19 days post op - updated pics - 3 weeks post-op is the charm!

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I am excited that I tentatively have my MM...

I am excited that I tentatively have my MM scheduled for May 31st - yay! I am having a tummy tuck, breast lift with no augmentation, and lipo. I am still deciding where to do lipo. Wondering if it makes sense to just do everywhere I want it since I will be in there already? I definitely will be doing my arms. Think I will be adding my upper and lower back. And then I started wondering if I should do something in my inner and outer thighs.

I am late 30's and a mother to a 3 year old and 1 year old who I nursed both to almost a year and my body reflects it. I have always had a poochy tummy - even in college when I was tiny - so I feel grateful that a tummy tuck is available to address my problem area. I got up to 195 lbs while pregnant and have recently lost weight to 140 lbs. My goal weight is 130-135 lbs and I am reasonably confident (should I say hopeful?) I will get there before the end of this month. Of course, I just ate an eclair, so we'll see ;-). 130-140 sounds like a heavy weight for 5'4", but I am actually very thin at that weight.

I actually have to have another surgery which I have had to delay because I have been pregnant or nursing for the last 4 years. That is actually why I have decided to go ahead and do a MM since I already have to go under anesthesia and arrange childcare for that surgery. That is why my surgery date is 'tentative'. After talking to both doctors it seems that the date will work, but I still have to have a consultation with my other surgeon to confirm the surgery plan for that.

My #1 concern is the possibility of dying and I really hope I am not jeopardizing my children having a mother for vanity :-(. But since I have to do the other surgery anyways... My #2 concern is how I will deal with childcare. We have factored in a month of daycare for the kids as part of the surgery cost - not cheap - but I don't want to risk recovery and we don't have any family close that is capable of helping so.... Husband will be traveling for work 16 days post op so I am hoping I can handle then nighttime routine by then.

I guess worry #3 is recovery. Just reading things here and seeing my friend who underwent a MM (but with augmentation and full body lift), it seems very painful. She looked rough even 3 weeks post op. But she did tell me the breasts (b/c of the augmentation I think) were the most painful. So I am hoping mine won't be so bad? Guess we will see...

I am very grateful for this site and all the great info people share.

Kay, so I am officially scheduled - yay! May 31st...

Kay, so I am officially scheduled - yay! May 31st. So happy to have it on the books so I can plan now. I also added back lipo in addition to the arms. She is saying "flanks" but I need to make sure that it is both upper and lower back. Debating lipo to the inner thigh. Was considering inner and outer thigh, but a friend I have did outer thigh lipo and got a huge divot in her legs from it. I am pretty happy with my legs so I don't think it's worth risking getting something like that? Plus, at some point - how much is too much?

On Mother's Day hubby let me run some errands as I was feeling overwhelmed since it is less than 3 weeks away and getting anything done with a 1 and 3 year old is slow going at best. I need to make a list and just power through it. I got some post surgery clothes - zip up hoodies and pants, the fruit of the loom bras that connect in the front that everyone seems to recommend... A ton of bottled water to keep hydrated (what a random thing to get, huh?). Curious what other people plan to eat post surgery? I have a bunch of frozen lean cuisine and smart one meals?

I've been convinced that the power lift recliner is the way to go. My doctor recommends you rent a hospital bed - but I remember how I couldn't get out of bed for 4 or 5 days after my c-section on my own - even in a hospital bed. So it seems like a chair that actually helps you to stand would be pretty amazing. Plus, it takes up less room so my hubby can sleep in our bed and I can sleep in the recliner (I would think).

Got my mom to come day of surgery and watch the kids overnight and have a sitter to help her. I am really stressed that we come home so quickly. I was in really bad shape after my c-section that first week and this sounds even worse. Guess the only way to know is through it.... My husband has taken a week off of work and he can work from home too, so hopefully that will be enough time for me to then be on my own. Will have my kids being watched by someone else during the day for 4 weeks.

Trying to diet to lose last 10 lbs I would like to lose, but I am happy enough with where I am right now - 140lbs at 5'4". I have been doing Medifast to lose weight (which rocks btw), but I worry about nutrition for recovery, so I think I'll stop doing Medifast the last week. Also have to stop Phentermine two weeks before (which is this Friday) - so hoping I still show self control even when not on it.

Have my 2nd big consult next Wed. So guess that will make it real. I have to say I love hearing other people's recovery stories, but they all sounds so hard and seem to take so long. Really has me stressed simply b/c of my two young kids. But I guess I need to not worry about it.

Pre-op appointment today - 9 days to go!

So today I had my pre-op appointment. I wasn't really that surprised by anything thanks to all the great info there is available. I was happy to hear my PS stitches the lipo entry points so I won't have oozing there. And I will only have drains on the tummy tuck. I can pick my 1 year old up after 1-2 weeks which is such a relief as my husband will be leaving town 12 days post surgery and I will be handling them on my own.

I have to say, the PS 'before' pics thing was a bit awkward - felt like it took forever. I am so pale right now! But I guess that will make for good 'before' pics. After I will be all tan and super skinny, right? Here's hoping :-).

Tried on compression garments and am happy - they seem like they will be pretty comfy and I have some good clothes for over them.

My surgeon is so great, but she is conservative. She said something about not being overly aggressive with my arms, but honestly, I wish she would suck all the fat out. I guess she knows best so I have to have faith...

Childcare is stressing me out. I thought my mom was going to be able to come and help, but she has just been so unreliable and has too much going on for me to rely on her. So trying to get some sitters to stay overnight with my kids for the day I have to go into surgery until I can come home. Hopefully it works out! My mother in law would totally fly in and help me, but I don't want her to know as I worry she would think we are being so silly and frivolous with money. (A lot of this is b/c I feel that it is frivolous and don't want other people feeling that way about me :-)).

I really wish I could get excited and not stress. Ladies who have family close by, I hope you appreciate it :-). I am very jealous :-)

2 more sleeps!

I can't believe I only have two more nights. Life has been crazy, though, so I am feeling a bit unprepared. Maybe it isn't that smart to have a surgery like this with a 1 and 3 year old. They both came down with Hand, foot and mouth this week so I have been nursing them rather than getting ready for surgery and I had to go visit my parents last minute this past weekend b/c of some health issues there... Then Monday night I threw up all night - weird! I booked a sitter for Thursday so hopefully I can do last minute preparation that day :-).

Power lift recliner is being delivered today - yay! And I have most of the laundry done... Will go grocery shopping today to get enough to last a couple of weeks. We will rearrange bedroom tonight.

Husband has been awesome which has really let me look forward to getting through this. So lucky. I might be crazy but I am really looking forward to this b/c I am like - heck, I'll actually get to read a book or watch a movie! I never get to do that :-). Worried about the first couple of days, but figure after day 4 of c-section I started feeling pretty great - so hopefully is similar experience :-). I mean they cut muscle with a c-section - this is just skin, right? So excited to have a flat tummy. Good luck to all. Happy healing.

I can't believe I only have 8 more hours...

Just finished writing up instructions for sitters for kids tomorrow. Guess it has been good to be so crazy busy, b/c have had no time to get nervous.

Have to be at the surgery center at 6 am for 7 am surgery. And then my PS says it will take 7 hours? Doesn't that seem super long? I am doing Breast Lift, full tummy tuck, upper and lower flank lipo and arm lipo. I guess I'm glad she will take her time ;-). Staying overnight at surgery center - but apparently, you leave 24 hours after checking in so I leave at 6 am? Ouch. Oh well, plenty of time to sleep in the coming week.

Mainly worried about just waking up right now. Think I will be thrilled just to be alive and not leave my kids orphans and husband a widow. I know it is very low risk and I am not a worrier normally either....

...in 24 hours I will be on my way to healing. Unbelievable. Yay!

On the flat side - yay!

So I am on the flat side now. Yay. So happy to be awake and through the surgery part. I'm doped up pretty well now so don't have too much pain.

Checked in at surgery center at 6 am and then went into surgery around 7 am. 7 hours later, I was done. I won't lie to you. I woke up in a lot of pain (and I am not one of those people who complains easily about pain) - and the nurse said to me - "well you just had surgery. You are going to hurt" - ha! I was like are you serious? I felt like I was being torn apart. Luckily shift change came right after that and my night nurses were amazing. They foresaw needs before I even knew I had them so the night went really well. I had a catheter so I didn't have to get up. They forced me to cough a couple of times and that was pretty miserable too. Honestly, I was surprised I hurt so much :-). I had foot surgery at the same time so I think that contributes to it. Honestly the foot surgery is what prompted the MM since I had to do that surgery, I figured I would go ahead and do a MM wince I was already going under. Foot hurts the most, then tummy - I don't really have any pain from the breasts yet - hope that continues. I think if I had implants they would hurt b/c the skin would be stretched like the belly. From what I can tell I think I am going to love the results! The compression garment they put me in at the PS's office is already a little big b/c she got rid of so much of my tummy - yay! And I am super swollen too. Says she will switch me to a smaller one on Monday at my office visit.

The power lift recliner is a godsend. I don't know how I would function without it. I highly recommend it.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories. It really helped/helps me to prepare and to have appropriate expectations. So happy to be on the road to recovery. Every day should get a little easier, right?

2 days post op...

So I am on day 2 post op and feel so much better today. I actually don't feel pain when on pain meds and that was NOT true of the day I came out of surgery and day 1. So I am hoping I have turned a corner and it just keeps getting better. This is definitely harder (so far) than recovering from a c-section... Which makes sense since so many parts of my body were worked on. I actually walked to the restroom today by myself without holding onto anything. I had foot surgery too and my foot was killing me - but it isn't hurting today. Hope that stays true... I'm also a lot less swollen today. Yesterday my fingers were like sausages...

I still haven't "seen" my results. Don't want to take off my compression garments - they feel like they are holding me together. Figure if I keep feeling better at one point I will feel like it. Very impressed with the ladies who were able to take pictures of themselves the same day they got out of surgery.

Going to the PS for a post-op consult on Monday so figure I will get a glimpse then. I am supposed to put bacitracin on my belly button every day which we did last night. That's the only time I have taken off the CG.

Post Op Day 3 - Feel SO Great!

Just got back from my PS' office for my post op check-up and it went great. Said my drains are doing well and I might be able to get them out tomorrow or Wednesday probably the latest - yay! I got a smaller compression garment and I actually got to take a peek at the results. I am super bloated still but I think I am going to be so happy. She also cleared me to take a shower - yay! I washed my hair in the sink before going to her office so I think I will wait until tomorrow since I am a bit worn out with all the activity of getting into and out of her office. Her office is in a hospital so it's a bit of a hike to get in and out of. But it wasn't that bad! In fact, I felt great. Think all the activity was good for me. But wary from other people's stories that I know I can overdo it and it's a fine balance.

Yay! I am on a high today just b/c I am feeling so much better. Went 4.5 hours between pain pills - and yesterday I really started hurting around 3 hours b/t single pills. Even after 4.5 hours, I wasn't hurting that badly. Just felt some pain coming on so was trying to head it off... I only have 5 oxycodone left so, we'll see how I do with the vicodin... She gave me a prescription for Flexeril too (a muscle relaxer). Just hoping I have turned a corner when it comes to pain. I really hate the groggy/out of it feeling I get from being on the pain pills so looking forward to being off of them. Guess I won't ever be an addict ;-).

My appetite is back a little today. I am actually hungry. I wasn't hungry at all the 3 days prior. I am still trying to eat light and make sure it's easily digestible food. Drinking lots of water and fluids.

Took photo with CG off. Won't post b/c with my pasty white skin it doesn't look that great, but I think it looks pretty good considering all the swelling. My nipples are actually not pointing towards the floor. And I don't see any stretch marks anymore on my tummy - and it is definitely flat. My TT scar is definitely super wide - hip to hip, but I think it's going to be at a good low spot. My C-section scar was so low she couldn't use it. Lots of swelling in hip and thigh area which is interesting. I guess fluid is just going south b/c of gravity? I didn't have any lipo there. It's actually kinda funny b/c right now I have a super hourglass figure which I never have.

So 5.5 more weeks in a compression garment. I don't mind either of them, but the one on my top is going to be a bit of a pain b/c there are so few tops I can wear with it and have it not show. Even a hoodie has to be zipped up to the very top or it shows under it. I'm not worried. I see all of these inconveniences as very minor annoyances and so short term.

I see a lot of people seem to have highs and lows - so thought I would write an update on a high as I am guessing I will have those same lows too :-).

Day 4 - Woke up with killer headache!

Uggh. So didn't set alarm to wake up for meds overnight b/c honestly I am feeling pretty good. Even decided to sleep in bed rather than chair for the night (which turned out to be smart move b/c I slept completely through the night). But then I woke up with a killer headache. Have taken pain pill and hope headache is just from pain pill withdrawal? (since it is something like 7 hours since I took one). Also drank a glass of OJ b/c maybe it's from low blood sugar... What did people go to next when they stopped taking the Percocet/Oxycodone? Did people try Advil or Tylenol? How many? Really don't want to be having withdrawal headaches :-). I should have tried one of those this morning. I wasn't in that much pain - my head just hurt b/c of the headache! Guessing I shouldn't be taking oxycodone for headache relief :-).

Day 4 Post Op Pics

Kay, don't judge too harshly. Unlike most of you, I have very pasty white skin :-). I spray tan, but didn't want to prior to surgery. And unlike most of you I opted for no implants. I think they look great on all of you, but for me, I like a smaller boob look (will be full B once all is said and done). I feel FAT with big boobs - ha. Probably stems from having just finished having had huge boobs for 4 years with 4 years of pregnancy and nursing.

I feel very swollen around mid section and look forward to that going down :-). I am happy so far. My husband is delighted - which is so funny to me b/c I feel like I look like Frankenstein :-).

Day 5 Update

Great day today. I am getting optimistic that I am just going to feel better and better. Hope so. I see how people can over do stuff as I am being very tempted to do that. Sat on the floor with my 1 year old and he wants me to pick him up, so takes a lot of on my part to let him crawl into my lap and for me to not pick him up and put him there.

Today actually ventured out of the house and went to see a movie with the hubs - fun! I had a foot doctor appointment after and that went well too. No swelling on the foot, but I'm still supposed to stay off it pretty much completely for at least another week. Still all wrapped up and in a boot. Also can't get it wet so that just adds another factor to taking a shower. Glad I coupled these surgeries as I am getting all the downtime/annoyances done all at once.

Think I'll get my drains out tomorrow. I have only had 5 cc's each total so far today and as long as I am under 15 cc for an entire day, I get them out. Yay! Showering will be such a breeze once those are out and I will actually be able to wear real clothes. I have literally been hanging out in my CG's and that's it - ha. Of course, I put on some sweats today to venture out. Took two vicodins and that's it today. Think I will try the just Tylenol soon.

I can't stand up completely straight yet and my middle just feels thick. I assume that will go away as I am able to get more and more erect. My PS says that just happens naturally and we don't need to actually try and stand up straight - and so far that has been true. I just keep getting straighter and straighter.

Arms hurt a bit today - think that is from the arm lipo and me lifting my arms yesterday to wash my hair in the shower. Trying to watch out for using them too much now.

Hope everyone else is healing well. I am sitting on my booty for the rest of the day. :-)

Day 6 - One Drain Out - One To Go!

So I woke up super sore this morning. Think I did "too much" as other people say on here. It was really just muscle soreness - back and tummy - so I think it's b/c I walked a lot, got on the floor to play with my kids, stuff like that. Wasn't a big deal b/c a Vicodin knocked it out. Of course, I then proceeded to do a bunch today too. Oops. Going to do Tylenol tonight.

Have had very little drainage in my drains 7.5 cc in one and 5.0 in the other - so went to the PS and had one taken out. That was definitely a weird sensation. I didn't realize they went so far up! It totally creeped out my husband when he watched them take it out - ha. PS and my husband totally bonded discussing the new Star Trek movie - so funny :-).

PS said I can get the 2nd taken out tomorrow morning unless there is a ton of drainage in it tonight - yay! I don't really mind the drains at all - but it would be nice for showering and getting dressed to get them out. Think I will really enjoy my new figure when they are out since I can wear things that show off my flat tummy - woohoo! PS said I was definitely ahead of the curve with healing and how I am feeling so that made me happy too. She also said I get my belly button stitches taken out tomorrow too - yay! And I think my lipo stitches as well.

I did try on a two piece today that I got in the mail and was a bit bummed b/c my scar is a bit high on my two sides. It's low in the front but for some reason goes higher on the sides. I am very short waisted and she said I was a tight pull - so I guess that's why? If I were to ever wear a two-piece, b/c I am short waisted, it would only look good if it a hip hugger type bottom and I'm pretty sure that those will show my scar. Oh well. I wasn't really planning to wear a two piece anyways - except when on vacation without the kids with my husband. And he won't care. Plus my c-section scar faded to nothing - so hope the same will happen with this. I was going to take pics in my two piece, but my husband had taken my phone - again- b/c it has our music on it and he likes to listen to it as he does his "honey do" list. I can't really complain b/c he is doing things like fixing the sprinkler system and cleaning out the garage. :-) He has been such a stud taking care of the whole family during this. It's been a really bonding experience with him and the boys as he takes care of them. Feeling overwhelmed with our blessings.

Oh and wearing the cami/tank top under the CG helps so much with the itching - thanks! :-) I can't believe it will be one week tomorrow.

Girls this is not that bad! Just be prepared to do nothing for a while and you'll be surprised (I think) at how good you will feel!

Day 7 - A whole week since surgery!

Woke up early today to go get my last drain out and my stitches out from my BB, and my lipo sites. Wow. I can't believe a week ago today I went under the knife. And I can't believe I feel so good. PS and nurses can't believe how well I am getting around. I bet they say that to everyone - ha ;-). Of course, that, then hubby and I went to another movie which required walking into the mall. Then had lunch after - and WHOA - pooped me out. Started feeling really uncomfortable walking upright. Feels like my middle is swollen and and my scar started bulging out. So I have been sitting in this recliner the rest of the day trying to recover. Have been on just Tylenol today and it has been more than enough. Yay! Hope I wake up and this swollen-ness has gone down. Wonder if doing too much like that hurts your healing or not?

Day 8 - Post Op Pics - Finally

I finally bothered getting around to taking some photos. Loving having a flat tummy and perky boobs. Tummy continues to thin out and I continue to be able to stand straighter. Scar is higher than I would like - shows in this suit that I bought cheap on the internet - but I hope it lowers a bit as I continue to get more erect. Can't wait to get a spray tan and check myself out then :-). Don't really want to bother with that until I get this foot out of the boot (don't want to get that sprayed with spray tan ;-)).

Day 10 Update - Feeling good and normal

Well I haven't posted anything b/c I have been so busy! B/c I have been feeling so good, I called up my friend and told her we could go house-hunting on Sunday (day 9) if she didn't mind driving. I am a realtor and she is buying a house. I have decided I can drive now, but that day I still hadn't yet so she drove. Anyways, it was a super long and busy day and I was walking and on my feet quite a bit. And I felt great. At the end of the day, my TT scar area started swelling - I think from being on my feet too long and I felt the need to walk more hunched over. I walk pretty much straight now - except after a long day. The next day was pretty crazy too (day 10) as we looked again for several hours.

I have no pain during the day anymore. I think moving actually helps with pain. But I do take Ibuprofen at night b/c I get sore at night when sleeping. Isn't that odd? I guess b/c I am moving during the day, when I don't move my body stiffens up? I would say right now the biggest deal with recovery is I am not super comfortable sleeping yet since I still feel like I have to sleep on my back and I just get sore. I might try taking a Vicodin tonight and see if that helps. I also still don't feel like I can or should pick up anything heavy or reach high with my arms. That is the biggest deal b/c of my kids being 1 and 3 - and my 1 year old not walking yet :-(. My husband is out of town the next 3 days for work, so I am a little stressed about how I am going to handle getting him in his crib tonight for bedtime. I have a sitter to help the next two nights, but tonight I can't find one. Maybe I will by then! Oh, another HUGE pain in the booty to me, is my upper body compression garment. B/c I got arm lipo it is a 3/4 length sleeve garment with a neck that shows in any clothes I have except workout clothes. Big pain in the booty. I have two button up shirts, but if I really have to wear this CG during the day for 4.5 more weeks, this is going to be an issue. I guess most of the time workout clothes are fine, but I would like to be able to start going to things where workout clothes aren't really appropriate. Like today, I am meeting the inspector for the house she bought. I really don't feel professional in my workout pant and hoodie, but guess that is what I will be wearing! C'est la vie :-). Maybe I'll have to go shop for some cheap interim clothing. Happy healing!

2 weeks post-op tomorrow :-D

Wow. Time has flown and I cannot believe how great I feel. I would say the biggest milestone today is that I coughed and it didn't hurt. Weird how one day you cough and it feels like you are being split open and then the next day it barely hurts - yay for healing :-).

Had 2 week post op visit and my PS is thrilled with how well I am recovering. Says I am way ahead of the game :-). At least I got something in the genetic lottery - quick healing - ha (watch me have something go wrong now)... I do have one spot on my TT incision that has blistered, so she left off steri-strips on that part and I just have Neosporin on it with some gauze laying against it. I wonder if it will be able to air out since I am wearing my CG all the time? Hmmm.... She said it wouldn't affect my scar and I hope it won't :-).

My parents came into town to help me while my husband was out of town, but honestly I think it was more work to have them here. Of course I was happy to see them, but I had to feed them, set the table, show my dad how to use the shower, etc... Yes, my mom lifted my younger son for me, but I think it would have been less physically stressful if I didn't have them here ;-). I think I have the problem now that I don't look like I need as much help as I do... Just setting the table means you have to get up, reach into the cabinet to get the dishes (ouch for the boobs and arms), be on my feet, etc... But it was fun to have my "tells ya as she sees it" mom see the results and tell me how tiny I looked - woohoo! I don't feel tiny simply b/c I still feel swollen though - but makes me happy to hear it.

The best thing about my office visit was that I only have one more week of 24 hours in the CG - yay! I get to go to 12 hours a day on my next visit - hallelujah! As I have said before, my upper body garment is a high neck, 3/4 length garment - it is hot and no clothes hide it. I also saw the foot doctor yesterday and I can finally take off the dressing on my foot when I shower - so I'm going to take the longest shower tomorrow where I don't have to keep one foot stuck out of the shower wrapped up in plastic :-).

Have really been pushing it lately. Looking forward to laying around and doing NOTHING tomorrow - well, other than date night with my honey tomorrow night for Father's Day. Really looking forward to that after a crazy busy week.

Day 15 Post Op - Day of rest - whoosh!

Well, I think I understand people getting frustrated with their recovery. I think you start feeling so good, you get frustrated that you are held back by this dang healing process :-). I had a crazy week last week with closing on a client's house, all the work involved with that, my parents coming into town, husband out of town, etc... Then this weekend was Father's Day - so in my attempt to be a good sport, we did a ton. The problem is, when someone says "let's do this" - you are like "sure, I feel great", but after doing all those little things, you get totally wiped out, your scar is swelling and it is just frustrating... I almost broke down on Sunday. An hour before church, hubby suggested we go and I was like sure....but the problem is, an hour is NOT enough time for me to get out of this CG, shower, find clothes that will go over these dumb CG's, fix hair, change foot dressings, etc... Just frustrating when you are used to being ready in 30 minutes - and after all that I am exhausted. Still shower standing on one foot which for some reason is tiring. And I have NO clothes that cover these dumb CG's - can I complain about that again? Ha. Oh well, only a couple more days and I am allowed out of them for 12 hours a day.

I also noticed stretch marks near my scar that freaked me out. I thought I was getting new stretch marks - and I am still worried about it, but I am going to assume for now they are old stretch marks that were above my belly button. They aren't red which new ones would be, right? See doctor on Wed, so hopefully she will reassure me then.

Also, I have not been drinking water like I should or eating as healthy as I should. I am back on plan now and it is amazing how eating right makes me feel so much happier and so much more in control. I lost 35 lbs prior to this surgery (baby weight). No way I want that back on me. And I have 10 more to lose... So that starts today. I didn't diet for 2 weeks post b/c I read somewhere that was the timeframe suggested for healing.

Anyways, this week I am going to try and just rest. Will do minor housework and make dinner, but that is it. Hoping that speeds my recover along and that the scar site will stop swelling as much.

19 Days Post Update - Pics!

Okay, I feel like I have turned a corner. Girls, this is SOOOOO worth it. I cannot believe my results. Just had my 3 week post op appt with PS (I am technically 19 days post op). She took off my steri-strips and told me I no longer have to wear the upper garment compression garment - hallellujah! And I can go to just a regular type girdle that comes up to my boobs for 12 hours a day for my tummy. Yayayayayay! I have also started back dieting so I am not feeling bloated anymore. I am totally starting to see the end results. I bought the cutest chevron one piece and it is seriously my first non Miracle Suit with tummy control swim suit in like 10 years. I cannot believe my tummy is so flat and it is starting to lose that tree trunk like thickness in the middle from surgery - Yayayayayay! They had a 2 piece too but it was sold out. So bummed b/c I LOVE the print. I think my scar is getting lower and it is healing so nice. I am supposed to start rubbing it for like 10 minutes a day with any scar cream (or even just lotion) of my choosing. My boobs are so perky and I am so happy I can just wear a bra now and not that 3/4 length arm thing. I can actually start wearing summer clothes. So hoping I get the boot off next week and can start wearing at least sneakers. Ready to be cute for summer! Birthday is next Friday and I can't wait to wear a cute dress out to celebrate with my friends. Plan on dancing - hope that isn't too ambitious for 4 weeks :-). Oh and my arm lipo - totally worth it. Luckily I was a candidate for it and seriously my arms are so much thinner already. I am so happy b/c I know they will only look better and better. Wish I took a pre-op arm pic - I had serious chub on my upper arms. 5 lbs from wedding weight. Time to finish this transformation!
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