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I am obsessed with this website!! Lol that's for...

I am obsessed with this website!! Lol that's for starters. I was always a bit sketchy about plastic surgery and I've always been petite. But after having my babygirl I decided I wanted to make a couple changes, starting with my boobs & waist. I didn't gain any weight after my little one which has its pros & cons lol. I wanted to make sure the doctor has enough fat to transfer to my butt! So I started looking around & my homegirl recommended some doctor from Cali (which I never really heard of) so I snooped around real self & ran into doctor Harold Villaloboa. I text his assistance (which I think is his wife) thru what's app & she answered me so quick ! She asked that I email her my pictures and a brief summary of my expectations. She emailed me that Monday with my quote & what the doctor thought he could do. So I booked my ticket & I'm off to Cali. I heard of Albas recovery house & she seems pretty nice but I chose to stay in a different recovery house which looks amazing! Paola (Dr V's Assistance) sent me an email attached was the PowerPoint of the recovery house. It looks so pretty and relaxing. I heard albas house is a bit too loud not really what I would call a recovery house. The recovery house I'll be staying at is called Casa Arama. so ready to go I'm just a little nervous. I've been under anesthesia before & never had a problem with it. I think that's the only part I'm nervous about. And the pain!! What does it feel like?!?!

I'm leaving in a few hours!!!!!

Hey everyone thanks for the prayers & thoughts. Means so much to me =) ... So tomorrow (Sunday) is the day I leave early morning! So here's a list of what I packed. A lot of pads, gauze,surgical tape,wee wee pads, gloves. Now as for clothes I packed like 5 maxi dresses, 3 pair of leggings, regular tank tops, a cute long skirt, mostly sandals, I packed a towel just in case, some picture frames of my fiancé and family


So my flight left Sunday morning at 8 and I was jet lagged last night. I just came back from doing bloodwork. The flights were pretty okay. There was some turbulence coming from Panama to Cali. When we arrived someone was waiting outside for us with a sign with my name. Let me start by saying this guy is total sweetheart. He introduced himself, asked me how was my flight, asked if I was tired. The ride to the recovery house is about 30-40 minutes. While we were driving to the recovery house he showed me around. He told me about a couple things we can do. He also told us whatever we need he's here for us 24/7. He said if you girls want to go out ill take you where you need to go. When we got to the house he walked us in and introduced us to the staff. Everyone here are complete sweethearts! Then gave us a tour of the house. Its beautiful, they have the junior rooms which are nice and they have the full rooms which has the bathroom in it. Upstairs they have a balcony and opened space to get sun they also have a sauna. We had dinner which was delicious. Then we came to our rooms unpacked took a shower watched tv and went to bed. We woke up this morning got ready to go do bloodwork, came back and we just had breakfast. I will upload the pictures soon. So far everything is going just fine =). I strongly recommend this recovery house. I have an appointment with Dr. V this afternoon, going to speak about the surgery and we'll be good to go!!! I'm not nervous just overwhelmed. I want to get it done with already. Thanks everyone for your thoughts

Surgery time !!!

6:20 AM & surgery is set for 7AM. Just got dresses and gonna head to the clinic =) thanks everyone for keeping me in your thoughts. I'm a bit nervous but it's only natural. Surgery takes about 4 hours recovery takes about 2. Should be home by 4 o'clock. See you ladies in a couple of hours ;-) !


Hey girls thanks for the concerns and sorry for not updating anyone. Don't mean to worry anyone :-/ xoxo I'm 4 days post op and I'm doing pretty good. The first 2 days were hell. When I tell you I wanted to call my airline and change my flight to go home fresh implants and all I wasn't playin. I felt like total shit. I slept on my back because Of the implants which I'm not use to (I'm a stomach sleeper) and I caught the worst neck cramp whih lead to a bad headache. No fever, no pain which I thank god for but that migraine and neck cramp felt worst than the suregry itself. I'm much better now still a little discomfort in my neck but I'll take this over the other pain anyway. My migraines are coming and going but I'm trying my best to not stress myself about it. On another note, I'm beyond home sick! I don't know what to do with myself. I miss my fiancé and my little one. I call home almost every hour. When I had the migraines and neck cramps I literally cried all day because I was so sick I just wanted to go home. Smh I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. So let's talk surgery :-) he did an awesome job even though I can't see my final results yet I like the figure he gave me and the boobs. Not too big not too small! LADIES DONT OVERPACK. I came here with maxi dresses maxi skirts a bunch of tops like I was really going somewhere. You're in your robe and faja literally all day. Your luggage should be packed with more supplies than clothes. I suggest 4,5 dresses and a robe with some house slippers. Socks if your feet get cold I'm running low on adult diapers so make sure you rack up on them! I'm gonna head to bed now. Any questions feel free to ask

Pics of casa arama

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