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I figure I may as well start "journaling" my...

I figure I may as well start "journaling" my upcoming surgery. I literally read the stories on this site nightly. I've been excited about the tummy tuck but as the date draws nearer I'm getting slightly nervous. I absolutely can't wait for the fabulous results but the thought of going under and the breathing tube during surgery is make me feel weird. I'm trying not to even focus on that part. Well any encouraging words will definitely be appreciated. I will continue to update.


I went to a bar last night with smoking and I'm freaking out!! My surgery is May 14 and I'm just hoping the smoke inhalation doesn't cause issues. Otherwise, I'm ready for May 15...the first full day of the healing process!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Well tomorrow is the big day!!! I have such a mixture of emotions but overall I'm ready to be in the recovery room and on the road to being 100% satisfied with my decision. Can't wait to add "after" photos!

Recovery Time

Surgery over, begin healing. Let me just start by saying anesthesia Is amazing. One minute I was going meds in my IV, the next minute (it seemed) I was "coming to." The pain has been manageable but definitely uncomfortable. I've been making sure to stay on top of taking pain meds on schedule because I simply cant imagine the pain getting worse. I've been up walking a bit in my hotel room. So far, so good. I haven't seen my tummy yet but hopefully I should during my morning appointment.

2 Days post op

I'm two days post op and feel much better than yesterday. The pain yesterday was TERRIBLE!! I'm able to move around a lot more even thought getting up after sitting is still somewhat of a struggle. I've been making sure to take my pain meds as scheduled even though I've still felt quite a bit of pain. I can't imagine what it would be like if I didn't take the meds at all. I will update with pics soon. So far I've been afraid to remove my binder.

5 Days Post Op

I'm now fIve days PO. I'm getting around better but still really scared to do too much. The discomfort is bearable so I've decreased my pain meds. The biggest nuisance are the drains. I'm not draining much anymore so hopefully they'll be out by Thursday. I'm still really swollen in my tummy and pubic area but it feels good to look down and see the wrinkly, hanging stomach that once was :)

7 Days post op

Ok so though I'm getting around better and am pretty much done with the pain meds, my belly button is CLOSED!! Wth! And there's a lot of swelling in my lower stomach. However, the incision is healing nicely and looks good. I will have my drains removed tomorrow so hopefully I'll get some positive resolution for my lack of a navel...

Drains Out

Got those pesky drains out today! My stomach is still very swollen but I'm really happy with the incision! Its healing well and my PS did a great job altogether.

Coming Along...

Each Day Is Better!!

I drove yesterday! And it was also my first day without pain meds. I'm moving better, feeling better and am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I'm very happy I made this decision. :)

11 days post op

Because I'm HAAAAPPPY!! :)

My results are giving me life!! I'm waiting on this belly button to look better but otherwise I'm so happy!! When things get to where they are supposed to be, I'm never wearing a shirt again LOL!
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