lipo of stomach and back + bbl

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Okay so my names Stephanie , I'm 18 and I'm from...

Okay so my names Stephanie , I'm 18 and I'm from jersey . After hours and hours and hours of researching I've basicly narrowed down to Duran , cabral , and robles . Originally I was going to go to dr . Shulman in New York however the more I thought about it , $19,000 for bbl and ba would just take forever to pay off . I received a quote from dr. Robles for $6500 which includes everything basicly , with my plane ticket and passport included it would be $7000 for bbl full body lipo and ba . My quote from dr. Cabral was $5500 for bbl lipo and bs however it doesn't include post op meds the garment or the recovery house like dr. Robles'a quote did , so when you factor that in plus the ticket and passport that's $7120 . I have yet to hear a price from duran :( I've also heard about yily but I'm not letting her touch me and risk getting an awful infection like many others have gotten from her , noo thanks . I'm really stuck between cabral and duran , I'm leaning more towards duran , what are her prices like ? Have any of you ever been too cabral ? If soo what do you think about him pleaseeeee help

Wish pics

Pre op pics -,-

I know i look gross , new body just wait on it lol

Dr. Carlos triana

Has anybody had any work done by Carlos triana in Colombia ? He quoted me $5300 for lipo sculpture+ bbl , I'm still waiting for the final price with the breast implants .


Does anybody know if dr. Duran accepts credit cards ?

Emailed yily

I emailed yily even though I said I wouldn't , I was looking through a lot of reviews and I like her work . Any comments about her ? Her price seemed to be cheap , $3500 for lipo and bbl , why is that ?at this point it seems impossible for me to contact duran I called , whatsapp her , fb messaged her , emailed a few times , wrote all over her Instagram . Her work is amazing but it seems dumb that I have to hunt her down this much .


So after months of trying Duran answered me on whatsapp !! Quoted me $5500 for lipo bbl and breast augmentation . She didn't answer any of my questions tho :( does anyone know what her quote comes with ?

Cabral vs duran

I've narrowed it down to cabral or duran .


Who's better at breast augmentations , cabral or duran ?


Going with doctor yily in July , $3500 for bbl lipo of arms and chin . Does anyone know how much weight I should gain prior to surgery ? And does anyone know of any recovery houses that do free massages ?

Weight gain progress

I've gained about 5 pounds but I'm mostly muscle , yily said I'm fine the way I am and to gain no more then 10 pounds . Should I gain ATLEAST five more pounds ? Please help

Please help !

I'm trying to send my deposit to Yily to secure my date of August 4th ! Every money service I tried always cancels the transaction. What money service do you recommend to send her the deposit ?

August 4

August 4 needs to come faster ! Lol I can not wait any longer . Yily needs to answer me about my deposit already , she always answers me she sometimes just takes a couple of days

Looking for a surgery buddy :)

Anyone from jersey going on August 4 ?? Don't want to go bymyself

More pre op pics

Ugh I need Yily in my life ASAP , August can't come soon enough . She finally answered me late last night it turns out there was a problem with her whatsapp but she got it fixed.


Sent my $300 deposit today via PayPal .

Here in santo Domingo !!

Haven't been on here in a while but I'm here . Let me just say it was a night mare getting to this recovery house. So I had a gut feeling that the guy the dr yily assured was going to pick me up from the airport wasn't going to pick me up and guess what he didn't show up. So luckily my phone still had 5% and I was able to find this really nice cab driver named Carlo at the airport (if you need his number DM me he's great) and he called the number that was in Yilys whatsapp for me. I was so thankful and lucky I found someone. I was a little skeptical at first to go alone with him but he ended up driving a family with me. He charged me $35 but Yilys assistant here at the recovery house said she would pay me back tomorrow so we'll see.


Just came back to the recovery house. Feeling good ! Yily is so nice idk what anyone is talking about saying she's rude . All the nurses at cipla were nice too , everybody was just so friendly. Here at the recovery house as well.although the wait at cipla for yily was long , it was deffinetly worth it!


Follow up appointment today with yily !

Last day in santo Domingo

I'll take more pics once I get home. My body looks great without the Faja on I'm guessing my waist is a 25 right now and I'm swollen. My butt is huge too !! Yily is the best. Recovery has been kind of tough but it really wasn't that bad. The worst days were day 2 and 3 post op but other than that I've been ok. I think the recovery is worse if you're getting tummy tuck because the girls here that have gotten tummy tuck have had a harder recovery compared to those who just had lipo and bbl.

The day of surgery

I guess I should tell the story of my day of surgery. I got there at around 6 am I got all my tests done ( ekg, hemo, xray, ultrasound, family history) and I had toThere was a lot of waiting around tho. They didn't put me into my own room until about 3. I then was in that room for about another hour. They put an iV in my hand , and then 30 minutes later gave me the blue pill and all I remember was waking up during surgery when they were doing lipo on my back but I didn't feel anything. Then I was back out and I woke up in a room with other girls who just got out of surgery we were all shivering and they brought us blankets. I then woke up again back in the room they assigned me with my nurse. She was so nice. She fed me soup and helped me through out the night. A doctor came to check on me a lot because I have asthma. They brought me breakfast in the morning.


I didn't use a wheelchair in the airport I didn't want to be sitting the whole time so I walked as much as I could and tried to stand when possible. On the plane I sat obviously , but would try to get up every hour to stretch and go to the bathroom. My hips are a little sore from walking yesterday but oh well. I took my first shower today after 9 days or so and I feel so much better. I left my wounds covered in the shower as instructed and took the bandages off when I got out. I put some Neosporin and new band aids on. Putting on the Faja is the worst without a nurse here to help me. Also it's a pain to go number 2 because you have to take the whole thing off.

Even with the Faja on everything looks poppin

I don't know why some of the pictures are flipped :/


I was at Hershey park the other day and I was walking all day and my feet swelled up like a balloon it was crazy . They returned to normal the following day. I feel better when I'm up and about rather than lying in bed all day , that's when I get stiff. I haven't done any massages here in the U.S. They're just too expensive in south jersey . I got one in the DR before I left , I recommend getting all ten you need down there because it's much cheaper. At the recovery house I stayed at it was ten for $200 . Compared to some of the places here that charge like $50 for one massage. If anyone knows any good massage places in jersey let me know !!


Still swollen in my stomach and back but I'm in love with the results so far

Booty pics


Bring your own pads and wipes because they charge you $10 for each which is a rip off !


I speak fluent Spanish so it was easier to communicate with the people in DR . Maybe try and learn some Spanish before you come if you can it makes things so much easier if you can speak it. One of the girls here was being rude to the people in cipla because some of them really didn't understand English , it's a Spanish speaking country what are you mad for . Don't disrespect their culture like some of the girls here did , talking about how they still ride donkeys and stuff , like that's their culture , you're in THEIR country. It just got me mad when I heard some of the nonsense some girls were saying. Especially since everyone here was so kind. Also expect frequent power outages that's common in DR , it's really not that big of an inconvenience , the air turns off but the plugs will still work. It only lasts for like an hour or sometimes less. The wifi still works and most other things.

Note for those who wanted to see

Before surgery pics


Thinking about getting my breast done soon in like a year or so. Has anyone gotten their breast done by yily ??

Size 2 :))


One of my hips is a little bit bigger than the other idk if the butt cheeks are too . It might just be swelling , apparently this is common . Has anyone else had this experience ?

No faja


This is a weird pic but I just wanted to show you my butt without laying down on it

Here's the pic of me sitting down

For those who asked for it . I'm not wearing my Faja right now btw


I wish God blessed me with some big boobs :/ oh well . If anyone knows of any good breast doctors in the DR/ Colombia let me know !


So I emailed yily and asked why my arms didn't hurt or anything like the rest of my body that was lipod and she said she didn't do lipo to my arms because she didn't want me to loose that much blood, which is understandable , I just wish she would've told me . Oh well I'll get my arms, chin , and ba all together when I go. My hips evened out , one is no longer bigger than the other . So far so good with my results !

Some quick pics


Almost fully healed

Some pics


Gym + yily

I've always gone to the gym but now I don't have fat on my stomach so you can actually see abs now :)

4 months

If you want your butt bigger just be sure to gain an adequate amount of weight , mind you my ribs were showing prior to my surgery I had very little fat

More pics

Round 2

I'm going for round 2 with doctor Cabral , I haven't decided when yet maybe in like a year and half. I'm getting lipo of arms and chin and BA , maybe bbl but idk yet


5 months ++++

6 months post op

6 months post op more pics



Doctora yily de Los santos

Best doctor ever !

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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