36 Year Old Mother of Two with No Boobies /550 &600 hp silicone Destin, FL

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Like most of us here on realself I have spent the...

Like most of us here on realself I have spent the last two months literally obsessed with boobs....reviews, before and after photos and info I thought that would change as soon as I had my surgery however now as I am in the early stages of healing I keep looking at progression photos to reassure myself that my new additions will one day look normal and beautiful too :-). A little about me: I am 5'8 130 to 135 lbs and 36 years old. I have two children, 5 and 7 years. I didn't develop boobs until around 18 so needless to say that was depressing, but they were a nice shape and a perky B cup at best. Breastfeeding brought me to a full D possible DD but when finished breastfeeding a total of 23 months (2 kids) I had nothing left. Luckily no droop, but nothing :-( my youngest is five and for the last 4 years I have been researching and wanting a breast aug. But I was terrified....terrified of changing my body, of dying on the operating table, of getting really jacked up boobs or other complications. I moved to pensacola last August and I met 3 people who had their breasts done at Destin plastic surgery and the thought of getting boobs became more of a real possibility. My husband always said he loved my boobs before kids and after, and I know he meant it, he didn't want me to get them done but one day after another one of my rants about lack of boobs and nothing fitting right he said, just go for a consultation. I couldn't believe it, so on the recommendation of three friends I went to Destin plastic surgery for a consult, my husband came with me and we did the 3D Vectra and it was really cool and convincing. Dr. Ennis was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. We did not discuss cc ' s really or even try on sizers. He asked what my desired size was and I said a full c or small D, he said ok cup size is subjective but let me show you the 3D simulation. With some quick measurements and a quick look Dr. Ennis said my left breast was larger than my right (who knew I thought there was not enough tissue to even be different sizes!) Anyways he also said I had good elastic skin, and my height and chest structure could handle 550 to 650 cc high profile silicone (he said other profiles would be too wide for my chest wall in the cc necessary to accomplish my desired result. He showed me 500 left 550 right and 600 left 650 right on the machine and I liked the look of both....didn't seem much difference honestly. Went to pay for consult and they asked if I wanted to schedule surgery...As is my normal pattern of doing things I said I needed to go home and think about it but my husband said, babe you have been thinking about this for five years...just book it already! Sooo I did :-) July 14, 2014....I then spent the next month glued to realself and drove my husband nuts with thousands of photos of boobs :-) he said I never want to see another set of boobs that are not yours again ever lol.

Day of surgery

Fast forward 37 days from time of first consult to July 14th the day of my surgery (I had a pre - op appt June 30 in which I basically just paid in full, received my prescriptions for percocet, zofran, neorontin and phenegran and a rundown of pre - op and post op instructions, and pamplets. My surgery was scheduled for 10 am and I was told to be at the surgery center at 9 am. I live 2 hours away so my husband and I left at 6:45 am. We arrived a little early and after a quick confirmation that my husband would be staying and center and taking responsibility of me the nurse took me back. At this point I wasn't even all that nervous anymore, I had been a roller coaster of nerves, anxiety, excitement, fear, doubt, more excitement et for so many weeks leading up to this point that I was mostly calm. I had to pee in a cup to rule out pregnancy, and then I undressed, put on gown, compression stockings, socks and a hairnet. I don't do well with needles so when the nurse was putting in the iv I started feeling lightheaded and nauseous. ..happens every time lol. I told the nurse and she dimmed the lights and brought my hubby back, he joked and took my mind off the I.v and then the anesthesiologist came in and reviewed medical history and said, I heard your nauseous already, I said a little and he said 1 in 3 people react to anasthesia with nausea but he said if I'm starting out that way he'd give me some extra anti - nausea meds. Then Dr. Ennis came in, reassured me that I w as in good hands and confirmed size, I told him that the 600/650 just worried me as being a little to big and I'd feel more comfortable with 550/600 he said no problem and that he takes several sizes in and determines what will best fit my body and my expectations during surgery. I trusted him and told him I'd rather wake up smaller than I wanted then too big. He marked my arm pit and my husband kissed me goodbye and that is the last I remember before waking up in recovery. I ended up with silicon mentor memory gel hp implants, 550 in my larger left and 600 in my smaller right through the armpit incision.I was not in any real pain only sore and so so tired. I only remember bits and pieces of getting dressed, post op instructions, and being wheeled to my car, luckily my husband was paying close attention :-) I was not nauseous at all thank goodness, I really thought I would be and I slept most of the ride home. Still not any real pain, we got home and my husband propped me up with blankets pillows a book and some crackers. I took a little nap and then I had to walk, stretch my arms overhead take deep breaths and cough every two hours. Stretching arms was not comfortable but I was just sore and really swollen feeling. I have to wear the compression band for a week until first post op on the 21st, and it is very uncomfortable. Honestly my back is more sore then my boobs my armpits are very tender but I am pleasantly surprised by the ease of recovery so far today.

Days 1 through 8

Around day 1 and 2 I started freaking out that my boobs were massive, I didn't want double and triple D's but it seemed like my whole chest was boobs. I can tell I have lots of swelling allover sides, top, in the middle and even on the fold. I had armpit incision and my entire armpit feels sore and bruised although it is not. The incisions look kinda jenky but hopefully they will smooth out and look better. I will have to get my hubby to take pictures of incisions since I can't seem to get good photos on my own. I tend to panic and not be patient so I've had fears about bottoming out, hematoma (I have some bruising) and even saroma because my larger implant on the right side of boobs and top near shoulder I can feel like a air bubbly/liquid feeling feeling this whole week. Fortunately all of my panic thoughts were unfounded and my PS said they are still swollen but settling well. He expects me to have a good final result. I had my one week post op appointment on Monday the 21st and for those of you getting the armpit incision, my doc really stretched my arm up and back and pushed on my incision and entire armpit and it was not a good feeling! It is necessary though to break up scar tissue and to have full range of motion in arms. My PS also requires rigorous massage starting day one of post op ten times a day for 3 months, I have been doing the massages but nowhere near as hard as the Dr did them at my post op. I was finally freed of the compression band on day 7 and cleared to shave and wear deodorant again....Thank goodness!! It was very difficult to dress each day this week in order to hide my nippley they ar on the large side and made my swollen boobs look very pointy under clothes that also had to hide the band and my hairy armpits...uhg not an easy task in the hottest part of summer in florida! Enough complaining though, because when I tried my bathing suit on it was all worth it! I have never felt so good in a bathing suit and have never wanted so badly to go buy new ones!!! :-)

2 weeks update

Well the last week with my new boobs has been great! As per my ps I still am not allowed to wear a bra so I've taken the girls out bra less this week and it has been liberating lol. I love the tank no bra look and I think I got the perfect size for me. I have been driving since day 4, and sleeping on my side since day 10. My nipples started getting very sensitive a couple of days ago, around day 12 but not as bad as some of you ladies have related in your reviews. I have developed mondor's cord on one of my armpit incisions which are sore and annoying but not too terrible. I have been stretching and massaging my incisions and my boobs since day one and I feel like my boobs are noticeably softer, rounder and lower. I can't wait for them to fully drop and fluff :-) My initial concerns about them being too big are gone and I'm really loving my new boobs :-) I've added a few photos from this passed week.

Not much change but...

Not much has changed in the last couple days but I finally got my husband to take pictures of my incisions. Be warned I have not been able to shave fully in 17 days uhg :-( in the photos you should be able to see my incisions are closed but bumpy and uneven, the ps says they are stitched this way on purpose to make them heal flat and thin....we'll see how that goes. You can also see I have mondor's cords making my armpits look kind of deformed...These are also supposed to go away. I have full range of motion with my arms because I have been diligently stretching arms since day 1. I also am massaging scars and they are improving each day....they are much better than the first week. My armpits are still pretty tender to the touch almost feel bruised without visible signs of bruising. I attribute this to the trauma of putting those huge implants through that small hole....reminds me of reverse childbirth lol....something too big going into too small a hole instead of the opposite :-) Oh, I should also mention that I still get "morning boob" but it's been less intense the last couple days. The tightness and swelling used to wake me most nights around 3 to 4 am and only getting up and massaging in the morning would help my boobs feel back to "normal". This morning and yesterday their was less swelling and tightness, hopefully it will continue to get better.

One month today!

I haven't updated in a while because I was on vacation :-) Today is my one month boobiversary and I am so happy that I decided to do this for myself. Nipples are much less sensitive to the touch now and almost feel back to normal. I still have some slight numbness under my armpits and the mondor's cords on both armpit incisions are still present...I cannot wait for them to go away! I can sleep in any position now, even on my stomach without discomfort and rarely get the tight swelling at night early morning anymore. Both boobs are soft and squishy and I believe most if not all swelling is gone, except at armpits. I have my follow - up appointment tomorrow and I will update more then :-)

5 weeks photos :-)

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