GOING TO DR DURAN 2016 Summer - Dominican Republic, DO

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I have talked to the surgi coordinator I should be...

I have talked to the surgi coordinator I should be getting my quote from dr duran today! I'm so excited I've been planning this for three years now! I'm ready to start my journey on becoming a duran doll. It did take me a minute to reach her but It was because I was doing it wrong. Hopefully I meet some girls who plan in going 2016 late July.

Ok so I'm waiting patiently for duran

So I'm just waiting on a quote which is taking duran foreeeevvveeerrrr she has everything else. This is making my nerves get to excited waiting on my quote. I plan on going to DR in July 2016 after holiday so if anyone wants to go with me cool hopefully there's someone who speaks Spanish and English so that they could help me out a little bit. I'm ready for my hips and booty lol and especially that small waist! Anyways I would love to hear about you all journey to the DR with dr duran I have wish pics I'm adding


No quote yet my feelings are getting hurt lol I really need my quote so I can know what I'm working with and I can get this show on the road

Who has got their quote from surgi coordinator

So I need to know has anyone got their quote from surgi coordinator yet I'm still waiting and I'm getting discouraged I spent three years studying duran and trying to get quote I can't spend another three

Recovery house

I'm thinking about staying at mansion recovery armonia I really love the reviews on them and I trust it!

Ok duran what's goin on????

So I have called and talked to Laura she said duran has my case. How long did it take some of you girls to get a quote through surgi coordinator. It's been two weeks and duran haven't said anything I really need to know how much I'm going to need. Blah I'm frustrated.

Being patient

So I have talked to someone in the DR and at first I had no clue what she was saying she was talking so fast in Spanish lol but then a girl got on the phone and translated everything to me dr duran is basically extremely busy and she has my case and she's gonna get me my quote soon as soon as she gets some free time YAYYYY IM HAPPY!!!


So I went to the club last night and I wasn't really feeling it I didn't feel at my best but guys were trying to talk to me from left to right I can't wait to get my surgery I will be able to move like I want and shake my boootaaayyy lol but it wasn't so bad I had a little fun I'm just ready for my body

OMG like come on Duran

So I was told to call duran at 9 am which means 7 am in my time I really hope this woman answer the phone in the morning lol I need my assss and I need it July 10 2016


Ok so today I talked to DR duran herself and I will hopefully get my quote later today I'm so excited I really hope she does cause I'm ready lol so I'm thinking about bringing my cousin with me instead of going alone who is going in July?

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