanish but I used translation app. Definitely not a duran patient and more importantly not a Robles patient. She had a 5 year old beautiful daughter and she was gorgeous. I hope her soul is at peace

My lipo foam came and I love it..

The lipo foam is very soft. Its not to thick. Its only about 12 inches long and 8 inches wide..I wish I had ordered more but it said its washable so will wash every time I wash faja. I ordered four

This is cool

She offers really good packages and its cheaper than getting everything piece byy piece.. now she has a collaboration with Robles

Can it just be the 18th already!!

I wish I had an earlier surgery date because time seems to be moving so slow. I am getting overly anxious and I cant think about anything else. I pretty much have all my supplies except for wipes and the anti bacterial soap. Waiting for a ride to BJs or Costco so I can buy a big box of wipes since I dont plan on showering for two weeks. Yes I have been thinking alot about what can go wrong . I know Robles is a great and responsible surgeon but mistakes happen. Also life is unpredictable my body could have a negative reaction to all the surgeries. Im taking a leap of faith doing this. My buddy gives me strength we talk a few times a week and we are both so ready to get this done.

Had a mini breakdown at work

Ok so I didn't realize how badly I wanted this until today. My doctor called and said my hemo is only 11.8... I literally started shaking and my tears welled up with tears. It took everything in me to not start bawling at work. I texted my buddy Coco03 and superthickkrissy who is in DR recovering from surgery. They both managed to calm me down. I have to stay positive and just know if its meant to be it will be

went to gnc

Bought some iron pills that are high potency. Also will continue taking bcomplex and vitamin c. Will also try beet juice with carrot juice

my fortune cookie

Nice message

Robles is not playing with her bbls yall

So roble is making me want a bbl lol...they are coming out so good. Maybe next year. Well I have decided to just get a tummy tuck with lipo on flanks and back and arms. If things go well maybe ill go back next year for BA and extra lipo

iron on empty stomach bad bad idea!!!

Read on someone blog that if you take iron on empty stomach it will absorb better. ..well I tried it and I was puking my life away this morning.


Well my period came today so im going to take 6 iron pills a day till its over then go back to four. Cramps are horrible but not taking any pain meds. Keep telling myself im going to be in 10 times the pain next week. Hazel1 gulfcoastmom3 dukes217 superthickkrissy and afterlife83 are my fave blogs right now. ..well back to being curled in a ball with these damn cramps

well here are some wish pics 10 day countdown

Bad reviews

Well for the last 6 months since ive found this site ive read nothing but goodrereviews about Robles. Well no there were a few mixed reviews but none were really bad. Her results always seemed to come out good. Now when im just a week away from my transformation ive read 3 bad reviews gulfcoastmom3 dukes217 and hazel1. They went the same time I believe they had surgery a day apart. Well you can go read the reviews for yourself and see why I said it was bad reviews. According to them it was overbooked and robles was not very nice as previously indicated on other reviews. Rooms werent available for them to immediately check into and had to sit in hallway for a longtime. Cleanliness was not up to par and nurses basically ignore you. Well I know its March madness down there but no excuse. I did message laura robles assistance and she said its busy but robles is not neglecting anyone. She only does 3 surgeries a day and also does follow ups and consultations. So it may seem like alot of ppl are being seen in one day. Also they share hospital with other doctors. The nurses do not work directly for Robles. She said they have a private nurse they hire who checks on patients thru out the night but she was sick and did not go to work which is why patients were left ti be taken care of by hospital nurses. So I have learned alot from these reviews. I now know that I will bring exta money to hire private nurse for my one night stay in hospital. Trust me I am very outspoken and will stick up for myself if I feel im being mistreated. However soft words are sometimes heard clearer than loud words. So I shall remain very professional and calm. So hopefully my good attitude will get me great service

pre op pics

Im5 feet and 190 pounds. Just messaged laura to make sure im not to big for surgery and shesaid I might only be able to get tt and lipo on sides.


Check out her blog...she has some videos on you tube she put the link on her pg...her room looks really clean
.she even shows the bathtub and toilet... .Gosh im just so ready for this time seems to be dragging I think its because im so anxious

Period playing peek aboo

So got my period sunday and it was wicked heavy tben suddenly Tuesday it was gone stayed dry all I was like wooooorrrrrddd that was a short cycle maybe thats because I was doubling my iron. .yeah woke up Wednesday in a freakn mess perio came back...then yesterday which was Thursday nothing all day or night..then just went to use bathroom and boom there it this normal? Never happened to me before...Anyway currently talking to 2 girls who are Robles patients and they are loving her and their results. They down there right now. Said robles is wicked nice and laura is sweet. Cant wait for my homie to fly out monday so she can give me all the details lol. Also me and Coco03 are ready to fly out Wednesday. .oh yeah im still missing supplies. .I need benadryl slippers and a night gown


Just trying to stay positive. But its hard. Im hoping its not so busy when I get there. Hoping I get the good treatment that Robles is famous for.Hoping I get her signature thin low even cut. Lord just be with me make this all worth it. I know vanity is a sin but im a good person and I just want to enjoy my 20s and feel attractive. Want to wear fitted dresses.

My friend is on her way.

Ihavewaitedlongenough5805 is on her way to the flatside. .talked to her before she boarded the plane..she just seems so calm ... wishing her the best of luck

Waiting to board my plane

Well I feel calm. My friend had her mom pray over me and I just started crying. Im glad someone prayed for me.Going to meet up with coco03 in Atlanta. Pray for us.

wifi keeps going in and out

Landed safe and sound. Went and got the 10 dollar tourist card first. .which im glad we already knew we had to get it because alot of ppl were standing in the wrong line and then had to go back in the right line. Well once we landed and collected our luggage Wilson the driver was not there. We waited 20 minutes and started to panic. .thenjust when we were about to try and call he came and said there was traffic. He seems nice didn't really hold a conversation but he speaks good enough English. .30 minute ride from airport to Cecip. Yes the driving is crazy.  Got there and had to do paper work. Then they took us to get lunch which was good. After that went for blood work andurinalysis.  then went for xrays. So currently playing the waiting game to see what results are. Met lara and Laura both very nice.  Lara keeps singing she sings very well. other laura is goofy and is always giggling in spanish..but shes sweet.oh also the needle is huge!! The one they use to draw the blood with me and coco03 veins are swollen right now

No room for me

Well the hospital doesn't have a room for laura offered to put me in a hotel tonight or sleep in coco03 room. I deciding to just sleep in coco room I dont want to be at hotel alone. We still haven't had dinner yet so currently waiting on that. Believe it or not Dr.Almonte is helping us order food because Robles and staff are busy. We had a fast paced first part of the day all our testing was done early. Also we are robles only 2 patients having surgery tomorrow. But there are so many post op ppl coming in and having to be seen between robles surgeries that we still havent been seen by doctor. All her post op ppl look great and are nice answer all my questions. .but been waiting forever to see dr so we can get marked up..also my blood pressure was high so they gave me prescription. I have to take a pill tonight and before surgery tomorrow.

freak. accident

Something. Crazy happened to me last night.Still in shock..will post later

what happened to me last night

Hey guys im on the flatside. . But I had a very hard night. Coco03 was taking a shower and the shower head fell on her and she was ok . Then she slid the shower door and it came off the hinge and she fixed it no problem. .she warned me the door was loose and I said ok..I went to take a shower and the shower door slid of f hinge agaon I fixed it back. .was in the shower about 10 minutes then I think my elbow hit shower door and I seen it about to come of hingesnso I reached to fix it and the whole thing felloff the hinges and shshattered glass spilled all over me and cut 2 fingers really badly and alot of minor cuts on legs and arms.robles stitched my finger s up.

feel much better today

We were assigned a private nurse. Her name is honey..very nice lady. She was free but me and coco03 both agreed we want to tip her. Shes taking such good care of us. Most patients who are here are Robles patients. Dr Almonte is here but she doesn't get alot of patients but she is very nice lady. No discount but was given free iv iron which is normally 40 and they gave me and coco for free.we just had breakfast wgich was oatmeal and fresg fruit and papaya juice. Nurse constantly checking on us. Cant sleep she comes in every hour. Anither nurse comes every 4 hours and gives us pain medication in leg. Dr robles said myststomach will not be completely flat. Haven't seen it yet tho.

Virginia recovery house

It is so peaceful here. I like how its an open and clean space. I like to sit on thebporch and fall asleep. Get a long fine with the girls. We was playing spades yesterday and you know real spades players take the game serious. But Virginia is very nice and speaks great English. She washed my faja and will wash again today. Also every place deliver around here. The corner store even does delivery. Some places dont take American Money so you have to make sure you have at least 50 dollars turned into pesos.Food here is great. They want you to eat alot.If you dont eat they will tell your doctor. Also she only has 3 hospital beds..I was lucky to get one. Also my pain isnt so high today but im stiff and swollen

difficult recovery

My recovery is not going so well. My legs and feet are swollen had to be prescribed water pills which makes me pee like crazy. My drains keep getting clogged. Yesterday robles removed the stitch from the front one and wiggled the drain around and I started draining again. Then today the drain slipped halfway out so I have to go see robles to see if shes going to put it back in or just remove it. .my back isnt draining to bad so that one might come stiff and swollen as hell. But not homesick because I know I wouldn't be getting the treatment Im getting here. Miss my daughter and thats about it.

Drains are a headache

My drains give me so much trouble. They leak. .they pop out..when u move they burn. Went to see Robles today and she pushed the front drain back in but nothing is coming out..just draining a little. .I think 8ts broken but she said its not. But I can feel the fluid inside my stomach so it should be draining alot more. The back one is leaking like crazy had to put diaper on and diaper is soakef within few hours..waking up with liquid all down my back. Jalissa (not sure on spelling)one of the nurses is very nice she gave me a sponge bath today feeling hot water on my back was like heaven. Virginia is so nice as well she helps a lot. Ive been drinking over 3 liters of water a day so im going to try and drink only 1 liter today see if my swelling goes down.My results are good but stomach still swollen. Will post pics when I get home. Oh also we went to Outback Steakhouse today and boy was it a headache when the bill came. They add 10% tax and they add gratuity. Also if you pay American money they give you back pesos

follow up appts at midnight :/

It is currently 12:24 am and we are waiting for robles to finish with another girl so we can all get taken back to recovery house. 4 of us were picked up at 8pm for our follow up appointment. .this is not coop

Dr robles is just so sweet you can't stay mad

Robles is so caring and she has a very gentle demeanor. She doesn't have any kida her patients are her kids lol. She really does care. Even though its hectic right now she remembers all her patients names and she takes her time with the follow up appointment. She looks at every stitch and makes sure your results are coming out good. And trust me she knows if your not drinking water or taking vitamin. Robles works miracle on big girls. Alot of her patients are 180 plus pounds and I dont know how she doea it but she snatches that waist like nobody business. Also can you believe Robles and Yily are best friends! Robles is yily first born child god mother.WWhenever yily has a patient that is over there BMI she sends them to Robles because yily doesn't do big girls. So met a few girls who yily turned away and sent to robles and yes robles snatched those waist in.Now Laura is very disorganized once you get down here. After surgery she doesn't let you know when your appointment are. And yes she will ignore your watsapp messages. But I still like her because she works hard and has 3 kids. I just hold hard working moms in high regards. Well my follow up went well my drains are working good now. Some swelling has went down. Robles said everything looks great

ok ill give u a pic

Ladies are killing my inbox asking for pics. .I really wanted to wait for swelling to subside but I know alot of ppl are visual. The pic is from one day post op..I havent taken any other pics yet.

yily patient passed away on Wednesday

Well yes unfortunately it is true a yily patient passed away.Her hemo was only 12.4 and I guess she was still able to get all she wanted done she then had to have multiple blood Transfusion. She was very depressed and wasnt taking her antibiotics and the recovery house she was at wasnt really looking after her well. They didnt notice she had an infection until she began to smell bad. She was then taken to another hospital to be treated. The infection spread and she became septic and the infection spread to her whole body. She died with her sister beside her who came down after she found out she was really sick. So I am glad she didn't die alone.Trust me the whole industry down here is grieving including doctor and nurses. It effects the whole plastic surgery community. I dont place blame on yily orthe hhospital or even the recovery house. I think it was very unfortunate and sad. The women was in her 30s and had two children. Ladies it is very important you take your follow up pills. Yes you get tired of pills but they are for your benefit and also if you notice anything wrong report it right away to your dr or recovery house nurse dont just dismiss it.

Idk all the answers

Some info I cant share because im not supposed to know and I dont want anyone getting in trouble. But I will say that yily had the sister sign a waiver for the autopsy. She told the sister if she didnt sign she would have to pay 30 000 dollars in hospital fees. Im sure more infi will be released piece by piece but what Iam ttelling you is facts not rumors. It may not be thr whole story but the bit I did post is all true

yes she was a realself member

Ill try and get the info folks but please lets keep this within realself right now dont go questioning yily or duran or robles again I am not supposed to be sharing this info...halt on the inbox for now

dblchichi thanks for the info

Screen shots of sisters statement. May her family find peace and get all the answers

I don't place blame

I feel that yily was quick to release a statement when one of Duran patient died saying it wasn't her patient. Well now one of her patients has passed she should say something.

the info I post

I know so mucg because I ask questions. I am friendly and ppl like talking to me. I have had conversation with laura. I have broken convos with robles because I speak only a little Spanish and she speaks only a little English. But when I see her I talk to her and ask her all types of questions. I also talk to the staff at hospital and the drivers and nurses at recovery house. I talk to the ppl in the waiting room which is how I found out about yily sending big girls to robles. I then took that info and asked the other ppl at hospital to confirm. I will tell you that yily and robles are complete opposite. Robled is very conservative shes not flashy. She takes her time on your follow up. She talks to you about your concerns and she gives you realistic expectations. What I don't like is the disorganized manner of laura. She has to many responsibility if you ask me. She should get an assistant. Other than that I have no complaints. My results arent fully developed so ill let u know about that in a few weeks. My recovery house is flawless. There are 5 bedrooms and 4 and 4 1/2 bathroom. You get excellent care and the nurses here show great and genuine concern for your health. Even robles sister is super nice me and her laugh and joke and she swears I secretly speak Spanish lol..she even thinks coco03 speaks spanish just because we speak a little bit lol. Brilliant1jaz speakd spanish and they all laugh and talk with her so maybe you guys cam get more info from her. So anyway basically im nice and im nosey and im inquisitive. But im not going to post anymore info im told because I dont want it twisted in a negative way and I dont want ppl to feel uncomfortable telling me things.

realself name wantacherrybum .. her real name Nadira Ahmad

Thats the realself name of the deceased. Her sister whos name is sisterless on realself just posted on my blog. Of you read comments in my blog you will see her post. She said they are Muslim and in there culture the body has to be buried right away or the soul will be tortured. So thats why sister signed waiver so the body could be released faster.

my results

Im about 70% happy with my results. I am still swollen and my stomach is not completely flat. Told im still swollen and it will go down more. Robled did tell me before surgery that I wouldn't be completely flat but idk I guess I was secretly hoping I would be completely flat. Ill give it time


Yeah I avoid it. The ppl in my life love me. Everyone I meet loves me. What can I say im just a nice person. So realself drama yeah ill leave that for the birds.

pics can speak better

I know I have to be patient. But its hard. The work is great dont get me wrong. But I think I was expecting instant gratification


I know its early and I need to give it time.But I know my ssisters are going to talk trash. I know I shouldn't worry but they already are talking trash about me coming out here. I wanted to go home looking good so they would be amazed. Idont know about you but I have very judgmental sisters

one drain gone

Got my back drain out. It didn't hurt but felt uncomfortable. Going home with front but she said she thinks ill only need it 2 more days. Got stitches taken out my finger. I came here weighing 190 and im leaving weighing 189..lost a whole pound lmfao. Leaving my suit case behind and donating all unused items to the recovery house. My back does feel a lot better without drain in it. Can't wait to go home and see my baby

Home sweet Home

Get wheelchair service you will need it. At jfk airport they took me to a backroom and asked me a few questions about my drain. Other than that traveling was easy. So you can read all my past post and see my trip details. I had an up and down experience. I did not go thru the depression phase that alot of ppl go thru after surgery. Coco03 and beenwaitingforthislongenuff and all the wonderful ladies I met kept me grounded. Robles is a genuinely nice and caring person. She works 7 days a week from January thru April and she works long days. But shes never rude or mean or has an attitude. Her sister is also really sweet. Laura gives off a sickly sweet vibe know that forced smile type thing. She also works long hours but she doesn't hide her attitude very well sometimes you feel like your annoying her. I personally think Robles gives her to much responsibility and she needs another assistant. I liked hanel as a driver better than Wilson. Hanel is wicked nice and patient. He will bring you anywhere you want and sit there with you not just drop you off. Virginias recovery house is the best. 3 out of the 5bbedrooms have a connected bathroom. Then theres a big bathroom in hallway and a half bath downstairs. The beds are comfortable. The staff are wonderful and helpful. Food is good but get ready to be tired of eggs. Every morning you get eggs. Also Virginias is located in the "rich neighborhood" there are armed guards on the corner so you will feel completely safe. Ladies dont be cheap include tip money in your budget. I tipped everyone before I left except the doctor of course. Now back to Robles her first surgery is usually at 6 am. Now it may seem that shes in surgery all day bur she's not. She takes breaks between surgeries to clean up. She also does consultation in between surgeries and follow ups and of course shes human so she takes breaks to eat and make calls. She usually only does 3 surgeries a day but has lately been doing 4. Not because shes money hungry or purposely overbooked. What happens is on average theres always 3 ppl booked for surgery Monday thru Saturday (doesnt do surgery on Sunday just followups andpaperwork) however she gets random patients sent over to her from yily because there bmi was to high and yily wont do them. These are girls who have already flew down for surgery so she then will fit them into the schedule. So instead of 3 surgeries she has to do 4. Also therr are girls who iron is to low when they arrive so they have to take iron treatment for a few days so now they have to be reschedule for another day which already has 3 girls booked. So that is whats going on shes not trying to be greedy and take all your money. If she was that desperate for cash she would let you get as many procedures as you want. If she thinks your hemo is to low trust me no matter what amount of money you throw at her she is not going to approve you for more than she thinks your body can handle. Oh and they had us pay after our test results came back and we were marked up.Also I suggest. You pay cash. If you use your credit card they charge additional 2.5% and your bank charges a separate fee which could be high. Your follow up appts are never rushed she will sit there and answer every concern you have and she examines you very well.Her work is amazing you can tell she takes her time stitching you up by the way your scar is so low and even.Also she doesnt make everyone look the same ..she custom makes you. Some surgeon all their post op ppl look exactly the same. So overall I had a good experience my results arent completely developed so ill keep u posted on that. I would suggest you go during off season to avoid the madness that is tax season. If you are a hard to please person I suggest yoy just stay in the usa. If yoy are a miserable person I suggest you just stay in the usa. If you are a ghetto person I suggest you stay in usa. If you have serious health problems stay in usa. If you smoke stop at least 3 months before surgery. Also get your hiv and std test before you come because you will be turned away and who wants to travel to another country just to find out they have a disease. Do not over pack. Do go to Dominican Republic with a positive attitude and an open mind. Do bring at least 600 extra dollars in cash. Most importantly do research on your doctor no matter who your going to. Taking a break from real self to focus on healing and getting back to regular life. Will update pics weekly

swell hell

Swelling is no joke.every morning I wake up swollen maybe I move around to much. Also only sleep 3 to 4 hours a night cause I can't get comfortable. My stomach is still big when I sit also the left side pokes out more than the right.scar healing good starting to scab and flake. Itching has started and oh my its bad. Took my drain out myself it didn't hurt. Also everynight I take off garment for an hour and stretch wash up and rub bio oilall over then put my gagarment back on. Today is 3week mark so I think its safe to shower cant wait.

tried on my bathing suit

I peed on my garment last night so I had to wash it and slept without it on...woke up swollen as hell..pissed me off..yesterday I took some pics in my new bathing suit

one month post

red wine

So my doctor had suggested I drink one glass of red wine before bed time to help with swelling. She said red wine had alot of health benefits icluding anti inflammatory. She said only do for a week and see how it goes...hmmm white ppl always suggest yhe flu drink shot drink left u biych drink 2 bottles of wine lol...

well im a little over a month post op

Pics showing my progress. The red wine did help..also help me sleep. Been rubbing bio oil to keep skin moisture.. Also belly button about healed all stitches are out just a scab on my belly button.. My scar is healing and I've started scar treatment..itching is random and bad at times

Doing well

Just updating yall.. I am feeling good and looking clothes fit me so much better..except jeans fit way to big at waist..ive dropped only one dress size..but everything just loojs so damn scar is healing well and my belly button looks will follow later
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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