So, at 45 Years of Age, This is Finally Happening !! HP 415cc with Benelli Lift

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So after many years of longing to be able to fill...

So after many years of longing to be able to fill out out anything bigger than A cup or a super padded B cup (made me feel better lol) I am finally actually having a BA !! I've had lots of thoughts about doing is this selfish, unnecessary, shallow etc, I've come to a place of just being thankful that I can afford to do something for me that will make me feel even better about my body than I already do. I've nursed 2 babies, which I think is awesome but my little breasts took a beating ! Lots of stretch makes and enlarged areolas. I am scheduled to have high profile 415cc under the muscle with a Benelli lift. I don't really need a lift as apparently I have minimal drooping but my areolas will be reduced. I'm so looking forward to finally having a more womanly body !!

I week away from BA !!!

Ahhhh 1 week exactly from my BA surgery !! Just got off the phone with the nurse from the Moncton Hospital! I'm so excited and nervous. I love reading all the reviews and this site has been invaluable to me ! I hope journey will be of some help to others too.

Day 2 Post op

It's done !!! Pain is totally manageable ! They are very high and very square ! I love them already tho! For those of you waiting to have your BA, I'd say don't be nervous... For me, so far, it's not as painful as I thought it would be at all !

Day 3 post op

Here's the progress

Day 4 post op 415cc HP

Feeling pretty good overall. Tired mostly and need lots of naps but the pain is, again, no where near what I was expecting !! My nipples don't hurt, sting and so far, no zingers but I have feelin in both ! I'm starting to see the bruising and my stretch marks look puffy

Day 13 post op

Things are good. I went for my one week F/U appt. and everything looks good. I was hoping they would take off my bandages but they just leave them until they fall off themselves - so I just have to wait to see how my peri-aeroelar lift looks ! My PS also advised me not to massage. I'm fine with that but don't most PS recommend massaging ??

UPDATE : 3 weeks post op

All is well! Not much change really and I am getting a bit impatient with the tightness, although that is lessening all the time, and how the Benelli lift looks underneath the tape !! My implants felt like 2 red bricks up under my chest for the first 2 weeks and I can say that they are finally starting to feel like a part of my own body!

6 weeks post op 415cc HP Inspira with Bennelli Lift

So I'm at 6 weeks post-op ! I got the tape off last week and initially, I was thrilled but on closer examination, my right areola is flatter and larger than the left. This has always been my "trouble" breast. So the left areola is is puffer and the right is flat as well as different sizes. Now that I've had time to adjust and remind myself that they are sisters, not twins, I feel they aren't so different I can't deal with it. I've considered the possibility of revision but I'm going to wait the 3 months to see where they land. I'm afraid the issues I read all about with Benelli lifts, has happened with me. I also had had to understand that my pre-op breast tissue was very stretched with deep stretch marks that have affected my results. I think, even with some discrepancies in areola size ( and it's fairly minor ), my PS did an amazing job ! I'm still thrilled with my new body and gave no regrets !
I will say, it's quit a journey tho. Lots of changes almost daily with the way the look and feel. I had 2 days or horrible itchy itchy and sore it was almost unbearable. That has passed now thankfully !

Ugh :( uneven areolas - my fears about the Benelli lift have come true :(

So, I'm struggling with my uneven areolas- which I hated before I had BA and one if the main reasons why I underwent BA !!
My right breast is flat and stretched out and my left is puffy. I'm hoping these will continue to change and I won't need a revision !!

11 weeks post op BA with Lift HP 415cc

Who knew getting a rack would be so complicated ?! It's wonderful, scary, patience testing, obsessive ride ! My areolas are a different size but that seems to be improving but now my right breast is looking a little odd shaped and it hasn't dropped like the left one. I have to remind myself there not done yet! Overall, I'm still thrilled with the improvement though and don't regret having this done at all ! I was a 34 A or a very padded 32 B. I'm am now a 32 DDD. Nuff said :)

High profile 415cc with Benelli lift- my progress

I'm at 12 weeks post op and things are going pretty good. My areolas seem to be evening out a bit but I can feel the permanent sutures in one and I can't in the other (which is the one that is stretched out further) so I'm still wondering if the stitch let go and that why the areola is bigger and flatter ? I have a follow up scheduled for mid February so I'll get some clarification then ! I'm happy happy happy with the results either way tho :) love having boobies !!

415 cc HP with lift

Forgot to post updated pics

3 months post -op Inspira HP 415cc

Things are changing all the time ...small changes but my implants seem to be settling well. My chest gets really tight if I work out or if I'm really morning boob tightness without the pain. Still very happy with my decision ??

4 months post op HP 415cc with Benelli lift

I'm just over 4 months post BA and all is well! Bathing suit shopping for a trip in a few weeks was a bit challenging but fun! It really has taken me some time to figure out what style works best and I've definitely found that halter bikini tops are the most flattering as well as the less modest triangle bikini. I find I have been on a shopping frenzy since I had BA trying to find more flattering styles for my new figure. Lots of fun !
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