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I am getting the procedure done tomorrow on my...

I am getting the procedure done tomorrow on my abdomen. I am 26 years old, 5'4", and weigh about 120. I have always had a pudgy stomach no matter how much I exercise, how well I eat, even when I lose a few pounds. I don't need to lose weight so this should be a good procedure for me....if it really works. The before and after pics sure look promising so I am optimistic.

I paid $1500 for 2 treatments so I'm thinking that should take care of it. I will try to update this review fairly often so that you can all follow my progress.

Day of Procedure

I had it done at 3pm. I was too narrow to get good suction on the lg applicator so we ended up doing the medium one which worked great. You can kinda see in the pic that a ton of fat was sucked into the applicator :)

The first 7-10 minutes were uncomfortable and it felt like cold fire. Then I was pretty numb for the rest of it. I am recovering from a cold and was afraid to cough because of the strong suction on my belly, but it was fine. Surprisingly, the massage was fine, not painful at all, but did feel strange.

It was quite uncomfortable for 5 or so minutes after the massage while I was starting to "thaw". Now, 3 hours later, I feel fine. Virtually no discomfort, but kinda numb. I will continue to update as thing change.

So far so good

Slept fine last night, actually slept for almost 12 hours which was much needed. This morning I have no redness and no swelling. The area is fairly tender when touched but otherwise there is no pain.

It seems as if I am actually smaller this morning. I am tracking 3 measurements (natural waist, across the navel, and 2-3" below navel). Yesterday morning I was 27.5, 33, 34 and today I'm 27, 32.25, 32.75 which makes me feel great but I'm sure most of it can be attributed to daily weight fluctuations. I tend to really bloat up quite often...I can eat a meal and end up looking quite pregnant and so far doctors don't really know why...I don't seem to have any food sensitivities/allergies.

Regardless, so far things are going great and there is no pain or swelling!

Can't believe how good I feel

At this point I thought I'd be feeling some actual pain or discomfort besides the numbness and tenderness that I've had since the procedure. This is day 3 and I feel great. Wearing low-rise jeans with no problem, just a typical day at work.
Not noticing any changes at this point, not really swollen either. I am really hoping that this works out and I lose some of the fat :)

1 week update

I'm at the one week mark and not much new to report. Still pretty numb and I've been having some stinging sensations off and on. It's not too bad and comes and goes. I think I will post some photos next week but I'm guessing there won't be any noticeable changes yet.


It's been a little over 3 weeks since the procedure. Discomfort is totally gone but some slight numbness lingers. Haven't noticed any big changes yet, which is normal but I'm anxiously waiting :) here is a picture update.


I meant 2 weeks post, not 3 weeks.

3 week update

Feeling great! Last night my husband playfully pinched my belly and noticed that there was less to pinch which made me feel like things are changing even thought the pics aren't showing much yet (understandably since it's only been 3 weeks).

Week 4 (Thanksgiving week)

I'm sure I over indulged during the Thanksgiving holiday but I'm seeing a very slight change so I'm pretty happy at this point. I have my second treatment scheduled in about 12 days.

5 weeks

Still no real noticeable changes. I'm sure hoping my second treatment (this Friday) will be worth it.

2nd round

Today was treatment #2. All went as planned, quite tender now but comfortable. The nurse showed me the original photos and compared to the ones taken today and there are some subtle differences (she also said I gained 1 pound) . She is confident that this 2nd treatment will really boost my results. I will keep posting updates and weekly photos. I also took measurements today and I am down .5" at natural waist, 1.5" at the navel, and .75" about 3 inches below navel.

1 week post second treatment

Well most of the tenderness is gone, still some numbness but it seems like the "healing" is progressing faster this time around. Here's some updated pics. I do see some differences but nothing too major at this point. I recently started doing some aerial and pole fitness classes so hopefully I will start seeing some good results from my workouts!

3 weeks post treatment 2

I'm totally back to normal after my second treatment. Here are my latest pics

Better pic...

10 weeks

10 weeks in and here are the pics

1 more week till final doctor photos

I go in for final photos on Friday....I am seeing a difference :)

4.5 months post second treatment

Well it's been about 4.5 months since my second abdominal treatment. Although I expected more dramatic results, I do see changes that I'm happy with. I lost .25" at the natural waist, 1.5" at the navel, and 1.75" at 2-3" below the navel although I gained about 3-4#. I would do one more treatment if it didn't cost so much.
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