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The procedure itself was not that bad. About 1...

The procedure itself was not that bad. About 1 hour after, I couldn't even open my eyes and they were tearing profusely. I kept trying over and over again to sleep it off, but I kept waking up because of the pain. The next day was already much better. I could pretty much see perfectly. I just needed to use artificial years a lot because of the dryness. I had excellent eyesight for about the first 30 days. After the first 30 days, my eyesight started getting worse. It still wasn't as bad as it started out as ( I had -4.75 prescription prior and it was now -.75). It wasn't so bad that I needed a legal prescription to drive, but I couldn't really see in dim or dark areas. If I drive at night I really need the contacts. During the day, I just can't see street signs until it's too late. I got my surgery done at a Lasik Eyecenter. Everyone was so nice and helpful and said I could even get it done the very 1st day I went to check out the place. I said I couldn't get it done til the next day, but I decided to get it done that quickly because they offered me a discount. I paid an additional thousand dollars so that if something went wrong, I could have the surgery re-done. After the initial 30 day, my eyes were going bad again so I called to set up an appointment. This time, they told me that they would not be able to get me in for about 3 weeks. (originally, they said they could take me the same day) When I got there, they gave me a totally different doctor to check my eyes and said that the doctor who performed my surgery wasn't even there anymore. I was already questioning the professionalism at this point. The doctor who checked my eyes this time seemed young and inexperienced. She showed me various lenses for me to tell her if lense "1" or lense "2" was better (pretty typical). The problem was that I would tell her which was better, but she didn't give me options of the higher prescriptions. She of course showed me something better, but not good enough. After all that she tells me my eyes are getting better and now they're only a -.25 prescription, which I highly doubted. She also said that my prescription was so low that they would not re-do the surgery. I told her I wanted to see the prescription that was the one I got from last time (the -.75). When she showed it to me, that prescription was perfect. My question is, if everything is being done ethically, why wasn't she showing me the higher prescription? Also, isn't it convenient that she was showing me prescriptions low enough that she said they wouldn't re-do the surgery because my prescription was so low. I didn't get the surgery so that I would have to wear contacts again. If I have to wear contacts at all, I don't care what the strength is, it's still a huge hassle---which was the point of getting the lasik done. I have another appointment in 1 month and I'll see how they handle it this time. I requested them not to give me the young inexperienced doctor again to check my eyes.
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