21 Years Old, One Child, Empty Saggy Boobs Covered in Stretch Marks, Pectus Carinatum - United Kingdom, GB

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This man is amazing! I went to 3 consultations...

This man is amazing! I went to 3 consultations with 3 different surgeons. I had 3 different opinions and felt more reassured and comfortable with him out of all the surgeons. He listened to me and worked around the natural and fuller result that i was looking for, unlike the others who kind of tried to tell me what i wanted. He was so kind and welcoming when i came in for my surgery, i was panicking and he assured me i was going to love them, and i do! He's sorted out my asymmetry, and so far everything is looking good. Ive had a 325cc in my slightly bigger one and a 350cc in the smaller. Motiva implants. I obviously wont be able to see my end result until my swelling has gone down, but they look a hell of a lot better than what they was so far. I would highly recommend him. Thanks mr di giuseppe

4 days post op

I am now 4 days post op and have noticed some changes. My implants have dropped way more than expected down my chest wall. I was advised to go under the muscle by the other surgeons & they advised against going over. I didnt notice this until i took my strap off the top, but mr di giuseppe has got me into his next clinic and hopefully this will be cleared up/sorted.

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