Post Bicycle Crash Rhinoseptoplasty - Detroit, MI

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So about two years ago, I was 20 years old, I was...

So about two years ago, I was 20 years old, I was riding my bike home late at night, I was in a hurry, going down hill pretty quick, and a delivering car came flying through an intersection. I would tell you more details but all I remember next is flying over my handlebars and smashing against the pavement (no helmet, and no I was not under the influence of anything). I broke my nose, suffered a level 3 concussion, and blah blah blah. And against medical advisory, I still competed in my triathlon the next week (which was not beneficially for the healing process buttttt nobody was going to tell me otherwise). Immediately I could tell I looked like a different, I wasn't happy about it, but I was so busy with school, triathlon, working, I took a few months to travel Europe, and general life that I just hadn't given the time to look into fixing it. So this summer, Im 22, and finally sick of looking like a rugby player enough to just go through with it and get the long needed patch work done. My septum had deviated, affecting my breathing, my nose looked bigger than it use to, and kind of hooked down, which of course as a college student affecting my confidence.

My doctor was great, the best around, I won't name names but feel free to get ahold of me if you're in the area and looking for a good doc. Septoplasty, being for functionally purposes was covered by my family's insurance. But unfortunately Rhinoplasty is purely cosmetic, which will NEVER be covered by insurance. of the about $8000, $3860 was not covered by insurance. Im a college student, I'm poor, I have no money, I have the opposite of money. So of course the only option is a loan. I went through United Medical Credit, based out of California and I loved them! I worked with the nicest woman named Gina, I talked to her all the time through the whole process, she was so friendly and I was so comfortable working with her, if I call her now I can just say "hey its me!" and she will just know I am calling her. Seriously I would recommend them to anyone. Im paying a minimum of $206 a month on a 36 month, $4000 loan, APR doesn't kick in until after 12 months, totally manageable.

Day 1:
Surgery Experience: I was nervous, I mean it was my first surgery ever, of course I was nervous. But it turned out to be the easiest part of all this. They took me back to the operating room, switched me over to the operating bed, and thats the last thing I remember (anaesthesia is a gift from God). The next thing I knew I was waking up in post-op. Anaesthesia made me nauseous, it sucked, when you get you're nose fixed up getting sick just isn't an option, so just suck it up. My nose bled for hours so I had to keep gauss taped under it. Which only sucks because the tape pulls at your skin, and every time you change the gauss it only makes your skin hurt more, but it will all be worth it once its all over.

Day 2:
Sleeping sitting up is super annoying, I can't breath from my nose, like at all. Probably a combination of just being clogged from bleeding (blowing your nose is also not an option), normal allergies, and being swollen. Ohhhh man am I swollen, mostly the bridge of my nose, the cast keeps pressure on the majority of my nose but it doesn't keep my bridge or my cheeks surrounding from being swollen. Eating can be a bit difficult, but Im doing my best. As much as this sucks, I can see my nose is improving compared to pre-op, once I get through the hard part then this will all so be worth it.

Day 3: TBA!

Day 3:

I assume people come on this site to hear and see what it is really like, so I'm not gonna sugar coat this at all. Recovery sucks, my day consist of naps, watching Game of Thrones (great show, not complaining about that part at all), eating slowly, and taking pain killers. My nose hurts, I'm swollen, and i can't breath at all. Im on Narco and some kind of Acetaminophen every 6 hours. They make my head super fuzzy , like I dropped my iPhone in a bowl of soup today my head was so fuzzy.
Showering is a bit of a pain too. My doc gave me a water proof cast, so i don't have to worry about it falling off, but I'm still not suppose to soak it. So I've just been showering to clean the rest of my body, I turn away from the shower head and wash my hair with my head back, then I use a wash cloth at the sink to wash my face separately. Rather be slow and safe than sorry.
My nose still bleeds slightly, nothing like the first day, but enough to where I need to keep a tissue handy.
I still say this is all worth it, yeah this isn't a walk in the park, but it won't be a pain in the butt forever.
I plan on uploading more pictures around day 7, hopefully by then some of the swelling will have subsided.

Day 5:

So I saw my doctor today, just because I felt like it really. My sister had an appointment with him about having a mole removed (I guess Ive started a trend with my family for getting some work done), and I just decided to crash her appointment with her. He gave me a look over and told me everything is looking good! I mean Im still miserable and I am hating every minute of the recovery phase but hopefully things keep going well. Im finally seeing some bruising, I have a yellowish tint under both my eyes, which I can't complain too much about since most people look black and blue for a while after their surgery. My doctor said that my cast should fall off around day 10 since the swelling will have reduced enough by then. So send some good vibes my way and hopefully in the next 5 days things will get a little less miserable. Ive got too many exams this week to be all pain killered up!

Day 7:

One week down! Finally getting some breathing back through my nose, finally. Recovery is getting easier, slowly, but its happening. My breathing isn't completely back, I took a flash light and looked up my nose (yeah thats totally goofy but I did it) I can see quite a bit of swelling on the inside of my nostrils. But hey Ill take a little bit over nothing. Im taking less pain killers, partly so I can study, and partly because Im just feeling well enough to go without. Sorry if my profile is a bit hard to see against the back ground, if you turn up the brightness on your computer and/or zoom in a bit you can clearly see the improvements.

My prof asked me what happen to me today when I showed up for my final exam, I told him I got in a brawl over the weekend, his eyes got real wide hahaha.

Day 10: Finally my cast off!

Finally. Finally. Finally. Its Day 10 and my doctor told me after 10 days I can remove the cast. From what I hear, typical you go into the office and the doc takes it off, but mine told me to let mine come off around day 10, so I took a shower to soften it up, and it just lifted right off really easily. He said after about 10 days the swelling should have reduced enough that it should be loose, and since it was already feeling loose just like he said, i felt like it was time. First Impression: I though my nose looked a bit skinny, but I mean it was being squeezed for 10 days straight so I guess it makes sense, but after some time passed it levelled out a bit. I can tell there is still swelling (which is normal at this point) but the results thus far are looking good. My tip is higher which improves my profile, its straighter and not quite as big, and I'm expecting as the swelling subsides some more over the next few days to see some more changes, so only time will tell I suppose! I plan on posting more pictures in about 5 days or so.

Day 21:

I never took those day 15 pictures, sorry people. Ive got an appointment with the doc tomorrow just to check on how things are going. Overall Im much happier with my nose now compared to pre-op, and I also think my nose looks way more natural than when the cast first came off. Being 3 weeks post-op more of the pain is gone but sometimes I still get head-aches. Ive started my fall semester and anybody I tell that Ive had surgery is surprised because I look pretty dang good for having surgery just 3 weeks ago. But we will see what the doc says tomorrow.

Day 22:

I spoke with my surgeon today, he says everything is looking great! He also says that I still have swelling so my nose should get a little bit smaller as that goes away. Im not seeing him for another 3 months, and even then is just another check up to make sure things are still on course. He also said I could resume physical activity which I'm ecstatic about. Running and motions that shake me up are out of the question for awhile still, I ran like 10 feet the other day and I could definitely feel that it was something I shouldn't be doing, but just getting back to weights and yoga will be plenty for now. Ill post pictures every once and a while to log my progress, but Im not expecting too many changes past this point really. maybe like day 40 pictures?
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