58 and Tired of my Jowls and Deep Facial Lines. - Destin, FL

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Getting a face and Neck lift with Obagi Blue Peel....

Getting a face and Neck lift with Obagi Blue Peel. I am 58 and ready to do this. Nervous, which is normal
but try to focus on the beautiful outcomes on this website. So much information has really helped me in my decision. I thank all of you. I met with all his office staff and found them to be very nice and accommodating. I am preparing my face with Retin A 8 weeks prior to the blue peel. Got my vitamins that I take daily. Looking forward to the new me!

Pushed back a day due to Dr. schedule. Now Dec. 1st

Now push back a day! Dr. schedule change. Dec 1st is the day

One month from today

One month to go. Getting nervous about the surgery. Nov. 16 preop. I know Dr. Ennis and his nurse will make me feel at ease.


My pre-op is Monday. Then 2 weeks to go. Can't wait to get it done but now that is around the corner, I am feeling anxious. I have complete trust and confidence in my PS. I think when I see him at my pre-op I will feel much better. Positive thoughts and all the wonderful outcomes on RS keep my spirits up.
I will keep you posted.

More before pics

More pre surgery photos. My neck is very wrinkled and saggy. My face not much better. Can't wait to get my new face. I really hate mirrors right now.

Today was Pre-op

Went for my pre-op today and met with the aesthetician. Going for blood work tomorrow and getting my prescriptions filled. I can't believe it's 2 weeks away. My only worry is the recovery from general anesthesia. I hope I don't get sick from it. I had before. The nurse gave me zofran for nausea to take 2 hours before surgery. I also am getting the blue peel. I received Obagi cleaners and cream for post op. Getting anxious. Going to be a long 2 weeks. Feel confident with my Dr. The countdown begins!!

11 days to go

My procedures are right around the corner. Not worried about the surgery so much but just the recovery. The swelling and bruising always takes a long time to heal. Hope the bromeline and arnica help. My Dr. does not recommend ice. Was surprised to hear that.
Has anyone heard that before?

8 days to go

It's coming quick now. Not really nervous now but might be by the weekend. Keeping busy helps.

Its almost my turn

Less than a week to go. Hope It goes well in the healing department. I know the peel will take time. Well I will find out soon enough.

Tuesday December 1st

Well it's a few days away. I want to thank everyone for the encouraging posts. I am so ready to start. My husband is taking 6 days off to take care of me. Love his support. I will have him take pics the 1st few days. Then I will continue to post my recovery.
Thanks RealSelf for this fabulous support system and incredible information!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

2 days to go

My only concern at this point is my sore throat. Hope it doesn't go into a cold.
Tuesday is my big day!

Tomorrow is surgery day

I can't believe it's here. I kept busy all day. I feel a little better with my sore throat. Zicam did help. Called office today to tell them about my sore throat and gave me Zithromax as a prophylactic. Take 2 tonight then 1 daily post surgery. Started the Bromeline 3 days ago. Have all my meds ready. Just have to get my bed set up and my night table. Thanks ladies for all your support. I will post when I can.
My last before photo.

No surgery today

I went to hospital at 6:30, in hospital gown, compression stockings and ready to go. The anesthesiologist asked me routine questions. I told him I had a sore throat since Saturday but my Dr put me on Zithromax as a precaution. The anesthesiologist recommended that I reschedule when I am feeling better. He said the recovery would be much worse if it turns into a cold or upper respiratory infection. So now I am home and need to reschedule when I feel better. The only thing is my PS is going on vacation the last 2 weeks in December. I am probably looking at January. Better safe than sorry ????

Got my new rescheduled date

Called PS and found out he will be away last 2 weeks in December. That's fine with me, so my new date is Tuesday, January 12. Hope I stay healthy, no colds or sore throats this time.
Glad it is after Holidays in a way, because they are too close now. Getting excited again!

Try this again in 2 weeks

Well, last month My procedure was cancelled due to my sore throat. Now I am ready to finally get it done and start my recovery. I am scheduled January 12.
I am looking forward to looking in the mirror and seeing a more youthful me.

Let's try this again

Well the time has come again. No sore throats or colds to worry about. Feel physically well.
I haven't been on RS since Dec. 1st when my procedure was cancelled last minute due to sore throat. So here I am again needing some encouraging words. I am going in this Tuesday, Jan. 12 the for lower face lift and Obagi blue peel. Feeling a little nervous this time. I didn't know they are putting a breathing tube down and a catheter. Nurse told me last time. I know it's not a big deal, but I always get a UTI afterwards. Anyway just want to get it over and on the road to recovery. Been waiting a long time. Wish me luck! I will keep in touch. I already asked my husband to take the pics for the first few days! Thanks RS. For all the support and information.

2 Days to go

Tuesday is my big day!
Excited and nervous at the same time

Tomorrow is my big day

Surgery at 10am
I have to take Zofran in parking lot at 9 am for nausea. Dr says approx 4 hrs with an 1 and 1/2 recovery time. And Sony journey begins

On my way!

Can't wait until it's over!

Well it's over

Get ready for post op pic. Everything went smooth except for my UTI. A lot of pain and burning. I am on Cipro 500mg twice a day and pyridium 200mg three times a day. One of my drainage tubes hurts, but as far as face, just sore. No pain meds yet.
I am taking Bromelain and Arnica. Ok here's my pic!

Day 2 Feel Great

No pain pills. Feel great. Just had my drains out, Should start peeling in a couple of days,

My 1st post op shower

Feel much better with clean hair. Love the face band. Feels like everything is nice and secure. Not tight just right. Started swelling a little. Thanks everyone for your positive thoughts.

Day 3

Today my neck is sore and swelling has increased. The blue peel is dissipating and the peeling process should start in a couple of days. Patience is my friend right now. Posting pic from this morning after my shower.

Day 5

Feel good. Still a lot of face and neck swelling. Very tired today. Outside enjoying the fresh air. Walking around yard and to feel a little more energetic.
Go back to Dr Wednesday to get stitches out. ????

Without face bra

Day 6 peel

As you can see the peeling is happening rather quickly. Must stay out of sun. I've gone in my yard with huge hat. Getting ansie in house

Day 7

Almost finished peeling

Day 8 Stitches Out and healing great! So Happy

My stitches came out today and my Dr. said I am healing very well and very little bruising
. He also told me to walk with scarf and sunscreen today. I love walking, so I will venture out.
So Happy with results so far. Cant wait to see as time goes on.

The Side and Front View on Day 10

So you asked for a side view. I am still black and blue and have some peel left on the side. The neck looks great. Yes, I did have the peel on my chest as well. It is still peeling there and is still bruised
Getting better everyday. I have not put makeup on yet. I usually don't do foundation, just lips and some mascara. However, if I do go out this weekend I will wear a scarf. I am so thankful to real self to give me the support and info I needed to go through with this. Thank you, Thank you

My side and front view 10 days post op

doing great

11 days post op

Went out all day with a scarf
Feel wonderful
Rest of stitches come out Wednesdat
( behind ears and drainage openings)

Another pic tonight

Update pic 1/29/2016

Out to dinner
Very dark

3 week update

Feeling numb on sides of face and ears. I know it take awhile to get feeling back. Other than that I feel great. posting a 3 week pics

3 week update

Feeling numb on face and neck. Gets better in time.

Feb 7th Super Bowl

I noticed a bump on side of upper right cheek.
I have been massaging it, but it's sore. I'll give Dr call tomorrow.
I don't know if it shows in the picture

5 week post op

Feeling great
This pic is today 5 weeks post op lower face lift

58 Years Old and Tired of my Jowls and Deep Facial Lines

I had a great experience for my Lower facelift and blue peel. My Doctor was so kind as well as all the nurses and Doctors at Destin Surgical Center. I had the best care from the beginning and even up to today. Went for my 6 week check up and I am healing and looking great. I go back for 3 month post op for pictures. Can't wait to see the before and afters. I highly recommend Dr. Ennis at Destin Plastic Surgery. He is caring, compassionate, professional and has an amazing bedside manner. Lisa, his nurse who is the "right hand" to Dr.Ennis, is friendly, caring, very informative and very easy talk to. I would 100% recommend Dr. Ennis and his wonderful staff. I am VERY happy with my results.
Pensacola Plastic Surgeon

Did my homework and found DR. Ennis is a top board certified surgeon and world renowned. His was very friendly, went over everything with me, and even called me at home to answer some questions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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