TT & BBL with Dra. Baez - Dominican Republic, DO

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So I've been following real self for quite some...

So I've been following real self for quite some time now, and I'm super excited that I finally got the opportunity to get my surgery and share my experience with all of you.

Current measurements:
Waist: 32
Hips: 39
Weight: 136

Duran: TT, BBL, BA= $6,800
TT, BBL= $4,800

Baez: TT, BBL= 3,800

Pantoja: BA= 3,500

I was in between Dra. Duran and Dra. Baez. I used Bella vita services which cost me $200 to get a quote from Duran. They got my quote within days but after they stopped replying to my emails. I was trying to book a date for June 10 but they wanted me to send Duran a deposit first without telling me what dates she had available in June. So they finally sent me an email saying that she had availability in late June. I start school summer school by then so I was thinking about not going to summer school and taking a date for late June so I tried to email them about making a deposit, however, they never responded.

I got a quote through email from Dr. Baez 3/6/15 and I emailed her back asking about her dates and deposit. I also whatsapped her but still didn't get a response. I finally called the office number and a guy answered the phone. I booked for June 10, and I'm still waiting for his email with the deposit information so I can go ahead and lock my date. We'll see if he emails me...

I am also getting BA, however, I'm going to use Dr. Pantoja in Mexico. I love his breast work. I think getting it all at once would be too much, and would compromise my health and results. I'm trying to book with Dr. Pantoja April or early May.

Pre Op Pics and Wish Pics

So this is me naked! I will post pictures of my body in clothes soon.

I changed my mind!

So like many other bloggers on here, I keep changing my mind. I sent my $200 deposit to Dra. Baez, but still haven't received my confirmation email. Her office takes a long time to communicate. So I was going through more blogs and looked at her pictures on Instagram, and I've notice a few things Firstly, she gives nice big booties, but only without a tummy tuck. When she does both bbl and tt together her butts don't come out that great. Also, the big butts I've seen so far are because the patient already had a butt. Frankly, and don't think she can deliver the results that I want. I've been looking for Baez patients that have had a BBL, TT, and BA all at once but haven't found any.

On the other, I love Dr. Durans BBL and TT. She does a good job when she does both procedures at the same time. Her butts are big, even with a TT. Also, her boobs are beautiful. I've also seen a few blogs of patients that got all three procedures at the same time with Dra. Duran. Their results were great, and weren't compromised although they had all three procedures at the same time, which is typically the case. I feel that Dra. Duran can deliver the results that I want.

As far as Pantoja, I love his breast work. However, if I can get them all at the same time with great results, I'm doing it. I was considered about my health and doing too many procedures at once, but I think that if I have great post op care, and stay in DR for the recommended time if not longer, then I'll be fine. I'm young, and healthy with no health issues, so I'm considering doing all the procedures at once with Dra. Duran.

Looking for RH and nurse

I've been looking for recovery houses and I'm leaning towards Paradise Recovery House. They have hospital beds, which will make my TT recovery easier. I was quoted $850 for 10 day and transportation.

I will also be hiring a nurse to stay with me right after surgery. I contacted nurse Susan and waiting for her response.

Duran Horros Stories

Though I'd share links of a few stories I found about Dra. Duran...

Damaged sciatic nerve:


Duran doing two surgeries at once:

Even after reading these, I'm still considering her. I'm crazy right lol.

Dra. Baez it is!

So after reading negative reviews about Dra. Duran and also reading that her aftercare is starting to suck. I decided to stick with Dra. Baez. I also tried to schedule an appointment with Dra.almonte but her assistant Leslie did not respond to my messages. I even called her and talked to her and she told me to Text her on the what'sup app which I did and she still didn't respond. I'm sticking with Dr. Baez. She's maintained communication and I've read that her after care is great. I am probably just going to do the BBL and the BA with BL and come back and do the TT later. I do want a big butt and think she can give me that if she doesn't do the TT.

Sorry for all the typos. I'm using my phone and I don't go back to edit. Too lazy. Sorry.

Before pics with jeans

I'm Apple body shaped and I hate it! Hope she can work some magic on me. I can't wait to get rid of my stomach fat.

Projected expenses

Surgery $3800
Insurance $150
Armonia RH $550 (10 days, quadruple room)
Transportation $80
Overnight nurse $50
Massages $150 ( 7 sessions $25 a pop)
Compression garment $100
Passport $150
Air fare $575 (JetBlue)
Medical supplies $200
Extra cash $500

Grand Total $5730

How I contacted Baez

I uploaded a photo of her contact information. I emailed her for a quote. I called the main office around 8 am pacific time and scheduled an appt. Now I'm using whatsapp to ask her questions about surgery.

This is also the deposit info that was emailed to me. She uses western union. Hope this helps.

Info deposit
You can send western union. To Australia Altagracia Fragoso Baez city santo domingo country Dominican Republic

Update on my measurements

I gained weight! I've been sleeping and taking naps right after I eat.... it works for me. Think I wanna stay at this weight.

Current weight: 143 lb
bust: 39
Underbust: 34
Waist: 32
Mid point where belly button is: 38
Hips: 39
Height: 5'2.5

I'm currently spoon shaped, and my ass is square. I think I can get an hourglass shape and an A shaped booty if she lipos the hell out of my flanks and waist. Can't wait! I already have 39 inch hips so I'm probably gonna have her transfer all my fat into my booty, no hips.

Day before surgery!

Hi ladies! I'm having a tt, ba, and bbl with Dr. Pantoja tomorrow! I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. I'm staying at "Our friends house" aka club med. Its super nice here, ocean front view. I'm having a really good experience so far. I'll keep you guys posted soon :)

Made it to the flat side!

Hello ladies! Surgery went well, I got here at 9 am didn't have surgery till 4:30 pm and was finished by 9 pm. Recovery base been a bit painful but tolerable since they put my pain medication threw I.V and I don't have to get up and pee since I have a catheter in. I'm staying here at the doctors clinic which is nice and clean for 2 nights. After i'll be at our friends house. Recovery house is awesome, and doctor Pantoja and his staff is awesome. I'm glad that I chose to come here.

I got 500 cc high profile implants. Eurosilicone, although he does have other brands like mentor. By booty got 850 cc's each cheek including my sides.

My incision is super super low and clean. My breast look great. I really haven't been able to see my body though. I only know cause I had my mom take pictures of me while they cleaned me up. I haven't looked at my butt yet though. I'm hoping I have some left, I've been sitting on my ass since day 1. Might have to come back for round 2 I dunno yet. Anyways, here are some photos. I'll keep ya'll updated. Peace.
Australia Fragoso Baez

I actually went with Doctor Pantoja in Tijuana Mexico. Great doctor. 7k for boobs, tummy, and booty. Glad I choose to go with him instead of the DR. I will be posting a review under just his name soon.

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