34 years old, 3 kids, 32a, 5ft5, 116lb! Babies have left me with Nothing!! - Birmingham, GB

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Hi! So I've been looking on this site for months,...

Hi! So I've been looking on this site for months, well since I booked my surgery and I love it! I've got 3 kids age 1,5 and 8 and before I had them I was a 32b and quite happy, I filled a bra, now I'm a 32a/aa and hardly fill that! Hate what I see! Surgery is tues, I'm having 275cc understand! Getting Nervous now!! So worried that I will be out of action and how I'll cope with three kids, scared about pain too but can't wait to actually have boobs! Haven't got any pics of me at min but will add some later! Any tips advice greatly appreciated x

Before pics!

Bad lighting but these are my bee stings!! Want a complete natural look! And not huge just some boob to fill a bra and a bikini!


So tomorrow is the big day! I'm leaving my house at 4am as its a two hour drive, my admission time is 7am but I want to leave with plenty of time to spare! I have been so nervous today, more nervous about the GA and then recovery after! Not being able to do anything will be tough!

Late surgeon!!!

So annoyed! Got to the hospital at 7am into my room gown on, nurse came and took all info, was told I'm first on list then nurse comes back and tells me surgeon is running late! But not just an hour! 4 hours! Nerves have gone and now I'm just bored and angry!

All done and Home!

So after waiting for four hours I finally had surgery at 2.30, all went great, can't remember the first few hours after, just wanted to sleep! Didn't need any pain meds last night and slept ok, I kept waking but think that was due to being in a strange place rather than any pain! Just feels tender and slightly swollen but I've seen them and they look amazing already! So glad with the 275cc! Def right size for me! All I've taken today is paracetamol! I'm just chilling on sofa at the minute! My two oldest kids are at school and my baby is sleeping, I do think I'll struggle not being able to cuddle her or put her to bed but not forever! Have one pic from straight after!

Day 2!!

Hi girls! So considering it's only day two post op I feel ok, slept fine apart from waking once but not really with pain just the tightness so I took ibruprofen and went straight back to sleep! The pain is minimal apart from if I take my bra off then I have a sharp shooting pain just down on the inside of my left boob! I have quite bad brushing around my ribs but I think because I'm quite small it's where the surgeon really had to pull me about! Also feeling slightly bloated which I'm happily will pass in next few days!

Day 4 PO!

So had surgery late Tuesday, and to be honest so far it's been much better than I thought, on first day I took paracetamol and ibruprofen and since then all I've taken is one ibruprofen when I wake as I have morning boob, I have been getting sharp burning pains but spoke to the bride and she said it's the nerves regenerating, apart from that I do feel great, still struggling that I can't do much especially with three kids but my family have been great! I only take my bra and strap off to wash, actually scares me a bit when they have no support but my swelling has nearly gone as has my brushing, had loads of water retention yesterday but that has eased today too! Having had a bm since Tuesday which is starting to bother me so will grab something today to help me go! Can't wait for my one week check on Tuesday!

Feels weird!

So I took my strap and bra off to get changed and have a proper look at them with nothing on and I love how they look already! Only prob is I get such a bad shooting pain down the middle when I have no support, like my skin is tearing, ouch! But fine once I put my bra back on! Will add the pic I took!

Review and Zingers! Ouch!

So I had my one week review yesterday, the nurse said I have healed so well and my scars look great already! Wasn't told to massage yet, will find out about that at my next appt! I am feeling really good apart from the zingers, wow they take my breathe away, horrible! Also I'm really struggling with knowing how much I can do, my partner is working away until sun and I have three kids, my youngest is 17 months and I had no choice but to lift her out of her cot this morning! I made sure my arms were by my side and it didn't hurt at all! Also hate that I can't clean as much as usual, I have slight OCD so this is tough for me!

Bikini pic!

So it's day 11 and apart from a few muscle spasms and my incisions being a bit sore I feel great, just still holding back with a few things as I don't want to ruin my results! Had to pick my baby up earlier tho as she fell asleep on the sofa and no one else was about, didn't have any pains after but will still wait a while before I do it again! Oh one thing that is hurting is my back from sleeping on my back and upright although I woke up this morning completely flat! I'm still sleeping fine once I'm asleep but back is really starting to ache!

5 weeks post op!

Well not exactly 5 weeks but I will be Tuesday! The weeks have flown by and from the end of week 3 I have pretty much felt back to normal! I have no pain now, even morning boob has subsided! My skin still feels a bit tender but doesn't bother me! I love my boobs, not going to lie I am still getting used to them, and am still a bit obsessed with them but for my size I think 275 was the perfect size!! Scars are looking fab! I am allowed to wear non wired bras but some days still feel I need a bit more support! Can't find a comfort ale sports bra so tend to wear crop tops! Here are some pics!
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