27 Years Old, Before Breast Augmentation I Was Flet Chested Now Full 80B Cup

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I am still on recovery, only two months passed, so...

I am still on recovery, only two months passed, so i am still taking care of myself a lot, until now i had no complications luckily , recovery is going great , some things i dont want to do even i can do, until i am sure i am safe 100%, for example going to spa and pools, generally everyone says 6 weeks after i can go but i am scared of infections so i am rather cautious. also in gym , i started again after 9 weeks , and still not lifting like i lifted before surgery..I was always active person, i had always an amazing body except breasts, and although everyone praised my body and looks- generally me, i always felt that i am not complete as a women, i was ashamed to take off my bra , i didnt want anyone to see them, that was my weakness, some boyfriends made me feel ugly because of that, some boyfriends they were uninterested about that but at the end they would always end up with someone else.. Its not all about looks i know, but if it makes you feel bad why not fix it if you can :). In the end, i found guy who loved me just as i was, without chest but with so many other physical and non phyisical qualities,and i did that surgery this year because of me, because now i feel more like woman, i finally can wear bra without push up and so many other effects, i can take off my bra without shame and when i look myself in the miror i am happy and i know i did the right thing, my chest actually never developed, over the years I hoped they will grow, but never, i I built all my body with exercises but never breast I could not fix them, nothing helped, so i just went to doctors, because i was small chested size he said to me what was the biggest size he could make, so we agreed 360 cc under muscle, because i am in active in fitness, i jump, lift heavy weights, planks, and so on,so for my safety we agreed under the muscle, after surgery i was felling so emotionally weird, i thought i would be jumping of happiness, but i was in such weird mood, in first five days, i was crying, i thought why did i ever needed this, that pressure on my chest is unbearable, It seemed to me that I could not breathe properly, and all those classical symptoms , also i had days i liked them and days i thought they are too small i wanted more, i was so afraid of complications, i read all possible comments on internet and i was so terrified of possible complications , i was so so anxious. After those 5 days i remember my recovery went every day better and better as soon as pressure disappeared i felt amazing.I started at 7 days with normal activities, after 15 days i was like new. And now after two months i am so happy because i did it, and i dont regret it, i love them, size , shape everything. Only thing is that i am taking so much care of myself and i dont want to resume all my activities .
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My doctor did an amazing job, since i come from one small european country here there is no so much aesthetic clinics, so i decided to do it at one famous and well known clinic here,only minius i can add is about lack of communication i had and have with my doctor and his busy attitude, here doctors are different , they dont like to be asked with a lot of long questions, they like to shorten , they ask patients to ask short quick questions, thats the case in state hospital but i see now its the same on private clinics. Unfortunately i cant ask my doctor about everything i want to, so i am searching for answers alone, on internet, sharing experiences with other girls and so on.

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