Gaps and Missing Lateral Incisors.

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April 5, 2015: I'm getting my first set of trays...

April 5, 2015:
I'm getting my first set of trays in less than 2 days. I'm both super excited and really nervous. We will see how it goes I guess! I'm mostly nervous because I am a HUGE snacker and I'm also nervous about going out to the bar every now and then and wanting to have some drinks. I think it is going to be a hassle, but I also think that it may be worth it.

Here is the story about my teeth... I've always had gaps as long as I can remember, partly because of bottle rot when I was little and partly because I wasn't born with my lateral incisors. I have multiple gaps and I've always hated them! When I was a teenager I REALLY wanted to get my teeth aligned, but my mom couldn't afford it because she was a single parent. As I grew, my gaps got smaller... but they are still too big! After my early teens I became pretty comfortable in my own skin and haven't felt the need to align my teeth until recently. I have finally graduated and have a good career, thus can afford them on my own, so why not! The main reason I decided to go through with it is when I was talking with my boyfriend about getting my teeth aligned and making appointments etc we ended up going to meet a couple of his friends that I have never met. When he introduced me to them, I didn't smile my big comfortable smile. Instead, I just smiled with my lips and didn't show my teeth. It was at that moment that I realized I have more of a complex than I thought I did. So here I am writing this and drinking chocolate milk :).

My treatment is going to take about 2 years. My two front teeth are going to be moved together and then the rest of my teeth are going to be moved back to make room for 2 fake teeth where my lateral incisors are supposed to be. I have a few options after the alignment process with the lateral incisors. We don't know if I am going to have enough room for implants (which is the best option) when the process is finished. If there isn't enough room then my other option is a Maryland bridge. During treatment, after my teeth have moved enough to have some room for fake teeth, my trays will have pontic teeth in them to fill the gaps. I'm really stoked about the pontic teeth, because I think that it will change my smile a lot. It's estimated between 6-10 weeks to have the first tray with pontics in them.

I'll try and update regulary on here. Especially since everyone's updates have REALLY helped me in the starting process of Invisalign.

Got the first set of trays on today!

Soooo, I got my trays in. They feel sooooo weird, but I'm sure that is something I'll get used to. I feel like my mouth is someone else's mouth lol. My bite feels funny because my teeth don't touch and my speech is a little off as well. But all in all, I'm super excited that the process has started! I'm just waiting for the soreness to kick in... I probably won't be as enthusiastic about it by then. The appearance isn't so bad. You can barely tell that I have these foreign objects on my teeth. We will see the difference with that when I get my 3 attachments in a month! ;)

So went to put on tray 2...

Yeah so I was all excited to put my second set of trays in yesterday and guess what? My top tray doesn't fit the front part of my mouth. It is literally falling off of my teeth and is snug in the back. It's very noticeable and is soooo much over hang. I made an appointment with my orthodontist for today and he was stumped, as well as his whole staff on why my 2nd tray was fitting so terribly. My ortho felt that maybe there was a glitch in the Invisalign system between tray 1 and tray 2. He even tried tray 3 and it was even worse than the 2nd. They rescanned my top teeth and took pictures of how the tray looked in my mouth and are expediting it to Invisalign to see what the deal is. In the mean time I am wearing tray 2 on the bottom and good ol tray 1 on the top. I'm so discouraged about all of this. I was supposed to be getting my 6th tray right before my trip over seas in June and in that tray is my Pontic teeth that will fill my gaps. I hope my ortho is going to work diligently to get me in the trays with pontics before I leave, but only time will tell. I should know something within the next couple weeks. Has this ever happened to anyone before?

Ortho called Monday...

So my orthodontist office called Monday and told me that my trays are at least another week out. They cancelled my appointment for May 6 which was the appointment I had to get my 3 attachments on and 3rd set of trays. So, unfortunately I am still wearing my first tray on the top now for 1 month and I'm working on the 3rd week of tray 2 on the bottom. I'm just ready to get the show on the road. :(


I got the phone call today that my trays were in. My office was nice enough to work me in to get them and make sure they fit. The new trays did indeed fit!!! But there are some definite differences compared to my previous set of trays. I have basically restarted over with the top trays, so I'm yet again on tray 1 lol. They put on 7 attachments today and also colored in one of my spaces with tooth colored paint. When they made the new trays they made it to where it looks like I actually have a tooth there because on my last trays where my gaps are the invisalign basically looks like its "suctioned" more or less and they felt that was the reason my trays weren't fitting. Who knows. So now I have this fake snaggle tooth and it does pretty much look hideous because its insanely small and weird, but whatever. The tooth colored paint isn't a perfect match either (OF COURSE) so that also looks dumb. I'm going to use some whitening strips and see if my actual teeth will whiten some since the tooth colored paint is whiter than my teeth. I'm just glad to get the show on the road. I won't have both of my pontic teeth before my trip over seas, so that sucks too. OH and here is another kicker... my ortho office THREW MY BOTTOM TRAYS AWAY because they got my new invisalign trays in... but they didn't realize that they only sent my TOP TRAYS. So now they have to re order by bottom trays... YAYYYYYY for all this excitement. lol. I am currently waiting on my bottom trays to come in and maybe ONE DAY I'll actually be on track with this ish.

I uploaded some pictures of my snaggle tooth and attachments. ;)
The attachments feel real peculiar by the way.


Tray 2 actually fit my teeth this time! WAHOO! And the ortho also got my bottom trays in after the mishap with them throwing my bottom trays away. I am due to switch to tray 3 on the top in a couple days and am currently wearing 3 on the bottom. I have to wear tray 3 on the bottom for 3 weeks, so by the time I change to tray 4 it'll be the same tray number every time I need to switch! My ortho also told me that when I go in for my next appointment in July to get my 5th set of trays, they will change the color of my "tooth colored paint" pontic tooth to hopefully better match the shade of my not so super white teeth lol. Still, no one even notices the space that is colored in. My friend didn't even notice in pictures she had taken and she is a very prestigious photographer so that even made me feel better!

I've really got into the swing of things with brushing/flossing and etc. I actually feel great because I don't snack on junk food like I used to which I will hopefully continue even after I am finished with treatment.

I still haven't eaten or drank with them in. If I go to the bar, I just take them out and brush/floss when I get back home for the night. They've never been tight or uncomfortable when I leave them out for a few hours so I'm not too worried about it.

I'm going overseas next week so I'm sure this whole invisalign thing will be a bit of a pain, but whatev!

I'll update next with Tray #5 if I remember!

Thanks for reading! :)


I had my ortho appointment the other day and got trays 5 thru 8. My 8th tray has both of my pontic teeth in it so that will be weird I'm sure. The staff and I at my ortho office worked together on getting the tooth colored paint as close as possible to the color of my teeth. We had to mix a couple different kinds of paint and I'm much happier with the result of these trays than I was with the others. We tested the paint out on my old trays just to be sure. The difference is more obvious in pictures than in person for some reason, but I can't complain because I'm much happier and my teeth are definitely changing!

Pontic tooth #2!

Yay! I finally have pontic tooth #2!! I'm on tray number 8 and am going to get some more trays this week. My gaps where my lateral incisors are supposed to be are getting pretty big and my central gap is getting much smaller! I'm excited to see the progress!

Even better news

I went in for more trays and we FINALLY found the perfect match for my Pontic teeth. It is actually the polymer made by invisalign meant for Pontic teeth... the office just had it stored away and never used it before until me! So no more tooth colored paint! Of course I was the guinea pig and we had an error with the Pontic tooth falling out when I rinsed my trays because we didn't let the adhesive and polymer sit long enough, but we got that fixed and OMG the Pontic teeth look AMAZING. I am so happy with the results. I uploaded a pic to show ya :)

Making great progress!

So I'm on tray 15 and my central gap is almost closed and the spaces where my lateral incisors should be are getting HUGE! I keep making fun of myself when I don't have my trays in by calling myself a vampire lol. Also, it's kind of funny because everyone close to me, including myself, call my invisalign my "teeth." For instance, when they want me to try something they tell me to "take your teeth out." It's actually quite funny and confusing for people who don't know that I have invisalign. My gaps have gotten large enough that now when I go out to the bar, I will drink with my trays in, but I don't eat with them in. I try to stick to beverages without red dye in them. I've started using "Retainerbrite" to clean them, which seems to work really well! My pontic teeth come out of my trays which is really annoying, but at the same time it helps me clean them more thoroughly.

New scan, new set of trays!

So my ortho did a new scan on me a couple weeks ago because my teeth had progressed so much and the pontic teeth just kept getting shorter and shorter which was starting to look pretty bad. I went in today to get the first set of my new trays. Looks like this batch has 23 trays and I have NO ATTACHMENTS!!! I am SOOOOO excited because having the attachments on my 2 front teeth definitely made it look like I had braces at times. I am SUPER pleased with the way my new trays look. I left the office with the biggest smile on my face. I'm one step closer and one step happier with invisalign! :)

Moving right along

I'm going to be putting tray 3 of phase 2 in tomorrow. Things are just moving right along! I'm super happy with how my teeth look so I posted another selfie and I posted a picture of a side by side of my progress! Pretty soon I'm going to make an appointment with the oral surgeon to see what he thinks about my spaces and if he thinks there will be enough room for dental implants.

Oral surgeon appointment

So I had an appointment with my oral surgeon today and I got GREAT news! My spaces are going to be big enough for dental implants!! I have to go through a bone grafting process about 5 months before I'm finished with invisalign treatment and then when ortho treatment is finished I will get the implants put in and they will have to heal for 6 months..... and then my dentist will make my fabulous new teeth and I'll be finished!!! I'm super excited about the great news and also super nervous for all that is yet to come :)

Surgery is scheduled!

My surgery for the bone grafting procedure is scheduled for August 26! I'm super nervous and not ready to hurt. My invisalign process is going pretty smooth. I'd rather wear them then not wear them and I LOVE that I don't have any attachments. I'll update again soon :)

More news

So I had to post-pone my bone grafting surgery a couple of months! Now I'm scheduled for the surgery on October 14. Once I get the bone grafting surgery, I'll be waiting about 4 to 5 months for that to heal and then I'll get the dental implants put in! I also found out that I will be finished with my Invisalign treatment at the end of this year, which was a major surprise. My teeth are looking great! Almost perfect, besides the fact that I have two big gaps where my lateral incisors should be. I'll take some good pictures of my teeth soon.

Progress pics

I just wanted to post some progress pictures of my teeth! Bone grafting surgery is in a couple of weeks and I am super nervous!

Bone grafting complete and implant surgery scheduled!

I am finally on my refinements. I have 13 trays left in the current box I'm on and I think I've gone through 4 of them already. I had my bone grafting surgery in October and OH MY did that hurt. I was SO swollen for several days, but I was still able to wear my invisalign with the pontics and my recent oral surgeon appointment showed that the bone grafts are healing very nicely! I was able to schedule for my dental implant surgery for March 31, 2017!! I should be done with this whole process by October of this year. I can't wait! When I get done with the invisalign, my ortho is going to work with me on what we can do aesthetically while my dental implants are healing because I can't walk around looking like a hillbilly with missing teeth ;-P!

Until next time!! :)
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