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I want tt. I have 4 silly, crazy and adorable kids...

I want tt. I have 4 silly, crazy and adorable kids. Everyone tells me I don't need a tt. I don't feel comfortable, in my skin. I'm ashamed of my stomach, that even I'm embarrassed to look at it. I had 3 c_sections and with 2,I had infections.. I'm ready now, but I Want to be clean of pop and cigarettes for a couple of months.

I want to look like a little girl!

I'm so excited about getting my tt, that I'm telling everyone.. I told my children father. He said to me ; you just want to look like a little girl".. Ha! Sound like jealousy to me. Everyone who seen my belly says it looks like ground beef. Hell even I know that,I k need Thu

I want to look like a little girl..

Everyone who has seen my Tummy knows it looks like ground beef, including me. Ever since I had my first child I was embarrassed to show my stomach..hell I don't even like to take my shirt off when I'm having sex. I hate my stomach that much! Ugh.. Anywho, my children father told me there is nothing wrong with my stomach, and I just want to look like a little girl.. Wth! Sounds like jealousy to me. Why I can't just want to duo something for me, to make me feel good, so I can be comfortable in my own skin.. I don't care what you think about, what I'm aiming for! Ugh like he is the only one who had something negative to say.. I just wanted to vent. Everyone sees my pictures I put up do you agree with me on tt?

Change of heart!

I'm not going to, Dr. gray. Since I've been on Rs, you women have opened my eyes.I see the light now!.Ha :-) I never knew anything about, Dr and how very nice and sexy the PS do SX. I want a butt lift and Tummy Tuck, yes I to want to be a DOLL! MAKE ME OVER, MAKE ME NICE AND WHEN YOUR DONE,AWWWW, I'M GOING TO BE NICE. OHHH LAWD MAKE ME OVER,I WANT TO BE MADE OVER.. LOL, TINA! I got a quote from Dr Baez, tt and bbl for $3,400. I want my SX, may, 8,9,2014. I do have a budget,I can't and will not go over $6,500 and that is with everything included.every SX, I've seen on Rs, done in Dr, is beautiful. I went to the doctors yesterday and I weigh,156pds. She told me I have too gain at least 15pds. I'm working on that now.if I don't have enough fat to make my hips wider and a bump,I will get a breast implant and Tummy Tuck. All I need is a partner who its getting her SX around the same time as I.

Raggedy ass phone!

My phone so damn raggedy. I'm actually surprised it let me update. Hell I can't even comment most of the time. Or my words are misspelled. Anywho, I need some info on recovery houses and the name of the site on face book so I can perhaps find a partner.

IT IS OFFICIAL!! YAY..APRIL/16/2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy that i have my date and it is confirmed with DRA.ROBLES.. I have been taking VITAMINS since december and i i picked up a whole 8pds.. All im looking for now is a travel buddy and a good RECOVERYHOUSE. ANY SUGGESTIONS, LADIES?

Damn time is flying!

I want this so bad, that I dream about it. I know Dr. baez is sho nuff goin to do her thang. I'm confused ' and my date is quickly approachig. I need a surgery buddy!


I PICKED UP MY PASSPORT TODAY! I'm so excited. Count down begins 47 DAYS.. April 16, 2014!


SURGERY BUDDY NEEDED! What is the problem? Do I have to share the same surgeon with you , for you to be my buddy? What the fuck is the problem?? No I'm not a Duran doll or yily doll. We are going to another country for cheap, but well worth it plastic surgery. My surgery date is April17,2014 with Baez. I have not booked my damn recovery house yet, because I'm hoping someone any one would buddy up with me. I'm scared! I can admit that, but I will be at ease with a surgery buddy.


My IRON is 12.3!!! Yayyyyy..


Whelp I found a recovery house. Well actually I found room on AIRNB. $225, for seven days and she is going to accompany me the day of my six. She is going to hekp me with massages.

Recovery house
Pain reliever
Compression socks
T shirts
² maxis
Body shaper
Tooth paste and brush
5 wipes
That's my list. I'm not bringing much. I'm not going to update after I get my six unless I'm satisfied. I'm not taking any pictures either. On the other hand, I'm nervous as hell!

#@$# !!!

Next week it's almost here! I will be leaving out Tuesday night. I think I'm having the blues .I know this is a life changing experience! See yall on the other side.

made it to the other side!

I got here Wednesday at 12:30 pm. Got test ran. My hemo 12.3 . Dr. Baez is so beautiful! I stay with this lady Iris, this bitch stole $200. Then when I confront her wanna put me out! Ugh... Any who. I had my surgery. Thursday at 8.00 . I was the only patient because of the holiday. I'm not in much pain . Taking it one day at a time.


I don't know how to upload pictures. Please help!


Trying to take good pictures! My hips and butt is everything! I love it.


When I get home to my computer. I will do a thorough update! Give details also!


One month! Ugh I can't take the faja anymore!

Round 2

I just started doing my sit ups. I'm going back for breast lift and liposution, hip injections! December..

8mths Post Op


Gainin Weight #2

I'm gaining fifteen pds for round 2.. I wonder will by booty get bigger?
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