21yrs, No Kids 5'3" 113lbs 450cc High Profile Silicone

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So I'll start off with my stats, I am current 20...

So I'll start off with my stats, I am current 20 years old and will be 21 by my surgery date which is May 15, 2015. I've wanted large breats for as long as I can remember, I knew I was never going to naturally have them so I knew I would eventually have to get implants. Well after many years I finally decided to book a consultation with Dr Mark Haugrud in Calgary, AB. I was recommended by my boyfriends mom (who previously had her implants placed by him) and she said he was amazing and she loved her results.

I have my first consultation March 4th, 2015 and Dr Haugrud started by telling me how the procedure works and the risks, etc before I even asked. It made me feel confident that he was a really great doctor and obviously knows what he is doing. I currently measure as a 32B and my BED is 12.5cm and am looking to get to a 32DD or possibly even a 32DDD. Dr Haugrud have me the 450cc high profile implant to try on, I tried on the 500cc and the 550cc and decided that I liked the 500cc but since my BWD is so tiny he informed me of having side boob, also told me he could fit the implant but would rather me have the 450cc. So now I'm stuck between choosing either the 450cc high profile and 500cc high profile silicone. I have another appointment on April 16th just to confirm the size that I want and I will bring my boyfriend with me so that I can get a second opinion. I don't want to look like balloons are on my chest, I want large but not too large. Any ladies out there with similar stats and photos of 450cc hp silicone or 500cc hp silicone? I need help!!

Finally chose my size!!

So I just went for my last appointment before my surgery. Dr Haugud answered all the questions I had written up, very helpful and intelligent guy. I got my doctors note, made my payment of $9015!!! And booked my post op appointment. I can't believe it's really happening!! 29 more days until my surgery! I decided on the 450cc HP as the doctor STRONGLY recommended it for my small frame. Now it's just a waiting game. I didn't take many photos, but here's what it looks like with the 450cc sizers.

Pre Op photos

Here are some photos of my breast size currently before I have my BA. I measure as a 32B but can oddly fit the 32C depending on the bra!

I'm very excited for my BA journey as the days can't come sooner!

Obsessing with the countdown

So I actually downloaded an App on my iPhone to countdown until my BA! I'm really excited. I'm hoping to fit into VS 32DD Bra, I went out and bought one to see how it would look on my body with some sizers that I made. So I'm hoping they'll turn it close to what then look like in the bra.

Nodule in my right breast HELP LADIES!!

So I would really like some opinions from women on here, I wanted to get ultrasound on my breasts to make sure I did not have anything to worry about. My right breast has something called a well defined ovoid hypoechoic. It is NOT cancer, they found two in my right breast. The radiologists said that It is okay, it's not cancerous and I will have 6 month follow up appointments for 2 years to monitor if it has developed into anything. Any ladies out there have had this found in their breast before surgery?! I just want to know if it has developed into anything new serious. I am still going to go ahead with the implants of course. Helppp!

Hoping 450cc will look good!

I got my boyfriend to take a not so attractive photo of me, hence the way I'm posing. Just wanted some opinions from ladies who has the same body type as me and had 450cc HP silicone and if they're happy with their results!

Help with post op kit?!

So I'm officially 2 weeks pre-op id like to get my lot all ready so that I don't need to be grabbing stuff while I'm trying to rest. I've bought soooo many sports bras probably like 15 of them, I will grab some Bio Oil for the scarring, any other suggestion ladies?

1 week to go!!

Called the surgical centre today to find it my surgery time. One week from today I will be getting my BA at 11am, I have to be there at 10:30am. I'm very excited, my birthday is this weekend as well so I have a very exciting week ahead of me. I'm turning 21 and then getting 450cc HP put in me!! Here are some more pre-op photos :)

I will update soon!

I forgot to mention!

The brand my PS is using is High Profile Mentor! Also I will upload a photo of me with a 32C push up bra (currently what I wear now)
I'm hoping for DD!!! Only 7 more days to go and I'm getting antsy just thinking about it :)

11 hours away

So it is the night before surgery, in 11 hours I will have my BA. Just a recap I am now 21 years old, 5'3" 110lbs, no kids. I am having 450cc HP silicone implants placed in both breasts. I have my post op kit already to go, my lovely boyfriend will be home to take care of me. I'm feeling very excited and also a bit nervous, here is one last photo before my surgery.

Wish me luck!

On the other side

so my surgery was successful, 450cc HP in both breasts, I do have to say that it is painful, my chest definitely feels heavy and if I try to sit up or get up it hurts more! The percocets I was given helps a little bit but definitely not enough. So far I have a photo with just a bra on that I will post, once I feel more up to it I will definitely post more photos!

day 2 post op

Woke up this morning feeling in a lot of pain, after taking my pain pills I feel a bit better. Here are a few photos of myself, still sitting a bit high but I am definitely happy with them so far :) trying to be patient for them to drop and soften up

day 3 post op

so today not as much pain, I just some pain on the incision sites. I took my bandages off today as instructed by the doctor but kept the tape on the incision. I took my first shower and wow was that ever difficult, had to get my boyfriend to help me basically do everything, but it's definitely nice to change bras. Here's a few photos

day 4

woke up feeling a bit better today. Not a fan of this constipation though, bought a laxative waiting for it to work. I'm still feeling some soreness and pain on my right incision but other than that I'm okay

no meds today!

today was the first whole day I did not have to take any meds! I still have slight sharp pain every so often on my right breast (close to the bottem) but is tolerable. My recovery is going very well, I only took a week off work-hoping that I won't regret that I didn't take more off! Still not able to shower myself completely and need my boyfriends help, he's been awesome helping me with everything. I'm very excited for this recovery and what they'll look like :) definitely at least a DD, but time will tell

shopping for clothes

Bought the cutest American Apparel dress today (in size small) this dress is amazing for side boob, and fairly inexpensive $74 CDN

As far as how I'm feeling, today's been better -- I recently caught a cold so that's been dragging me down. Breasts are doing well, right one has VERY slight burning sensation still, and completely off pain meds. My first day back at work is tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it!! Definitely not with this cold

air bubbles?

Question ladies!
Have any of you experienced liquid air bubbles AROUND your implant after surgery? I read that it was normal right after a BA, it's a little painful in the area where it feels like there are air bubbles around the implant, I just want to know if the liquid/bubbles resorb over time? There's no noticeable limp, only if I push down on the area it's feels a little painful.

1 week post op

So far so good! I can't wait until they drop and fluff but I already love them :) 450cc HP was just what I needed! So happy I listened to my doctor and didn't go with the 500.

I still am battling a cold , so that NEEDS to go away ASAP. Just makes me really tired all the time, but I'm happy to say the boobs are healing well and I guess that's what matters.

Went back to work yesterday for a 6hour shift and it wasn't too bad, I was only really tired because of the cold but other than that I was a happy camper :)

feeling strong and beautiful

I can't express how happy I am about the implants,everything worked out very well. Dr Haugrud is an amazing doctor, I'm going for my post op appointment this upcoming Wednesday, hoping to head that I am healing well.

I'm not a fan of sleeping on my back propped up, I can't wait until I can't sleep on my side again!!


here are photos of my scars, they're very small , I couldn't be happier with how everything looks. The incision is so small and barely even noticeable.Dr Haugrud is best known in Calgary for his suturing, and I do have to say he's done a fantastic job, I highly recommend this doctor :)

Itchy skin?

Hey ladies, I bought some tape to cover up the incision from the drug store, been using it for almost a week and noticed yesterday that it's really itching my skin, and the top on my breasts are getting red (not itchy on the top, only red) it is only itchy around the tape, I'm thinking maybe a skin allergy to the tape? Or the material of the bra I'm wearing could be an allergy? Any of you ladies experience this while healing? Please let me know

post op appointment

Went to Dr Haugrud today, he said everything looks great and normal, I was just having a skin reaction to the adhesive on the tape, since I stopped using it the itchiness and redness have disappeared. So I'm happy to hear everything is going well, will see him again in 3 months :)

2 weeks post op

I am finally starting to regain strength and movement with my arms, definitely does not hurt as much anymore, I still can't lift anything heavy of course. My scars are very tiny, I'm really happy, they're starting to become a lot softer. Chest isn't heavy anymore, I'm extremely happy with the size I chose and I can't wait to see the final result! My healing is going terrific :)

too early to tell

Although it's still very early, I went to the Victoria secret semi annual sale , because I couldn't resist. I wanted to try on a few bras to see how they fit, one of the associates immediately gave me a 32DDD bra, I thought it would be way too big, well it fit perfectly, I could not believe it!! 32DDD at 2 weeks post op, I am ecstatic :)


I love the Ponte Sleeveless Skater dress from American Apparel so I had to buy another colour, here's a photo of what it looks like on, love these new boobs! Filling my clothes out so nicely :)

3 weeks post op

Feeling great for 3 weeks, strength is still not 100% back, but feeling better everyday. Noticing that my boobs are getting softer and softer everyday, bought a wireless bra so that it doesn't bother my incisions from VS in size 34DD. Very happy healing :)

1 month post op!

So today marks my 1 month post op! :) it's been a great recovery, my left breast is still a little bit harder than my right, but I know that's normal, breasts can heal at different pace. As far as symmetry they seem very aligned. I'm very happy

2.5 months post op

I have to say my recovery has been going really well,y only concern is from day one my right breast has had all of its feeling, my left one on the other hand had no feeling on the nipple and on a large part of the breast, after about a week the feeling on my left nipple came back but to this day I still have no feeling on a large part of my breast. I'm really hoping it comes back and that it is not permanent.

Here are some photos of how the look now. I've been measured and I am now a 30G

Photos with shirts on

just a few photos, they don't look as big in pictures! I'm wondering if I should've gone bigger, my friends tell me that they're the perfect size haha, feeling some boobie greed

photos didn't upload

front shots, side shots

More photos

About 3.5 months post op

I went to see my doctor back on August 10 and he said everything looks great, I don't need to see him again because I'm healing really well. I had a concern that my left breast wasn't dropping as quickly but he said that that is normal, breast heal at different rates but it is NOT a capsule, so I was definitely thrilled about that. My right breast is great! My left breast still does not have full sensation yet, I'm trying to be patient, my nipples are starting to have a bit of sensation but a large part on top of my breast is still numb, I really do hope it comes back! At odd times I do feel a bit of a sharp pain in my left breast? But not all the time. Anyone else have this before?


Feeling small

So it'll be 5 months on October the 15 and they're really soft now, I'm wishing I went bigger! What do you ladies think? Here are some photos of myself today

Been so long!

Here to post some pics it's been officially 10 months yesterday sorry guys life's been really busy!
Dr Mark Haugrud

I had my BA with Dr Haugrud yesterday, he was so kind, along with everybody else. Held my hand while I was getting the anesthesia. Very polite and answered all my questions, gave me a call to follow up the next day, i was sleeping so I didn't answer but he left a message. I strongly would recommend him to ladies out there who want a BA!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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