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I got my 1st treatment in September of 2006. I...

I got my 1st treatment in September of 2006. I just came home from my 6th one. They first tell you that you will have 6 treatments and ONE month after your last one, you will be measured, weighed and your pictures will be re-taken to see if there were any progress. If you arent happy you will have to go through 3 additional treatments at no cost. Now, on my last one, I get told they want to see me after TWO months, not ONE. And I asked okay then I will only have to do 3 more to complete my agreement and if it doesnt work and I am not 100% I get my money back? NOPE! NOW, they tell me I might have to go up to 12, that is 6 more! Im sure they only do this because they think people will just get fed up and walk away from it. I dont know about everyone else but I paid 6,000.00 for three sections to be HAPPY! Not unhappy. I left crying and frustrated, not because of the injections (which are highly painful by the way) but because I am frustrated. Please people, do not get this done. If you have 4-5k laying around, get the actual liposuction done. Its worth it. I will NEVER tell anyone to get this done. I feel that it didnt work. And if I am not happy after the 9th one, like I signed my contract for, you better believe I will not just keep my arms crossed. I hope to meet someone who can file a law suit against them or something. This just isnt right.
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