FUT with Dr. Path to Lower Hairline! - Thailand, TH

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Hello all! I will be going under the knife...

Hello all! I will be going under the knife tomorrow with Dr. Pathomvanich to hopefully lower my hairline by at least 1.5cm... my feelings include excitement and fear... but im happy im finally doing something about my insecurity... ive always had a large forehead and im so happy to be doing something about it.

I was going to go with the forehead reduction/hairline lowering, but after seeing how it was done, i got scared of how intrusive it was... also scared what if i start to bald later in life... so now decided to go with FUT hair transplant for limited risk.

I chose Dr. Path because hes one of the best FUT in the world, and really affordable... however ive noticed his reviews and results have slimmed down in the past 5 years. Hope he still has the magic touch. I trust that i am in good hands, and ive never seen any bad results from him.

I do wish i had gone with FUE, only because i have a virgin scalp and im pretty young. But its too late now... what does concern me is the scar on the back of my head, if it does bother me too much, i could always get grafts placed into it right?

If anybody has any tips or advice for post op care, id really appreciate it. Thank you for reading this, i hope all goes well.


The whole thing took about 7 hours and it was just phenomenal. Dr. Path was GREAT and his staff was GREAT! Im so happy i finally got this done, i owe them my upmost gratitude and appreciation.

Dr. Path did everything from the calculations to the cutting, his nurses did the insertion of grafts. I was a little iffy about them doing the grafta, but my mind was at ease, his nurses were more than capable of doing it. I doubt an establishment such as Dr. Path would jeopardize their reputation by having incompetent nurses.

I had 2,383 grafts placed.

Im not too sure how ill be able to sleep though... i took pain meds, and all that remains is a constant sting in the donor area. Other than that im so happy with the results, cant wait for results to come in.

Super compact

I love it

Comparison pictures- about 1 week post

I still have a large forehead, but its much better than before! So happy.

Left thailand 2 days ago.
It has been quite an experience, and to be honest im a little saddened to be leaving the clinic for a long time, ill miss all the hair washes, friendly smiles and great wifi.

Scalp feels numb and tender. I hope my hair doesnt fall out...

I wonder if i should avoid certain things such as eggs? Or it wont matter?

My newly grafted hair is growing fast, hopefully itll stay in my head:[] i cant wait till the final results... i am so happy, this has truly changed my life for the better.

Close up pictures

The right side looks more dense than the left, i believe its due to the direction of the hair, could it be?

Dissolvable sutures unraveling?

Has this happened to anyone before? Im scared my scar wont turn out the best as i hoped, does anyone have any tips to get minimal scarring? I really don't want it to stretch...

Shock hair loss

Looks like i got shock hair loss... its temporary right?

Before and after

Here are pictures immediately after the procedure . Still a lathe forehead, but filling in the corners def help, im really happy.

5 weeks post

Shock hairloss

Ive read that it's temporary, but in some cases, its permanent.,.
Dr. Pathomvanich

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