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I am currently married with 3 children. After my...

I am currently married with 3 children. After my first one I was able to kinda shrink back to my normal size but after my 2nd one I wasnt able to. Then we tried for 3 years to get pregnant with our 3rd child and during that time i lost 50lbs and then later i found out I was pregnant. So i was so happy to have my 3rd but sad because of all the work I put in to loose the weight. I am almost back down to where I was before I found out I was pregnant.

I am very excited to get this abdominalplasty and lipo. I have heard that its worse than c-sections which I have had 3 of those, so I am very unsure what to expect. I have researched it up and down and am very thrilled for my surgery date to be here. My pre-op is scheduled for the 3rd of September; 2 weeks prior to my surgery. So Im an anxious wife/mother. :) I will post again after my pre-op to give everyone the info I receive.

Had my Pre- Op today

Today was my pre-op. Got my labs done and got all my prescriptions to take them to the pharmacy to get them ready before I have surgery. So today starts the 2 weeks until my surgery. I'm so very excited and scared at the same time.

1 week till my TT

So today is September 10th and its officially 1 week till I have my tummy tuck surgery. I am very excited but scared at the same time cause I'm a very independent woman and hate having people do the things that I'm use to doing and helping me do things. I know in order for me to heal correctly I need to allow them to help me, its just very hard for me to do. I am very excited to be getting this done. I have 3 children and wanted it done ever sense I had my first one but knew not to since I still wanted more children. So I hope it all goes well. Its really nice to see other people on here having to go threw it and that are very supportive. Its nice to feel that I'm not just the only one having this done to make myself feel better. I haven't gotten the urge to post picture of the before yet and Im not sure if I want to even though the problem will be getting fixed, I guess it just hard to do it right now. Don't want to feel like people are judging me by the way I look even though I'm a type of person that really doesn't let that bother me on what they think of me but for some reason the pictures make me feel that way. But any who. I will post on here either on the day of my surgery before I go in if I can and maybe after depending on how I feel to update if not maybe the next day.

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!!!

So tomorrow will soon come where Ill be getting my tummy tuck with lipo and Im very excited. My husband is very nervous and I keep telling him everything will be fine. I am very positive that I will be fine and that I will be in a pain for a few days but my goal is to walk around as much as possible to get rid of the drains correctly and not sooner than they should. I hope to eventually post before and after pictures for everyone to see but I am still undecided yet :) hopefully when I see the results I wont care about the before pictures since I will look gorgeous in the long run after all the swelling.

This website has been wonderful to review and see other peoples procedures and outcomes. I feel that it has been a help to see it and to have the support of everyone. hope to get on and post the day after but we shall see how it goes.

1 day post op

I go in today for my 1 day post up today at 915am. So far too me it has been like my c-section pain, nothing bad. I have been taking the pain meds but nothing to bad just uncomfortable a bit. I'm extremely tired so I'll write more later.

3rd day post op

It has been three days since I had surgery. I feel that I'm doing pretty good. I'm walking around the house a lot but feel that I should do more. I can't wait to get the drains out. I think once I get those out I will be better. I still feel my stomach is ugly looking because of how swollen I am still but we shall see. I will eventually post pictures when I get some nerve to.

I'm posting pictures please be kind.

5 days post op

After 5 days I feel I'm doing pretty good. My drains are of course still there and draining at most 20cc daily. I don't feel that I have been as active yet as my PS and nurse want me to be and I think thats just because I'm so tired and the soreness gets to me where I end up having to take a nap. My husband has been so helpful and wonderful to have around, unfortunately he goes back to work tomorrow but my friend is coming over early in the morning to help me with my 9 month old until I'm able to do it myself. So starting tomorrow I'll be more active because I'll be taking my son to his karate class everyday to help with me needing to be active to get rid of the drains. I think that's what makes it so annoying is having the drains but I know I want it to drain the fluids just wish it could be done faster.

My pain/soreness has gotten better since the first day of course but sometimes it can get bad depending on what I do that day. My swelling is still there very much and can't wait for time to go by for the swelling be gone. My scar looks beautiful/ugly to me only because the sutures are still there and I know its only been 5 days. I know my scar will be less n less because that is something my PS is wonderful with n one of the reasons I picked him. I will be going back to him for a lift and augmentation but after I heal.

I will post again in a few days to update everyone.

7 days post op

So I called today and spoke to the nurse and she said my drains weren't ready to call back Thursday and hopefully that will be the day. I can't wait till then. She says I haven't been active enough to get them out because the color of the fluid. So tomorrow I'm going to take my little 9 month old for a walk around the neighborhood because I feel once there removed the easier it would be to recover from there.

At this point I am still very glad that I did it even though I am so swollen and bruised (you can see in the pictures that I posted for this day) I know that that takes time for it to go away. I hope that my stomach will be even flatter once that swelling is gone and I can't wait to start working out to keep my new beautiful body.

I am very thankful that I had a supportive husband and a wonderful friend that help me get through and helped with the kids. I am very thankful for this Web site to have a surgery family to go through with me on this journey and to give encouraging words; thankful for people that share there stories and pictures to give everyone knowledge of what it all looks like and a perspective of what it's like.

9 days post op

So today I got to get one drained remove but not the other. I am suppose to call tomorrow morning to let the nurse know my out put but I have a feeling that I won't be getting it out tomorrow :(

I have posted new pictures and I'm still very swollen as you can see. The nurse states that it will go down after some time but that I look really good. I just hope that's is true and can't wait to see it.

14 days post op

I got my left drain removed yesterday and it has been wonderful. I didn't have my friend here today to help me with my 9 month old because I wanted to see how it went and it went fine. so I'm good to go on picking her up, I do use my legs to pick her up which my doctor said I could do if need be.

I will post pictures in a couple of days.

22 days post op

So its been a few days since I posted I have been doing pretty good. I have been wearing my spanx and my binder. I also started using NewGel to help my scars. I don't go back to the PS until next month. Here are some current pictures

Still swelling

So I haven't posted in a while. I love my results just hate when I swell. Makes it seem like I'm bloated. I know it will take a while for the swelling to stop. The only pain I have is when I cough or sneeze my abs still hurt for some reason. Does any one recommend a diet for some one that doesn't eat much veggies? I will pay pictures shortly.

Sometimes I feel that I'm swollen on one side

So again it has been a while since I posted. So far I am so happy that I did the surgery. I just love how my clothes fit and that they don't have to be baggy on me like I use to because I didn't want anyone to see it. I am so thankful for my PS and the job he did. He is a wonderful artist. I can't wait to go back to him to get my BA/BL, glad that I didn't do it all at once because I'm not sure how my husband would have helped me since I have been told that you can only lift your arms up so high. So I hope to get that done next year sometime, not sure yet. As for me feeling I only swell up on one side; from day one my right side to me looks like it swells so much more than the left. I hope that it goes away cause looking down on it looks like he could have taken more skin on that side but I'm sure its because I'm swollen. Other than that I love it! I will try to post pictures later on.

5 Months post ob.

So it has been a while since I had my surgery. I love my results. I feel so much better about myself and cant wait to continue on my journey of staying healthy and working out to keep my results and make it better. I will post pictures shortly after.

5 month post op pictures

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