Had Abdominal CoolSculpting Done Yesterday!

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I want to do a real review and day by day update...

I want to do a real review and day by day update on coolsculpting procedure as I just had it done yesterday afternoon (May 31st). It took me to read atleast 500 reviews, comments, and videos about it and while everyone experiences different things I want to document my experience to help someone else perhaps.
Lets start by saying that I consider myself as a woman with a high pain tolerance. I have a few tattoos and piercing and I also have braces and I wouldn't say any of it was unbearable or necessarily 'hurt'.
On the day of the procedure you lay on a big like comfy table (similar to one that you lay on for a facial or massage). It was in an upright position with a slight recline. I had two CoolCore applicators applied for one hour separately. The esthetician starts by putting on a cold sheet of gel on the area then applies the coolcore applicator. She puts it on my right lower ab and it aggressively vacuums up your fat in that area. It does not hurt but it is fairly uncomfortable and extremely annoying. That feeling lasts about 5-10 minutes and then as many reviews I have read say it goes numb. To my experience it does not go numb however you essentially get used to it and it doesn't bother you as much. When you think about it or look at it you are quickly reminded of the tugging, pulling, feeling of the vacuum. In the first hour I felt it was essentially harder to breath (nothing crazy) but I think I was trying to like hold in my breath at one point/didn't want it to pop off (because there was a 250$ pop off fee) so I felt I consciously was aware of how hard i was breathing. It got easier as time went by. Once the applicator was off your skin is hard and freezing to touch in that area and the esthetician then massages it down and that was not comfortable or fun at all. It wasn't exactly painful but it was not fun to say the least. At this point I went to the bathroom and it was at first uncomfortable to walk and even squat to use the bathroom and try to make myself urinate. I think i was just getting used to everything. I'd say I was sore in that area and you could tell that something had happened to my body.
The second application was done to my left side of my lower abs and this went more smoothly as I knew what to expect. The vacuum part was the most uncomfortable because I had forgot what that initial feeling felt like after having become 'numb' to it on the right side after so long. Once this side was done I drove home comfortably just a little sore and it was a little annoying to bend down like a aching feeling. I took a hot bath before bed and tried to massage more to ease the aching.
Today is day 1 post-procedure and I'd say I'm feeling pretty good. At one point I forgot I had the procedure done until I poked the right side of my lower ab and it kind of bothered me (like a 1/10 pain) My right side is the only side that is uncomfortable and it is only when I poke it. I woke up this morning and did an intense workout - I do boxing at a gym called 9round so anyone who has been knows how that workout is. I felt good during it - it was annoying to jump and have my stomach 'jiggle' particularly on the right side but nothing unbearable. It was similar to the feeling up running down the stairs - I strongly suggest wear a tight camisole or compression top, girdle during the day to prevent that. It's still too early to tell anything right now but I will definitely keep updating! Let me know if you have any questions!

Day 2

Today is day 2 and I slept well last night. It's almost 4pm and still the only side that has any pain or discomfort is my right lower abdomen. I'd rate it at about 1/10 it is extremely minor and only is bothersome/noticeable if i push on my stomach or apply any pressure on it. I did another high intensity workout today and was fine this time for my workout I didn't wear any compression top just tried to keep my compression pants over my stomach and despite all the jumping in my workout I was fine. Im starting to have some mild cramping today but I believe it is due to my cycle which should be starting any day now and cramping is usually my first tell tale sign that it is about to come. A few minutes ago I applied a little icy hot lidocaine on that area and that is helping although I don't feel it was necessary but I just did it to see if the annoying sensation would go away when I touched it. I will upload a photo of what my stomach is looking like day two...

Day 2 photo

Day 3 post-procedure

I have to admit I was afraid to get to day 3 because that seems to be where people start to have nerve pain. I worked a 12 hour shift today and everything was tolerable and not too bothersome. The right side of my stomach is much more tender to touch and I'd rate the pain about a 2/10 when I touch it. I took one pill of Neurontin (gabapentin) that I was prescribed this morning to hopefully not make the make increase. Not sure if it was helpful or not but I didn't notice my discomfort unless I poke myself. I will say that I am feeling very swollen. I did start my menstrual cycle today so that could be due to some bloating but I've never bloated this much before which is why I'm attributing it to swelling. I am about to go run on the treadmill for about half an hour to make myself feel a little better. Although I am embarrassed to show my photos of today I will attach two photos of what I look like today. Definitely feeling a few months pregnant.

Day 4 post op

Today has been an okay day. About the same pain (2/10) on my right side only. I'm also having a little itching occasionally. I was able to get through my workout plus a mile and a half outdoor run with no problems, pain or discomfort. I put ice on after my workout to try to reduce the swelling and discomfort. It was semi helpful. I haven't taken any medicine as my symptoms are still mild. I've been at work this entire evening and it is bothersome to bend down or put any pressure on my stomach. I'm still a little swollen but not as much as I felt yesterday and the bloating has subsided as well, in my opinion.

Its day 5!

Well I've pretty much made it to the end of the 5th day post procedure -- No significant changes, my stomach is still the same and I've had a little more itching and still a 2/10 pain that is more noticeable when I bend down. I went on about an hour hike today with a lot of incline in some spots so that was slightly uncomfortable but other than that everything is well. Honestly just wanting to fast forward to like a month post procedure so I can see some results! No pictures for today as nothing has changed in my eye I'd hate to hurt yalls eyes more than I already have!


So Ive officially made it through the bulk of day 6 post procedure of coolsculpting. I'd say this is the closest i've felt back to my old self. I can bend down with virtually no pain or even a feeling of discomfort. I can run up and down stairs and my stomach doesn't hurt when I hold it (this is without a compression top). I haven't applied my icy hot lidocaine at all today and keeping my fingers crossed this continues. I'm also feeling much less bloated. Im in a fairly good mood today so maybe I'm hyping up this euphoria a bit but in all honestly it's been a good day with no annoying symptoms. I can almost push my stomach without it hurting too bad. I really think working out consistently, massaging the area out (although its not fun) really helps! I will upload two pictures so you can see the decrease in swelling and less bloat. Feel like i'm back to baseline for the most part as far as the size of my stomach goes.

Fast forward to Day 10

I haven't really had much of an update--minimal symptoms which only includes tenderness of the right side of my belly only when I poke it with decent pressure. I have been working out like crazy some days even 2-3 times a day on top of my already active lifestyle and physically demanding job.

Day 13 post procedure

No symptoms still...just playing the waiting game.

2 weeks post

Horrible photos but no change just swelling has gone done. Purple pants are day 3 post procedure, camp pants are today, 2 weeks post procedure.

Day 17

Been working out like crazy and eating a balanced diet. Still not seeing much IMO.

Day 22

Still patiently waiting to see anything...some days I think I see change other days I feel like I'm getting fatter--which sucks bc even if the CS isn't working I've been working out like a maniac. :(

Side by side 3 weeks and 1 day post op

June 4(4 days post op) is top pictures with blue pants to today June 22(22 days post op) is the bottom pictures in pink pants. What do y'all think?

Day 27

Day 39 post procedure

Haven't really posted much because I've been slacking on my dieting and feel like I was gaining weight. Kind of at a stand still not really seeing anything but it is still early right? Headed to the gym now...lord knows I need some motivation...

1 month and a half post procedure

Just a photo update. :) now that I'm starting to see small results my love handles are really sticking out me! Yuck! ???? Also started using FitTea (combats bloating and some other things) I'm on day 4 with that and I think that may be helping a bit too!

5 months later

I'm still looking just about the same. Waste of money. Seems to work for a few ppl, but not for me.

My esthetician was Elly Valvo. She calmed me in the beginning as I was anxious and made sure she told me what she was doing before she did it. She was very nice and always asked me if I needed anything and checked on me periodically throughout the procedure.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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