Coming up on 1 year Post op!

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Hey ladies... So after stalking this site for...

Hey ladies... So after stalking this site for weeks I decided to post. I've wanted a butt lift for some time now and have feared the pain and the cost financially. Soooo mad I didn't know about this site sooner... I live in Michigan and have not had any luck with the surgeons near me. I figured if I want it done and I'm gonna spend the money I may as well get it done by the best. But I'm having a hard time deciding on either Jimerson or Salama... Pros and cons please ladies...

Ok, so while I would really like to go with Salama...

Ok, so while I would really like to go with Salama... It's just too expensive. Waiting to hear back from Dr Perry.... I like his results but notice all his patients photos he shows are on the thicker side. I'm 5'6 weighing in at 138 lbs...... Anyone out there around my size had good results with dr perry?

Missed a call from Dr Perry on Thursday and I was...

Missed a call from Dr Perry on Thursday and I was so bummed. He left me a message with his cell number , so I called today and he is everything you Perry Girls have mentioned. I could hear kids in the background and I'm like ...oh wow he is with his family and actually took time to take my call and answer questions. That definitely gave him points with me. He was very patient, answered all my questions, gave VERY VERY DETAILED answers and suggestions. Also told me not to try to gain any weight. He said it is unnecessary because fat cells don't duplicate like ppl think. I'm glad.. Seeing how I'm only 5'5, 137 lbs.. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to attain my bubble butt! Lol.. RS is the truth! I absolutely love this site, you gals are so supportive and informative, I just LOVE IT! So June 2013... I can't wait.

*having a hard time uploading pre op pics, will do so once I figure it out.

Error in last update... 5'6, 137 lbs

Error in last update... 5'6, 137 lbs

Where are all my Perry Dolls... Looking for a list...

Where are all my Perry Dolls... Looking for a list of must have supplies for recovery. BTW.. Dr P called last night and answered ALL of my questions. I'm like how much and where do I need to put the fat ... He's like well EVERYWHERE.. Lmbo.. He is by far the best doc I have talk to. I can't say enough how PATIENT he is. I'm so looking forward to him doing my BBL... June is not coming fast enough... Booking my flight and hotel today. Ok ladies.. I need help with a list...

Getting anxious... Now I'm stArting to consider dr...

Getting anxious... Now I'm stArting to consider dr ghurani.. Salamas partner. His booty's looking better and better. I DO NOT WANT to have to go for round 2. I also don't want TOO MUCH booty... Lol.. I feel comfortable with dr perry as far as him slimming the waist and making the curves, just wondering if he will also deliver a nice slope.??

Hey Ladies... I seen someone post they were...

Hey Ladies... I seen someone post they were staying at a B&B in Miami.. Cant' remember who's post I was on. Anyway... If anyone knows what I;m refering to please help. There was also a link listed and it was $69 a night... PLEASE HELP

Ok so my BBL Sistas have me so ready MzBBL, Asian,...

Ok so my BBL Sistas have me so ready MzBBL, Asian, SexiiRn, and JustRight.... I am so ready for Dr Perry to make this body over. You ladies look great.

Ok so I'm puttin my list together, trying to find the Shiastu massage cushion like MD22 has.. No luck so far. If anyone knows where I can find it plz inbox. Ummmmm, posting more pre op pics, trying to use same outfits for post op pics to show the difference... That's all for now, later chicas!

Took a break, Im back and more excited than ever. Team Perry

Well Hello my BBL sistas... had to take a break, RS was consuming my life.. lol.. I was looking at booties all day and night. So much that I had a dream that I woke up during sx.... LOL hope that doesn't happen. Well My Sx date is getting closer and closer. May is just about over and here comes June. Yay. Special thanks to all the BBL ladies who have sent encouraging words and documented their experience to the fullest. I feel like I'm ready thanks to you ladies. I see Team Perry has been in full effect lately, loving those Perry hips.. lol.. Still undecided on a hotel of B&B.. Not trying to overspend but was thinking about getting a hotel with a kitchenette.. Is that needed>?? Then I thought about a hotel that has a comp breakfast.. is that a better deal?? Hard to find a reasonable one that has both.. If any of you ladies can help, I'm listening.

Arnica gel. Is it really needed?

Hey BBL sistasssssss.. To my vets.. Is the Arnica gel and pellets an absolute must? We're those items beneficial or could you do without? Also what is the name or number of the best faja and verdette to buy that does not causes creases? I'll be buying my faja from Miami post sx... Not sure what size I will need. What are the ESSENTIAL ITEMS?? Thx ladies.

28 days to go... ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN!! Perry Doll

Getting more anxious by the day.... Hoping for great results like the chinita Asianbootygirl or SexiiRN.... Nothing too big. Just something that fits my small frame... However every time I see Goodz, BBeautiful and Justright booties I imagine what I would look like with a dunk like that.. Not sure I could handle all that booty. You guys blogs have been such a comfort to me... NewbootyInc and her massage video scared the crap out of me. I have a very low tolerance for pain but plan on going to Mariam anyway... So for my list...I still have to get the arnica pellets and gel, faja and I;m looking for a good massage pillow that's not to pricey. Anybody know of a good brand?? Sx is 7am on 6/26... nervous about the anesthesia...

Super anxious..

Got my Clearance!! My doctor was like why are you having lipo, you don't need it. I'm like yeah ok.. Somehow I manage to gain 8 lbs in 2 months.. I guess that's a good thing considering I'm on the slender side and I gained it in my stomach and thighs ( go figure).. Just gave Master P more to work with lol... Until next time ladies.. Be Blessed

Few more Pre op pics.. Can't wait to see Perry

So unflattering. Can't wait for my day to get here. Perrylicious princess in the making... 25 days to go

3 wks to go.... Perrylicious here I come

Working on my list of items.. Question for the vets... How long did you wait to switch to a different garment and was it a butt out garment?


19 DAYS to go... cant wait.

Problems changing title of my review

Having problems changing the title of my review.. Been having this problem for weeks. Emailed Kristy about it but haven't heard back.... :-(...

Anyway.... I've secured my hotel reservation now I'm trying to decide who to go with for my massages. I plan on getting my first massage immediately after sx, of course I may not feel up to it so I'm playing it by ear. Eric or Miriam... right now that's my question. I thought about trying them both out and then going from there to whom ever I like better. I plan on buying some of my supplies when I get there. I don;t want to have to pack the chuxx, depends, and a few other things. The small things I will pack like the Arnica pills, gel, shower curtain and of course my clothes. QUESTION.. on Perrys paperwork it says to wear a dress that only opens in the front??? Did anyone wear something different and if so did you have a hard time?? I have butterflies... LOL.. but I'm SUPER EXCITED AND NERVOUS AT THE SAME TIME.

2wks to go

2 wks to go... Can't wait for my BBL...

The countdown begins...... 1 week away..

The anxiety of waiting to have this done.... The ups and downs.. I pray its all worth it in the end. Hoping for a Perry masterpiece. Guess ill start packing now..

2 days to go

Getting nervous... 2days to go

Ready for my Pre Op...

Getting settled at the hotel then off to my Pre op appt. looking forward to meeting this wonderful doctor and lovely Norma. Also On my way to Walmart to get the rest of my supplies.. I'll keep you gals posted.

Sx today!! Please say a prayer...

Sx today at 7... PreOp with well. Talking to Dr P calmed my nerves a little.. Still nervous, about anesthesia. Lord put your arms around me and guide the hands of the medical personnel that will be present for this Sx. I pray for healing and strength throughout this process. Father I know you promised never to leave or forsake me. I need you now father, in Jesus name.. Amen...

Well ladies... IT'S SHOW TIME!

Met a fellow Perry doll

I forgot to add that I met Bbeautiful2 yesterday at PreOp..... Yay... Go Perry dolls


Walkin in with a flat azz.. Hope to walk out with a Phat azz... Lol


We pulled up to the office today at 7:30am, after the pregnancy test, the black magic marker, more paper work, and a quick talk with the Anesthesiologist, I get kicked out the door lol... Here it is 2:45pm, and I'm still waiting for the call to come pick up "MY ASS" sorry meant "my wife" lol. I went to eat breakfast, I've been to the movies, now I'm getting impatient... "IT'S MY ASS, AND I WANT IT NOW!" Lol I'll try to keep you guys updated.

Hubby again...

4:20pm pulling into the parking lot to pick up wifey, what's the old saying, "it's worth the wait" we'll see lol

(hubby updating)

(Hubby still typing)...

We finally made it back to the room at 6:10pm, Wifey says it feels worst than labor pains, Dr Perry, and his team were awesome, here's a few pics to hold you over. Full update coming soon, thanks for all your prayers.

A few more pics

Garment is soaked and super swollen...

The breakdown...

First I wanna thank all of. You for your prayers and support. THIS SHIT AIN'T NO JOKE. I have NEVER experienced pain like this. I have avery low pain tolerance.... But here we go.

So after the pregnancy test and the mark up the anesthia dr comes in to talk to me then the nurse. I kiss my hubby and they take me in the OR. I lay down on the table and immediately they start prepping. The anesthesia chic puts in my IV(2attempts) and says "I'm gonna give you something to make you feel funny". I'm laying on the table looking up at the lights like OMG OMG am I really doing this. Then she puts the breathing mask on me, I see dr perry stand over me and that's it.
I wake up with the nurse by my side and my body is tremmering like crazy. I couldn't stop shaking, so they put warm blankets on me. I ask where my hubby is and for some water. At this point my throat is hurting so bad. I go to drink the water and notice I have a busted lip. I'm like WTF was I fighting while I was under or something. Lol.. The nurse Jessica who I kept calling Jennifer then calls my hubby on the phone and I'm like "dude where are you.. Get here NOW!". Lol.. Hubby gets there, I'm still drinking wAter. 15 min later the nurse is ready to put me in my garment. This heffa tries to slide me off the bed I FREAK OUT! I'm in so much pain I'm literally crying.. No lie...they tell the hubby to stand back, ifinally get off The bed and stand up and the fluid gushes out my incisions, then Jessica starts pressing on my stomach for more to come out. I screamed so loud the OR door opens and I see dr perry looking at me. While he's operating, he motions for another nurse to help Jessica. I'm screaming and crying and feeling like I'm bout to pass out. They squeeze me in this tiny garment and pulls up a wheelchair and is like sit down. I'm like I'm not sitting on THIS AZZ.. Lol.. Jessica's like it only for a min. While sitting in the wheelchair I'm using my feet to prop me up, she wheels me out to the car, I lay in the backseat and I'm off to the hotel.
I can barely walk to the room from parking lot. Once upstairs I immediately lay on the pull out sofa (the bed in hotel was toooo high for me to get on). Using the bathroom is not easy, I couldn't even use my ez pee.. I used a cup. Worked so much better. I ate some chicken noodle soup from Boston market to sooth my sore throat and drank plenty of water. Had to pee like every hour. First time I saw my butt was in pics the hubby took. I'm afraid to look at it just yet.
I was feling so horrible I couldn't get my massage right after so that's on my list to do first thing today before my post op visit. I feel icky!!! Garment is soaked, I've been using maxi pads on my incisions, but its just too much.... Until next time ladies

Massage and more..

So I'm leaking all night, garment soaked and I just feel nasty and dirty. I have to pee every hour, sometimes every half hour. MY CLOTHES DON'T FIT!!! Lol.. When buying clothes to bring ladies but 2 sizes up. Ok on to my massage.. First it took me forever to get in the car. Then we get there and Miriam lives in a gated community that guests have to use a different entrance. While trying to find this entrance I had the urge to pee.. Had the hubby pull to the side of the road and needless to say.. Pee. Finally get to her home, she's very sweet, just had her BBL 3 months ago. I kept getting dizzy so she kept stopping to have me smell some aroma therapy oil and alcohol.. Massage was painful but drained a lot. I payed down for about 30 min before heading to dr Perry's office.. Where I met sweetface64...Norma removed the tape perry put on my stomach so he put on more and it's super right...

Day 2 post op

Feeling better today, Hubby has been great with care taking. He's been keeping track of my meds and when I take em (literally writing it down). 2nd massage with Miriam today and I feel so much better. Pain is Down to about a 4.. Except during massage it's still a 10. Draining ALOT.. Excuse the pic with the drainage, was showing how Dr Perry is taping some of his patients. Appetite is slowing but surely coming back, I've been drinking a lot of water, and drinking Ensure to regain my protein.

Day 3...

Today started out sooo good. Pain level was waaaayyy down to like a 3. Then I go to Perrys office... Ugh.. He takes the tape off (ow..) and stretches my arms and legs out. OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!! I'm like Dr P.. WTFOOZE???? He's like that don't hurt you, you just drama. Lol.. I'm like sooo when did you have lipo again, oh that's you right YOU DIDN'T!... Felt better after the stretching but MY GOODNESS did it hurt. So I leave his office and pop a Vicodin cause I know Miriam bout to bring the pain. AND SHE DID!!! She massaged my thighs today for the first time (had inner thighs done). She had me in TEARS!

My left arm keeps going to sleep and legs are starting to swell..
Feeling much better now though, going to get cold stone to treat myself.. Later gals. Be blessed and happy healing to all

Day 7... Flight was cool good to be home.

So I'm officially 1 week post op today.. Flew back home today and it was cool. The flight attendants allowed me to stand in their cabin the whole ride. The offered extra food, snacks, even to make me a ice pack since I had "back surgery".. Lol.. Only had to sit during take off and landing, used a rolled blanket under my thighs it was ok. Pain is about a 3 when I allow myself to get stiff from laying too long. Still drinking my water, trying to stay hydrated. Stomach is still flat, I'm using my board 2 hours on, 1 off. For fear it may leave a mark. Dr P bent the edges thinking it world help lessen the marks even though he doesn't care for it. I have my faja but still using Perry's garment for now. I put my faja on the other day and within an hour it was soaked with fluid. So I'm trying to wait til I stop draining to wear it. My butt has went down from 43 1/2 to 42 1/2. Which is fine with me. I'm hoping to end up with 41". I've been sitting on my butt hoping to kill some fat cells.. Lol.. I guess it worked. I sit for about 2 min, 3-4 times a day. Doesn't seem like much but it's working for what I want. Waist is 28... Happy Healing ladies!!!

Day 7 Post Op

So I'm officially 1 week post op today.. Flew back home today and it was cool. The flight attendants allowed me to stand in their cabin the whole ride. The offered extra food, snacks, even to make me a ice pack since I had "back surgery".. Lol.. Only had to sit during take off and landing, used a rolled blanket under my thighs it was ok. Pain is about a 3 when I allow myself to get stiff from laying too long. Still drinking my water, trying to stay hydrated. Stomach is still flat, I'm using my board 2 hours on, 1 off. For fear it may leave a mark. Dr P bent the edges thinking it world help lessen the marks even though he doesn't care for it. I have my faja but still using Perry's garment for now. I put my faja on the other day and within an hour it was soaked with fluid. So I'm trying to wait til I stop draining to wear it. My butt has went down from 43 1/2 to 42 1/2. Which is fine with me. I'm hoping to end up with 41". I've been sitting on my butt hoping to kill some fat cells.. Lol.. I guess it worked. I sit for about 2 min, 3-4 times a day. Doesn't seem like much but it's working for what I want. Waist is 28... Happy Healing ladies!!!

Pics online

Hey ladies... This is not meant to have anyone delete their account. Just be more conspicuous with how and where you take your pics and you should be fine....

Ok so the other day I went in Google and typed my doctors name. I then clicked on images and saw pics from realself of girls who had went to him. I then typed in Salama, Jimmerson and a few others... THE PICS ARE LINKED TO REALSELF AND THE DOCTOR YOU HAVE LISTED ON YOUR PROFILE. THIS IS NOT YOUR DOCTORS DOING!!!

With that being said.. If you don't want your identity known just don't show your face, tats, things that could link back to you. For example why show you entire house in the background ...IJS ... Lets be smart about the pics we choose to post ladies. RS is our place of refuge, don't let hackers and jealous ppl take that away from us.
A lot of ppl have problems cause they are taking the pics themselves. *** helpful hint*** Prop your phone up against something, tissue box, iron , DVD player, whatever... And hit record as if its a video. Walk In front and pose front, side, back, etc. Then play the video and take screen shots of the pics while the video is playing (works great for iPhone). Crop your photos to only show what you need.


Thursday i noticed my right incision was starting to close but I could see a lump of fluid over it. So I massaged it and managed to get it open. OMG.. I drained so much it was running out like a faucet. Once it slowed down I cleaned myself up and put my garment back on. Yesterday I wake up and same thing. I'm like WTFudge? So I called and talk to Norma, she's likes keep massaging honey.. Lol.. I massaged but nothing. I couldn't get it to open back up. I called Miriam, she advised me to wear my faja and board for the next 48 hrs. I tried but that thing is SOOOOOO uncomfortable. I wore it for 12 hrs then put Perry's garment back on with board and foam. Hours later I check And its back. I'm so bummed. What to do? Goin back to Perry is not an option for me.. Advice?


It has definitely been a roller coaster ride. I love my curves... Hoping my waist shrinks another inch or 2 and my azz as well. Moving around a little better.. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge.. Bbeautiful2, slimgirl, Close2Perfect,MsAllThatAzz2013, her momma, MsFlat2Fabb... I know I spelled somebody's name wrong.. Lol. Since most of the vets I was following "fell off" I have had to find new ppl to learn from. You ladies have been a wealth of knowledge.
I'm no longer taking pain pills (2 days ago) and I feel good. Except when I lay for too long. I wore my faja and board all day and night yesterday, hoping to help with this fluid pouch. Woke up, stomach still flat but pouch still there. I'm gone try to be patient but that's gonna be hard. Still sitting on my azz two or three times a day for about 2-5 min each (want it smaller). So far it's working lol.. My arms still hurt to the touch and are stiff, I massage 2 times a day. I purchased the foam roller like dr Perry had and use it twice a day for 10 min on my stomach and my sides. Thinking about buying a heating pad and massager and ordered my vedette 100. So here are my measurements...
Pre Op....
Under bra 36
Waist 31
Hips/azz 38

Day 1 post op
Under bra 34
Waist 29
Hips/azz 43 1/2

Day 12 Post Op
Under bra 32 1/2
Waist 28
Hips/azz 41

Happy with results thus far. Just letting my body take its time doing what it's gonna do. Patience is definitely a virtue. My BBL SISTA LEXUS83 is having her Sx today.. Good luck Hun. Happy healing ladies...

Correction.... Measurements

My Pre Op hips/azz was 36...

2weeks Post Op

I thought this day would never come... Lol.. It's been a journey but through Gods grace I have made it this far. Last night I was taken back to day 3. I woke up at 2:30 am with a burning sensation in my back. I'm like wait a minute.. I thought this stage was over.. Guess not. Lol.. Popped me a Motrin and off to bed I went.
Still swollen in my back and thighs, a little in my abdomen and arms. Thinking or ordering compression sleeves for my arms.... Anybody know if they work? Arms are tender to the touch so I try to stretch the daily.
Butt is soft in some places, still wearing my fans. Took a break from the board cause it was leaving lines and I am paranoid that one day they won't go away. My faja also left a crease in my side SO DEEP I wanted to cry. I used some foams and the next morning it had just about went away. Still working on it. I notices that if my straps are not tight enough it will crease. Been shopping for a seamless shaper with firm compression, no luck in finding one yet. I plan on going back to Perry's garment once my vedette gets here (every couple days). Also looking for one of those in a small.
So far so good. Will update at 1 month post op. happy Healings ladies...


Hey BBL dolls and future BBL dolls... Today makes 3 weeks post op, I started driving a few days ago with a rolled blanket under my thighs, wasn't too bad. Boots is about 90% soft.. And measurements the same as the lady update. I alternate between my garments from perry and my faja. I'm using my board and foam on and off 6 hours at a time. Stomach is still hard in some places, stiffness is still there. However I feel really good. I can say that I LOVE MY RESULTS!!! So glad I chose dr perry, booty went down just as I hoped it would. Can't fit any clothes, it's depressing,m. Even more depressing when I go shopping, my size 4 and 6's I used to buy are long gone. I'm between a 10 and 12 depending on the brand. Not trying to but a lot of things til about the 2 1/2 month mark just to be on the safe side. Still using my foam roller and ball. Vedette arrived and its too small, returning for a diff size. Seroma has gone way down, so glad... I think that's about it for now. Until next time dolls.....

1st night without garment... paid for it big time

So a friend of mine was having a get together for her birthday. Of course i wanted to wear something cute that didn't show the lines from my garment (which is nothing but loose dresses for me). The genious (lol) that I am, I decided just to not wear my garment thinking ill only be out of if like 5 hours... what could go wrong?? RIGHT!!!
Well needless to say that after 4 1/2 hours i started feeling bloated and like my flat stomach was falling apart. I go to the restroom to check the mirror and OMG..... Swollen as heck, fluid was building up right before my eyes... I flew out of there, after saying my good-byes and jumped into my garment soon as i got home. Luckily i was only like 15 min from home. Wore my faja ALL NIGHT, still have it on and I'm scared to take it off.. lol.. After this, I will wear my faja, or vedette or some cg everywhere i go for the next 3 months. SMH... I should have known better, there I go trying to be cute. Ugh!!!

5 weeks post op

So I'm 5 weeks post of and still loving my new shape. First day back to work and it was not a breeze... I'm in billing so I sit just about all day. Trying to hide this is not easy!!! One of my male co workers told me I look like I'm getting thick. lol.. I blamed it on my birth control. Anothe one said I look like a got a booty pop.. I'm like its just the

Hubby is loving the booty Its went down so nicely. Its soft and jiggles and I still can't fit any of my jeans. I get them up to my hips and its like my jeans are saying "aint nobody got time for that"... lmbo.. so life is grand.

Still a little swelling in my back and my abdomen. My arms feel so much better now, still a little tender when I massage them but its gotten better. I have NOT started back exercising yet. I;m afraid I will swell. So i finally get my vedette 100 in the mail and its waaay too small.. I spoke to the seller and they were supposed to send me the next size. A week went by and I havent heard anything. So I call amazon and complain that its been 10 days and Ive had no feedback. The seller claims they never got the return, good thing I paid for tracking... Which confirmed the package had been delivered 10 days ago. So I ordered a sqeem from another company, awaiting that package. I;m on my last hook in my faja and really want my waist to go down another inch. So I'm hoping the squeem will help. I'll post pics later so You can see this Perry Ass at 5 weeks.. lol.. Happy healing to all my BBL ladies out there.

Booty 5 wks

Booty at 5 weeks

Squeem or Scream???

My squeem arrived last night and I could not wait to put it on. lol... I ordered a small and boy was it small. Its so tight I want to scream. I wore it last night, actually fell asleep in it, around 5am I couldn't take it any longer I had to take it off to breathe. After my shower I put it back on, hopefully I can keep it on for longer today. I love the way it shrinks my waistline and makes my hips look wider. definitely defined the curve even more. I'm wearing the squeem over perrys garment, since its smooth. The sqeem does however wrinkle/roll on the sides a little, im guessing that will go away once my body forms to it. ill keep you posted on that. take care ladies

With squeem

Dress pic with squeem



So im at the mall trying on dressed, i come out the dressung room to show the hubby amd theres a lady sitting there (waiting for her daughter).. booty bout poppong out this size 5/6 juniors dress. lol.. i look over and the lady has her nose turnt up at me shaking her head. lol... i tell the hubby to grab the dress in a bigger size and look back at her, she turns her head. lmao...she must habe been butt-deprived......
Anyway.... Im Slowly but surely getting back into some of my pants.. Slacks that is! The cotton/polyester material seems to get over my thighs WAY better than blu jeans.. Lol.. Stomach is starting to soften, still using the roller. Scars are still there, been using the scar treatment strips, instructions say you should start seeing results within 12 weeks...ugh. That's a long time. Thinking about getting the kelote cream or Miderma. Still haven't found anyone to do massages without a prescription from a doctor (paying cash and need a Rx, SMH).. So I'm still massaging myself and the hubby helps also. Flanks are still a little swollen...

Arms feel a little better, still have that rope like feeling. It's like a line from my armpit to my elbow that I can feel. Massaging my arms burn as if there's still fluid there. Legs are GREAT.. Lol.. No complaints with pain there. Booty is perfect size for me.. Love the naturalness, love my hips, just need a inch off the waist. Lol.. Happy Healings ladies ...

6 week pic

Almost 5 months...

Hey BBL ladies... its been a minute since I checked in. Everyday I tell myself to update and then life takes over and it slips my mind. Well the attention has not stopped, I still use my "I'm doing squats".. lol.. I absolutely love my results. Its sometimes a pain finding pants to fit without gapping in the back. I've really only purchased 2 pair of jeans since my sx. Since I hear our bodies will fluctuate I didn;t want to go all out and spend a ton of money and then gain or lose in place and my clothes not fit. I am still faithfully wearing my faja and squeem. Results changed a little since my last update... Im currently 31 1/2, 26 1/2, 40. They have not changed since my 2 month mark.... tummy is flat and I'm loving it. my incisions have not faded as I have hoped. I must admit I got lazy with the scar gel and stopped using after about 2 weeks. It was nerve wrecking taking the strips off EVERYDAY to shower then puttin them back on. I have been in touch with Dr. Perry, he sent ALL of my before pics and I was like OMG... who is that chick in those pics cause that definitely aint me.. lol...

The hardening in my abdomen is probably what took the longest to subside. I still have some tighteneing in my abdomen and in my back. I would say about 5-10 % which is down from 100% a week after sx.
I will upload pics soon...
Hope all is well with everyone recovering and blessings to those who are on their way under or awaiting their turn.

Coming up on a year!!!

It's almost been one year since my sx. I am very pleased with my results after all swelling has gone away. Waist still 26 1/2.. tummy still flat. Lost a inch on my hips/as but I'm not tripping and not thinking about round 2. So I'm measuring a 39.ALOT of my clothes do not fit, still in the process of revamping my wardrobe. I've attached a updated photo, taken the other day. Left cheek is still slightly larger than right.

"D.P" as I call him.. Lol.. Is ...GREAT. He is a great surgeon, a comedian, a fitness coach, a gentleman.. I could go on for days dating good things about him. From the first time I talk to him I knew he was my doctor. I felt so comfortable putting my life in his hands. He gave me that assurance I needed to proceed with this Sx. He was so patient and kind with my millions of questions and concerns (even on the weekend). I recently freaked out about a pocket of fluid above my incision. I called him in a Sunday afternoon, I apologized for my intrusion. He said it was no bother. I could hear his kids in the background so I got straight to the point trying to keep the conversation short and sweet. After he advised me on what to do, he started asking me questions about being home and adjusting, still hiding this from my family. I'm thinking he could have answered my question and been like "dueces" but he didn't. He wanted to make sure I was ok with everything. You gotta love and respect that. I have no complaints with D.P. and I would gladly refer him to someone else. That's my dude! Lol.. Happy Healings everyone.

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