Disaster Surgery Performed by Dr M. Vincent Makhlouf - Desplanes, IL

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Dr M. Vincent Makhlouf did this disaster surgery,...

Dr M. Vincent Makhlouf did this disaster surgery, at Holly Family Hospital on August 5th, 2011. Like they say, a pictures says more than 1000 words. He left me deformed. He thinks he did nothing wrong, but my opinion and the opinion of all the doctors that have seen me, its that he has done malpractice. Be careful before you have a procedure done by him. I paid him to do this!

Dr. M. Vincent Makhlouf was found guilty of medical malpractice!

I would like to thank each and every member of this Real Self Community, who has left me so many kind words! I took this Dr. M. Vincent Makhlouf to court, and after the most difficult week of my life, after being in a court room, with large exhibitions of my body, with hard criticism from his attorney, with testimonies in my favor and against me, finally on November 12, of last year, 12 jurors found this Doctor, guilty of malpractice. I was awarded 200k, 100K went to the attorneys, for their hard work and costs. The money, is not going to help improve this disaster, is not going to pay for the horrendous suffering, humiliation, deformation, pain, and shame this man brought to my life, but at least, I brought him in front of the law (that not always is fair) and even though, him and his attorney tried to mop the floor with me, they lost, and God gave me his mercy, and after all that embarrassment, I won the case! No, I did not receive enough to fix it, or to change my life, since he ruined it, but I WON! Thank you GOD!

This is the horrific surgery Dr. M Vincent Makhlof performed on me on august 5th 2011, at Holly Family hospital in Desplaines, Illinois. He thinks he did nothing wrong! This doctor has given me the biggest pain and deformation I ever thought I would have in my whole life! He should feel ashamed of such horrible job. A plastic surgeon should improve an appearance not deform, as he has done to me.

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