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I've always wanted to get braces but my parents...

I've always wanted to get braces but my parents couldn't afford them. Now that I'm older, married and with two beautiful kids i didnt want the metal braces. I decided to go with clear correct. I had phase 0 for two weeks and today I got phase 1a. The doctor decided to shave a little of my bottom side tooth to create room for my teeth to move. I will see them in 6 weeks from today and he will do the same the the other side of my teeth, and put 5 engagers. Phase 0 was uncomfortable just to have as I wasn't used to having anything in my mouth. I did get some sores but everything went away within the first week. Now phase 1a is much tighter and defenetly is sore from where he created space between teeth. I will do my best to update every 3 weeks and post pics. I'm so excited.


I started my second tray today 1b. It feels much tighter but no pain so far. Here is a pic.

1C and attachments

So yesterday I got 5 buttons and trays 1C and 1D. I haven't noticed much difference besides flossing easier. These are a lot harder to take off, almost feels like I'm taking my own teeth out.

1C picture update

tray 2B


I can definitely see a difference. I'm on tray 2C. By the way I have been whitening my teeth that is why they look much whiter.

comparison beginning to 2c

tray 3C

I started this tray Monday. By far these have been the most painful since my first tray! I have 1 more set to go and then with my last phase 4. I can't believe I only have 3 more trays to go. Can't wait! Here is a picture update from first tray to now.


Here is my 4B update. Only 2 more trays and I'll be done!


I started phase 4C today. They did a little more filing between my teeth to give extra room to move my teeth. I will have these for 3 weeks then on to my last tray!!!

treatment extended

So I completed my last set of trays today. I had my dentist appt. And he wanted to add rubber bands to pull some stubborn teeth down. Basically he puts metal buttons behind my teeth and puts attachments on to my trays and that is how the rubber band is attached. I will wear these for 2 more weeks and then we will see of more trays will need to be made. I will post pics for you guys to see.

Set 20

It's been a while since I last posted... I ended up getting an extension to my treatment. I got 3 more trays which put me on 20 total trays. I'm on my last tray and overall I'm very pleased with the results. After this tray I will get new impressions to get my retainer.

Updated pics set 20

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