32 Yr Old, 1 Kid and 2, Too Big Boobies, Ready to Be All Natural Again. Destin, FL

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I have decided to post finally because I have been...

I have decided to post finally because I have been reading your posts everyday and looking at your pictures, I would have felt selfish to not share and pay it forward to other ladies who do the same. At 21 I got a BA with saline on top of the muscle, at 28 I had them redone with gummy mentor under the muscle. After the birth of my child they just seemed to big and started to feel foreign to me. I believe strongly in listening to your body and intuition and my body does not want these plastic bags in me any longer. I also figured at my age hopefully I have elasticity on my side and am hoping for a decent recovery with no lift needed! Sx day is approaching fast and I am excited at this point to be a part of the itty bitty titty committee again! Thank you to all the woman that have shared their stories it has made my decision that much easier.


Three More days!

I am starting to feel moments of nervousness but also moments of excitement. I just keep envisioning what I hope they look like but I am prepared to hate them at first! The worst part for me is not being able to lift my son for a week but I have an amazing husband who will gladly assume a mommy and daddy role while I heal :) Thanks to all those ladies before me I am more brave watching all of you go through it!

One Day Post Op

Hello ladies!
Feeling good! A little sore but have not taken any pain medication today so not bad at all! The actual procedure was very quick and my surgeon cauterized my capsule area in order to help lift my breasts more as they heal and help the capsule close quicker. I feel great and was surprised that I still have a good amount of breast tissue left, now hopefully my skin with tighten over time and lift these girls up a bit. I know that takes months and I have to be patient. My husband loves my new boobs and we both thought I definitely look more proportionate to my natural size now. I received my implants as a souvenir and let me tell you it's crazy how much weight I was carrying around on my chest all the time! I have a feeling my neck and shoulders won't be as tense now. I will keep you posted on my progress. Thank you for the positive words!

Hi Ladies

Just wanted to say thank you for all your kind words and I really appreciate the boost of self esteem, I think every woman needs a dose off that every now and then :)

Almost a week

So tomorrow is my 1 week post op appt, can't believe it's been a week already! I'm starting to go a little crazy not being able to be as active as I normally am but other than that I feel good. Can't say I'm in love with my breasts but all your comments have made me feel very grateful and I thank you for that. It's nice to have Breast tissue but it's still pretty saggy :( I know I have to be patient and wait it out. What I can tell you for those that are still contemplating removal is that I am very happy the implants are out and I hope they tighten up but if they don't well I guess I will just have to invest in a lot of push ups ????

Post Op Appt

Hello ladies....went to my post op today and wanted to let you all know that my boobies should still shrink down by 30% after my body absorbs the remaining fluid still in my breasts...I did not have drains like some of you...so still not sure how they will turn out but have to wait my 6-8 weeks to know what size I will end up! Waiting is always the hardest part ;)

Two week update

Started back at the gym today which I was very excited about but also trying to be slow and easy which is hard for me...felt a little weak after my workout but other than that I feel good. Wasn't sure if people would say anything to me as far as looking a lot smaller but just a couple of girls asked how I felt. I was very open about my procedure and told anybody that asked or wondered where I wld be for a couple of weeks. I'm a very open person and frankly didn't care what others thght as long I was happy with me :). My photos don't look much different to me...hoping for some more transformation in the next couple of weeks. I have a second post op appt scheduled for April so will let you know how it goes and post updates then!

A month and a half update :)

I'm feeling great and am loving my real self more everyday! My skin is still not as tight but overall it appears to be getting better every week. I Have been doing regular workouts now and still feel weaker than I was in the chest area but it's getting better each day. If you are thinking about explanation I say go for it!
Pensacola Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ennis who performed my second procedure will also be performing my Explant. I trust his expertise and I know he will do the best job he can for me. He made me very comfortable with my decision and did not try to push me one way or the other.

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