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Hello! Just started my Invisalign yesterday. As...

Just started my Invisalign yesterday. As soon as they put them on, i regretted every bit of it. I am so self conscious about how they look (especially with all the knobs/attachments) i was certain that I was not going to do this. Reading these reviews is keeping me motivated. Thank you so much!

Before Pic!

I can't BELIEVE i am showing this picture - but thats what this is all about!

Day 3

So I am on Day 3. The top descriptive words that come to mind are 1)Discomfort 2)Pain 3)wth did i get myself into. I know this will get easier as I go. It's comforting to see others experiencing what I am on the beginning of their journey.... the support really helps. Yesterday (Day 2) I would have made it nearly 21.5 hours with them on, however, the middle of the night i ripped off the bottom aligners. I remember dreaming how bad they hurt and taking them out but i vividly remember putting them back in with no pain (clearly I just dreamt all of that). They never made it back in and when i woke up they were under my pillow. Yikes! I let my dog sleep with me, thank goodness he didn't find them. So that troubles me a little bit that I was able to take them off so easily while sleeping...
They hurt. I am not going to lie. They REALLY hurt. I feel like I have been punched in the face - 24/7. I also feel like at any given moment all my teeth are going to fall out. Part of me is glad to feel the pain because I know its working, but the other part of me is just plain miserable. As of now I am only eating twice a day because the pain and discomfort of removing and putting back in is just too much for me right now.
Work life: this is tough. I have a high level professional job and spend most my day talking with many different people. I have had to just succumb a little and just admit before a meeting starts that I am talking a little slower and to bare with me as I have just started Invisalign. People are really kind about it and I have recieved nothing but positive feedback like "oh i didn't even notice" or "no way you don't have a lisp at all!" kind lies, but lies. :) I appreciate my coworkers trying to make me feel better though.
After all my negative ranting there is positive in this post. Its only day 3 and even if its in my head, I feel like I am already seeing a change. Whether thats all in my mind or not, its keeping me very motivated. I am lucky that I only have to do 17 trays... I KNOW the end result will be worth it. To anyone else out there feeling discouraged and miserable, we are in this together and keep your eye on the prize!!! Much love from Iowa!

Day 4!

Been a rollercoaster so far but I am happy to report...I am starting to actually believe IT DOES GET BETTER! The key to reducing the pain? Keep them in! Just keep those aligners on. They may be annoying and very uncomfortable but keeping them on beats taking them off and having to put them back on and have your teeth readjust- thats where the pain is. Still only eating 2x a day as it hurts too much to pull them out and put them back in. I am getting much more comfortable talking and wearing them in front of others. Still popping Advil like candy... hoping to taper off of that a bit by this weekend. Happy Thursday!

Day 5

WELL..turns out I got too excited on Day 4 thinking my pain had mostly subsided. Wrong. Was still a very painful, long day. I kept them in for 22.5 hours. I can still say...the best thing for the pain....IS KEEPING THE ALIGNERS IN! the removing and putting back on is the worst. But as they said and its been tried and pain no gain. I posted a picture of my alingers in. That is by far the most I expose them, from years of trying to cover my teeth when i talk and laugh, I am pretty good at hiding the aligners. I find myself telling someone right away because I assume that they can blatantly see them and notice my lisp but 9/10 times the person will respond, "oh i had no idea!" Speech is getting better...only way to do that is to just keep talking. I find by the time I get home from work my poor tongue has had a workout!

Tray #2!

Hey Everyone!

Today I switched to Tray #2! I have some tips to share.....already.

The Ortho and others suggested that I always change trays at night. I made the mistake of trying my Tray #2 on this morning (my change day) after my brushing routine and they felt great. I immediately felt fine and was confident and relieved at how well this tray felt. So I decided to wear them today. Big mistake. Change your trays at night. About three hours in and my mouth is killing me. I think I am going to put tray #1 back on and try again tonight.

Although it hurts, I am very happy to report that it isn't nearly as bad at the first few days of Tray #1 when I was ready to ditch them all together.....before I found this page. :)

But overall I feel great. I already am noticing a change in the look of my teeth from Tray #1 and its so crazy how by the end of your two weeks- or however long you wear your trays- your mouth becomes comfortable and it becomes easy to take them on and off. Changes are happening already!!!!!!

All is better!

Took about three weeks but I am feeling good! Confident, smiling with my trays on, laughing again- its been quite the change! But a great one. I see a difference already even if its too minimal for anyone else to notice but that is giving me major motivation.

2 weeks ago reading reviews about how much better it got were nearly unbelievable to me. Today, I am a believer!

Tray 5

Two days away from tray 6/17!!! All is going so well and I don't regret it for anything. I am smiling harder and bigger already these days and time is flying with the trays. ????

Still going good!

tray 8/17. All is well!

Feeling fantastic at my halfway point!!

Halfway through!!!!! What a breeze this had become! It's just crazy the changes I feel and see! Best decision ever!!

On my last leg of my treatment! Tray 13/20!!! All is great and I'm SO happy i stuck this through. I'll never regret it!

Face full of smile. Who is this person?! :)

Are they on or off?!?! Either way - I smile with my REAL smile on the reg now!

I am done!!

I am officially done with treatment!! My dentist told me it was optional to add more to make them "totally perfect" - but I declined. This is exactly what I imagined and I love that my teeth have some character!

These are my results after exactly 8 months from start to finish. I would recommend Invisalign to anyone and everyone!!!

Love my Invisalign smile!! The final picture! Thanks for all the support Real Space! Cheers!

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