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Hello all, I'm looking at getting a brazilian...

Hello all,

I'm looking at getting a brazilian butt lift really soon, unlike most who have prepared for months or even years, i'm looking to get mine done in 1-2 months. This is just because of opportune timing with traveling.

I am in Thailand now, and I don't feel comfortable with the doctors here, they do not seem to have enough experience with the BBL. The best doctor is Dr. Darin and she's in Bangkok but she doesn't make big butts only slightly bigger so I feel like her perception of a nice figure is different than mine.

Having said that, I have been trying to find doctors in south/Latin America that are experts in BBLs, meaning they do them daily... my research has found Dr. Duran to be the best in the DR.

I have heard that it is really hard to get a hold of her, I'm concerned because I don't have 1 month to spare to get in contact with her. What are the best methods of getting a hold of her, through which agency?

Also, if any of you ladies have done the BBL with her within the last couple years i'd love to hear your experience.

What do I need to do ahead of time to prepare? Is it necessary to stay in a recovery house with a nurse assistant? My boyfriend will be with me.

Thank you!

Do I have enough fat? Brazilian Butt lift DR

I'm going to get a brazilian butt lift with dr. Medina. However, I know that i have enough fat to do the procedure, but my question is do i have enough fat to get the best optimal results from this procedure? Based on the wish pictures attached, would I get that much projection from the fat i have now, assuming my inner thighs, abdomen and back are liposuctioned? Looking for many opinions! I seek a tiny waist, not big laterals but big projection. Thanks :)

March 31 with Dr. Tania Medina!

Finally i heard back from her...I got my boyfriend to call the office, thought maybe I have a weird young-sounding voice that they don't take me seriously? lol So he got a hold of them and got Tania Medina's assistants whatsapp number where I asked her some questions, and then at the same time Dr Medina whatsapp messaged me back! I was happy she finally replied after a week. So I thought, skip the questions go straight to the deposit information so she knows i'm serious. I've already done so much research on her and I just love her work and love her reviews about how nice she is... that's what i'm looking for in a doctor. So I will send my deposit today, meaning I will have a secure spot for March 31st! Only a month away... most girls plant their BBL months or years in advance, I planned mine a month in advance lol It's scary because I don't have that much time to get prepared. Anyone have a list of supplies they suggest bringing? I don't want to buy things I can get there

Sent my deposit

Sent my deposit of $300 to set my date to March 31st!
Medina has not confirmed the receipt of it..
I have contacted many other doctors and a lot of them said they cannot do BBL
surgery on me because I don't have enough fat... but in the Dominican they have different answers.
I am pretty sure i've seen lots of women who are a lot slimmer than me get great results.
I hope I can get a big bubble butt ;)

I'm confused!

After I sent my deposit to lock in the 31st of March, Dra. Medina said that date was booked up and she has the 3rd of March available. That is 3 days from now.... then I e-mailed back saying that is too soon and if she has anything in March and she said no sorry. But then I get another e-mail saying "Surgery date approaching" and she asks if I need her to book the recover home and arrange transportation and if i'm ready for surgery. This so confusing when i don't have a date... so i'm thinking perhaps she thinks i'm two different people and booked me for the 31st and then thought someone else e-mailed her (but it was just me) requesting the 31st and she is now full. Hopefully that is the case...

25 days until surgery...should I be nervous?

25 days to go and I'm not prepared the slightest! I have no idea what to bring and have not even booked a plane ticket! Gotta get on it... Any advice would be great!

Measurements and new pictures

Measures myself today!

March 8th
Bust 39
Waist 27
Hips 37
Butt 39.5

Decided to gain 5 lbs

Even though Medina did not say I need to gain weight I've been reading all these reviews and I feel like I should gain a minimum of 5lbs to be safe. For two reasons. 1. Because it appears to be like if you don't have enough fat in your belly and they do aggressive Lippo you are more likely to get skin irregularities and deformities on your stomach and I DO NOT want that... It scared me because I like my stomach already (besides the pudge lol) 2. Because the more fat you have the more booty you'll get and I know 30% gets reabsorbed so I want all the fat I can get! Any thoughts?

Arrived in Dominican!

Arrived in Doninican today. George, Medina's recommended driver picked me up at the airport. He was nice but always on the phone, busy busy man! Tomorrow I will go at 10am to Cecilip to do all my bloodwork and pay all the money. George will drive. If you pay $400usd he can drive you everywhere while in Dominican so it is worth it because just from punts Cana to santo Domingo it costs around 150-200 and that is one way. So he will drive both ways and to and from appointments. I gained about 6 lbs! Crazy, been eating so much crap and I usually eat super healthy so it has been weird and I can't wait to get back to my healthy food

In cecilip

Came here and got my blood work done but been waiting for over 4 hours to get a psychology test done and make my payments...crazy I'm getting irritated and my back is hurting. I've seen countless people in and out...and I'm hangry

Change of surgery date

So I got all my blood work done yesterday and it was solid and paid the balance in full. After that George dropped us off at the mall because I had to buy a bbl pillow and some groceries, we finished soon and ended up waiting 2 hours in the food court for his partner to pick us up. It was ac in the food court and I was cold and telling my BF I felt like I was getting sick. Now I wake up at 2:30 am and my body is so hot in running a fever. I took a ton of vitamin c and now drinking water.... This is not the right time to be sick!

One more day until surgery and I'm sick

So much neck pain and stuffed nose and eye strain and headaches... I don't know if I'll be able to do surgery

1 day before surgery...postponed for another 2 weeks

I got either meningitis or dengue fever... will find out tomorrow. No surgery for me.... set backs....:(

10 more days

So because of my setbacks with getting sick again i HAD to postpone my surgery and i'm now going April 13th. I have to say, i'm already in love with Dra. Medina, just the fact that she cares so much for my health and won't take any risks. Plus she does full body checkups before surgery so there is very little chance of any complications. Besides that, I really love her team, Loren her assistant is a sweetheart and she also had bbl and breast implants 2 months ago and looks great! George her driver is a really nice gentleman. So i'm very comfortable in Dominican and happy with the surgeon I chose.

Tomorrow is the day! Need prayers

Tomorrow is my day at 4:00am please send your prayers, I'm nervous :s

Day 1 post op

I'm so grateful to God my auregey went well. M just in the recovery room watching tv

Ino pain yet but I cannot feel my legs it's a scary feeling

The Spanish I learned I got here has been helping me a lot

I'm laying on my butt which I don't know why I should.... I don't want to squish it

Medina said I don't has as much fat as I thought, a lot is muscle so that's kinda disappointing because I won't get the big butt I wanted

Day 3 post op

Can't update much but just saying I wouldn't have done this had I know how much pain is be going through.... Regretting it right now it is so bas


Alright so it's 6am and I cannot bear sleep in my bed anymore so I've moved to the living room so my boyfriend can sleep. I'll try and update as detailed as possible. I go to Medina's office at 5 am and had surgery around 8 am, we sat in a room and she marked my up and asked what I wanted. She said I don't have as much fat as I think like on my thighs it is muscle but she will take whatever she can. Then I got attached to an iv and sat in a room for about 1 hour before a nurse came in to give me the blue pill. I was worried because I saw the girls before me take the blue pill and she was so out of it that she tripped over herself... The pill had no effect on me whatsoever so as I went into the surgery room I was telling the nurses this and then they gave me an injection and I was out. During surgery I woke up twice but all I remember was Medinabsaying put your head down lol so I just have been trying to watch. My boyfriend said it took about 2 hours. When I came out of surgery I had zero pain and actually didn't feel any pain until very late that night. I thought that because I was staying overnight at the clinic then there would be nurses there to help me but medina came in and asked where my boyfriend was and I said I sent him home so he could sleep and she said she didn't assign a private nurse to me because she thought my boyfriend was staying. This got me worried because I knew I would need help and I couldn't get a hole of my boyfriend after that... So I ended up spending the night alone... I was with severe pain and a lot of women say it felt like a really hard workout at the gym but for me it was soooo not. For me it feels like a hell of a lot of pressure but also I get these sharp stabbing pains right where my tailbone is and they KILL. So there are nurses there at night but I'm not sure if you have to hire them privately? But why would I stay at the clinic unless it's because I need to be under the supervision of the nurses? Anyways they made me sit in my butt the entire time and it felt like all the blood was flooding to my butt I felt like I needed to get up and walk but the first time I tried I almost fainted. Then the nurses said tomorrow I can walk. But at night I just couldn't handle the pain I couldn't even turn over onto my side or turn around into my stomach by myself I was completely paralyzed. I was trying so hard to get the nurses attention I was yelling and crying and putting the phone on speaker so it would buzz and finally after an hour a nurse came and she saw that I had tried to get up but I couldn't stand up because my pee drain was on then other side of the bed and I needed her to pick it up. Instead she said I need to lay back down. I told her I don't think my iv is working because the water line was at the same spot the entire time plus I was in so much pain how could there be pain killers in there and she said it is working. Then I got told I need a blood transfusion because my hemp got below 8 but nobody gave me it for another 2-3 hours. Honestly I can go on and on lets just say it was the worst night of my life. I'm a very pain tolerant person and I've had my boobs done before but this surgery was the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life and I know it differs for everyone but I would never do it again. The liposuction parts don't hurt only the bbl. 3 days post op is a night mare I cannot sleep well and have to get up and walk around every 2 hours. One of Medina's assistants got me flowers which was sweet I really like them. Her assistants speak English but the nurses don't so the little Spanish I learned helped me big time. I've only been drinking water smoothies and Gatorade I haven't eaten solid foods yet I've got no appetite. As for my results, I just want to get better I don't even care how I look but I did get a peak before my massage today and I look so swollen like a balloon!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

It's time to write my review! I know when I was searching for Dra. Medina, there wasn't that many reviews available but she's an excellent doctor. I had my surgery just over two weeks ago and if you asked me from day 1-10 if it had been worth it i'd say NO. Simply because I had such a painful experience... But of course as time goes on and your memory fades the painful experiences into the past and you see how bomb you look...now I say it's worth it. I'll start by saying i'm so glad I chose Medina to be my surgeon. I didn't plan this surgery like most women... it was kinda a spur of the moment. I had 1 month to prepare for my surgery and had no idea what to do. As soon as I found Dra. Medina, I fell in love... I hadn't even spoken to her but just from the research I had done I was comfortable that I would be looked after and she has very capable hands. I KNEW I had to do my surgery in Dominican republic to get great results because I didn't have a lot of fat to start with so I needed them to get whatever fat they could use... and In the States they are just too cautious... not to say it is unsafe here...everyone must take responsibility and do their own research. I loved the Dra. Medina had everything organized for her patients, she works with George who manages a driver company and he picked me up from the airport in Punta Cana and brought me to Santo Domingo. Cecilip is a nice clinic, modern and clean. There are many doctors that work there not just Medina. Medina required to do thorough testing before surgery... blood, urine, heart tests. I got sick right before surgery day and had to postpone it for over two weeks... She is a sweet and bubbly woman but I think she works too much, she has so many patients and is always busy or preoccupied plus she's got babies at home, she must be superwoman. The team she works with are very sweet and speak english, it's great to be able to communicate with them on whatsapp with questions. Before surgery Medina didn't give me unrealistic expectations... I wanted to do thigh lipo but she told me I mostly have muscle so I wont' be able to get a lot and my butt won't be as big as i'm hoping for. Nonetheless she did her best and every single day my shape improves. I love my body now, thank you Dra. Medina! I've stayed in Dominican for the past 2 weeks after surgery and every week I have an appointment with her to check how everything looks. I only have two complaints. One is that wait times... at one point I waited 6 hours at Cecilip for the cardiologist to get there... if your appointment is at 9 am you can expect to be called at 10am. So they are very busy but should organize appointments better. My other complaint is VERY important. On the night of surgery it is required we stay in hospital... I assume this is so that the nurses can watch over you. However, this was not the case... nobody informed me that I needed to either hire a private nurse or have my boyfriend stay the night with me. I let my boyfriend go home because I was feeling fine right after surgery. A few hours later Medina comes in to ask where he is, she says that she didn't arrange for a private nurse for me because I never told her to and she thought my boyfriend was staying... so a big lack in communication there. That night was most deffinitely the worst night of my life. I won't go into details... but anything you can think of that could go wrong went wrong and my pain levels were extraordinary. I stress the point that even though it will not be made clear to you before your surgery, HIRE A PRIVATE NURSE or have your partner stay the night with you. You will need it... you will not be able to move. So other than the worst night of my life at cecilip, i'm very happy with my choice in doctors and I truly believe Medina loves all her patients. I may come back again in the future for more a$$! I would recommend her without hesitation, in fact I wouldn't TRUST anyone else to work on my body! <3

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2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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