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I am licensed cosmetologist who has given myself...

I am licensed cosmetologist who has given myself chemical peels regularly. I use glycolic acid peels 30% and recently just increased to 50%. I also do salicyclic acid 30% so my skin isn't as sensitive. I am Asian who can tan very well, but out of the sun I am very light. After years of living in sunny states and not reapplying my sunscreen, I have noticed sunspots on my cheeks. Being Asian, I look youthful but now cannot just run out of the house with no makeup. I used bb cream and foundation to cover up these little dark spots. I bought cosmelan on amazon.com and did myself today. I had read posts and watched YouTube video. I did a thin layer on my face and neck, and I went over my dark spots again so there is over half the bottle left. I stored the rest of the jar in my fridge. I left it on for 10 hours. Just washed my face and applied cosmelan 2. I also have rx hydroquinone 10% that I put only on the dark spots too. I waited 15 min and applied the hydra K cream that goes with the kit. About to go to sleep, so I will update my results daily.

I had looked into ipl laser, but I wanted to try this first since my esthetician friends recommended this over ipl laser. I hope I made the right choice!

Cosmelan Day 3

I must have gotten the version that is not as strong - I have read the first was the one with severe peeling and the second with minimal. I did the mask and just felt a slight tingling when I washed it off. I applied cosmelan 2 right after. On Day 2 my skin had no change, but I went ahead with cosmelan 2 and applied 3 times a day. Today I woke up with very small peeling around the sides of my nose and small areas on chin, but not painful. The only thing I have noticed is my pores around my nose is smaller, but dark spots are still there. Today on Day 3, I am using the rest of the cosmelan 1 mask and trying it again to see if it makes any difference. If not, I am returning back to amazon.com!

A week later

On day 3 I once again did the mask and left on another 10 hours. Rinsed off and applied cosmelan 2. Still no changes. The next day I noticed more peeling between my nose and lips. I applied cosmelan 2 three times a day as directed. The next day I noticed my face was pink. Applied 3 times again the next day. Face looks like a sunburn but really dry. Cosmelan 2 will make you slightly peel, but nothing severe as what I've seen or read. I ended up packing up and sending back to amazon for a refund. Since then I have been using hyaluronic acid and coconut oil to get the moisture back to my face. Today has been a week, and my face is almost back to what it was but no changes.
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