This is my Lift and Augmentation together. Perky but Feel Like Frankenstein with whoppers

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I have always been self-conscious of two things...

I have always been self-conscious of two things about my boobs. One is how big my areola was and two was how much bigger my right boob always was. As years went by with two breastfeeding children and losing and gaining weight, the sagging just added to my negativity about my boobs. I was freaked out about the scars, but I decided they would be worth the new look.

The surgery itself was pretty uneventful, maybe because I was in 100x more pain from the lipo I had done simultaneously with labiaplasty. Both of those were far more painful recovery wise than the lift. I had some bruising on my boobs but I took the arnica and bromelain pills before that helped with that. From what I can remember I don't recall much pain in the recovery aside from the occasional pulling of my skin while the incisions were healing and itching. I was on pain pills a lot though because liposuction is an SOB. Don't let anyone tell you it's a piece of cake. You feel like your skin is peeling off your body during the healing process for weeks. Anyway, I posted this review mostly to show you pictures of scar changes over the past few months. I'll keep posting as they continue to heal. However, as of 7/25 I went back in for an augmentation. My bf was not thrilled with the lift. Although the volume didn't change, he liked the sag of my previous boobs and just felt like they were too small after the lift. There just wasn't as much to play with. LOL. Not to be graphic, but it's true. They cut out all that skin and they just didn't seem the same size anymore. So, BF said he would pay for a BA. I figured, why not. That surgery warrants any entire other review that I will do later though. Worse pain than the lipo. I thought it would be a piece of cake. Ha. Anyway, you'll notice that the last picture is of my scars on top of new boobs. They are still dropping.

I think the lift was totally worth it in the way my boobs looked before the BA. I just really don't like seeing the anchor scars every time I look in the mirror. And lying down on the bed with the bottom in full view for BF is uncomfortable in the light. I'm hoping for massive fading at the magic year mark my PS keeps talking about.

Breast Augmentation Pics

Been posting about my boob job a bit and although I don't have time to write a review yet I wanted to put some timeline photos up. I had 500cc silicone Mentors in my right and 550cc in my left. My right has always been bigger, and it still seems bigger, even with my PS trying to balance them out. I think they are too big for my body. Having regrets. The sharp, electrifying, burning pain, however, has finally subsided. I seriously thought i was going to have permanent nerve damage on my left side. BA is a lot more painful than I thought it would be. 2nd in pain to lipo.

Silicone Strips for Breast Lift

These are the NewGel scar strips for mastopexy. They are washable. I bought the Epiderm before and although they are thinner, they can't be washed and they get nasty body sweat and skin flakes on them. These can be washed off. They are not cheap. Cost me $85 for this set but they make such a difference in the appearance of the scars. Wearing them for one night lightens the pink on my scars and flattens the keloids on my anchors. I use these and bio oil in between.

Scars from breast lift

Scars from breast lift after almost four months. I'm still disgusted by the anchor scar, but luckily you can only see it when I lie down or lift up my big knockers. LOL. The dents around my nipples are from the gel sheets that I removed seconds before snapping the pic.

another pic

Oops, was this a mistake?

I have been noticing my right boob continues to be bigger than my left. It always has been, even after my lift. I'm 99.9% positive that's why my PS said he'd go 50ccs bigger in my left, to help even that out. I just pulled out my Mentor implant ID card and noticed that he put the bigger implant in my right boob. WTH? I'm kinda freaking out. Sent a detailed email asking why this happened. I can't find anything in my paperwork that actually states which boob was getting which size so I'm probably SOL. But with all of my pictures, it's been clear since my first appt that my right was bigger. He even did a fat transfer from my right to left during the lift to help even it out but it was still bigger after that lift. Why would he put the bigger implant in my bigger boob? Ugh. I'm stressing out.

My boob job story

This is a little backwards but I figured since I've already posted pictures of my implants on my breast lift review I might as well just put my implant story on here, too. Just want to give some highlights of my recovery for anyone that might have had similar issues. As I mentioned in my BL review, after the lift I felt perky but less endowed. Although I could have easily lived with my full B size and not having to wear underwire anymore, my dear BF spoke honestly and said he missed my old floppy boobies and thought the lift made them appear too small. I told him there was no way I was paying for a boob job before a tummy tuck and he gladly offered to pay the entire $5550 cost for new boobies. I went in for a consult after one of my breast lift checkups, and I literally was scheduled for surgery the next morning. I talked in great depth to my PS who I am already very comfortable with after he performed my triple L procedure a few months before (lift, labiaplasty and lipo). The mistake was mine for not thinking things through. I walked in and one of the first sentences out of my mouth was "well doc, if I'm gonna do the fake boob thing, they might as well look fake." I asked him if that was odd and he said that he hears it all the time. So, we went through the options and my wishes which were to have a teardrop look, not a straight in front look. He told me that it depends much on the natural size of the breast as to what the final result will be, but luckily, my girls have that teardrop shape already. We decided on silicone and he put a row of implants in front of me. I picked the one I thought would look good, and after several 3D pictures were taken of me he was able to show me on my body what that size of implant would most likely look like. I was thinking of my BF and what he would like more than of myself which is dumb. He's not even my husband, and I'm the one that has to live with these knockers. Anyway, I agreed with the size and we talked about all the particulars of the surgery and recovery and I was left to see the payment lady. She gave me the quote and said to let them know what I decided. I had already made my mind up to do it so I told her to go ahead and schedule. They happened to have a cancellation the next morning, so I booked it. Didn't have to worry about lab work because my labs from my previous surgery were still new enough. Since I don't smoke and didn't have to go through the 2 weeks of no smoking requirement, I was fitted with my new honkers less than 24 hours later. 500 and 550 ccs mentor moderate profile silicone implants. Now here's the main reason I'm posting my story. I thought that after the way I handled the recovery of my triple L procedure in May that this implant surgery would be a cinch. Fat chance. The pain for the first 2 1/2 weeks was worse than the worst lipo pain I remember. Something happened in my left boob nerve. The pain was so excruciating. I couldn't lay down or lift my arm a certain way without a shooting, hot molten lava, electrifying pain shooting through my armpit and arm. The pain was so bad and no amount of painkillers, ibuprofen or neurotin was helping. I started reading horror stories from women who had permanent nerve damage from implants that never went away, even after they had the implants removed. I started freaking out. Called my PS office and was assured that this was not abnormal and would subside. I had my doubts, but after 3 weeks I am happy to say that they were right. That pain is gone. Whew! I also heard squishy noises in my boobs for the first 2 days that was really creepy. That went completely away on day three and has not returned. My right girl is dropping much more slowly than the left, and I see a size difference. As I stated in my previous post, for some odd reason Dr. Ennis decided to put the bigger implant in my bigger boob. Here was the reply I got when I sent an email asking why they put the bigger implant in my bigger booby.
"I promise it isn’t a mistake :-) They sit you up during surgery and assure the most amount of symmetry possible. Dr. Ennis steps back and analyzes everything! Sometimes during surgery, based on many different factors we don’t see from the outside such as muscle size or ribs, he will change his mind about the implant sizes. There is always a rhyme and reason. I cannot answer for him as to what his rationale at that time may be but I have full confidence that he makes his decisions for a great reason. It is still very early in your recovery phase so please don’t judge them just yet."
So, I'm trusting my doc. He's pretty reputable so I'll just be patient like they ask. The difference isn't that great and I can live with it. I can't even imagine having a revision in just one boob. Having to go through the dropping again. I'd look like a freak with one boob in my clavicle while the other was fluffed already. No thank you. I just hope they even out. I've had insecurities for years about my right girl being bigger.
A couple of other things worth mentioning in case anyone is reading this and having slow dropping times. I wasn't dropping well at all, and I was told during my first checkup that I needed to stop wearing tight sports bras. Was told that it was defeating the dropping goal to have them held up by any means. Apparently, it's better to go braless for a while. I also started wearing the wrap band they gave me again. I noticed the dropping going better after I made those changes and kept cranking on the girls with the massages they recommended.
My nipples are kind of easily irritated but somewhat numb. It's hard to explain. I don't like them to be messed with yet, for sure. I can feel the implants in my body when I flex my chest muscle. Creepy. I hope that goes away. It just does not feel natural at all. I also did some log heaving a couple of days ago, helping my BF unload his truck after splitting about a 1/2 cord of wood. That seems to have brought on some soreness in the girls. Nothing too bad though. Other than that first few weeks of excruciating pain, the recovery has been pretty okay. I just hope they drop more and start to look natural. I'm worried about going to work because I substitute teach and I know hundreds of kids at the local schools. It's been all summer since I last saw them, but I hope the boobs aren't so noticeable that they start talking. Kids can be pains in the butts.
Last thing for now. I am so glad I got the lift. I like that my areola and nipples are perky again. I'm hoping for the scars to get a lot better though, but overall, I'm happy with the results, other than feeling too top heavy. They still look sexy, just more porn looking sexy instead of natural sexy. But that's my own fault for saying I wanted them to look fake. :\ I posted another picture the girls today as I am sitting here writing this review.

Boobie Picture Updates

I'm posting the progress on my boob job. I'm happier each week. They are getting floppier and feeling more real. The scars from my breast lift are still atrocious. My right boob is still looking bigger, but my doc says he did that for a reason and it should balance out in a few months. I think it's because of the way I carry my shoulders, too. The right one always drops way lower than the left. I wonder if my muscles just aren't as strong on the right. I am a lefty.

Starting to like these girls

Scars are still irritating but slowly getting better. The boobs are nice a floppy now, and the BF is diggin' them. So am I for that matter.

Scars after 2 months/5 months

I had my lift done on May 6 so the lollipop part of my anchor scars are almost 5 months old. They are blending in but still very noticeable. My augmentation was done on July 25 so the bottom scar is only 2 months old. He went back in where he did the lift and just used the old incision mark. So, it's not gonna look as healed, but I think they are progressing pretty well considering. Still waiting for that magic year mark when he says they will look much better.

2 years post op breast lift scars

2 years post op cont'd

first I need to share that I have gained 25 pounds since my surgery. My lazy butt just can't seem to get motivated. 46 years old and anything I try to lose weight seems to fail so I just gave up. Had I known that I was going to gain so much weight, I would never have gotten this big of implants because now they only look bigger. I like the way they look shape wise and in low-cut clothes, but in sweaters and crew neck shirts I think they make me look even fatter. That being said, this update is more for the scars since I rarely see people update this far after their surgeries. I have come to believe that no matter what you do for scar treatment, it's genetics. I have always scarred badly. I did have to have a revision done on my breasts last August so the incision underneath that runs laterally is not yet a year old since they had to go back in at that spot. Something happened with the pockets that were created from my first augmentation. They had to be repaired. So here are the pictures. I have had one laser treatment done on my breasts but it really did not help at all. My scars are wide and blotchy, aside from my nipple scars which are a white ring that will never go away from what I've been told. apparently, its very difficult, if not impossible to treat the scars that are white because of the loss of pigmentation. So now I have a nice halo around each of my nipples. I'm not sure how much better my scarring will get. I don't hold out much hope. I do feel that my breasts look fairly natural though. They have a nice bounce to them and my fiance is absolutely obsessed with them.

more 2 year pics

The site keeps glitching while I'm adding photos. Sorry for multiple posts

pics with flash

These show more detail with flash on, sadly.

Love him. Love his nurses and assistants, too. Beautiful offices, professional and comfortable. The surgery center is amazing, as is the anesthesiologist.

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