58 Yr Old Women - Ideal Weight with Menopausal Belly - Des Moines, IA

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I am a Fit 58 year old woman. I work out 4 or 5...

I am a Fit 58 year old woman. I work out 4 or 5 times a week; eat healthy most of the time. But I could never get rid of my belly. In the past few years, I think my waist increased 5 inches. Menopause was not my friend. I was tired of hiding my belly, my muffin top or just being miserable. In addition, it was affecting my relationship as I was happy with the way I looked. After years of reading about coolsculpting, I finally made an appointment. I had my procedure done today. I had 3 applications - the large one on my lower belly and 2 smaller ones on either side of my upper belly. I went shopping then had a facial. The applicator is a little painful to start out but within a few minutes you don't feel anything. I bought a pair of spanx as recommended. I wore it for about 5 hours after my procedure. I did take it off as it was bothering me. My stomach is still numb. It feels funny to touch. No other pain right now.

I don't have my before pictures but I did take my measurements this morning. I will try to post as I progress. I read many of the reviews and heard that pain might start in a few days.

Day 2 (or 3) - Has anyone used firming lotion in that area?

I'm not sure if today is Day 2 or 3 but yesterday was my first full day. I have no pain since I am still numb. But from what I read on this website, the pain will should start in a few days. I wore a spanx during the day - it actually makes me almost sweat in that area. Plus I had terrible gas. My tummy is still swelled up. I haven't had any issues sleeping yet.

I did a short workout last night - working my upper body and legs. I might try a run-walk on the treadmill tonight.

I have a question for those out there. My NP told me that I could have issues with loose skin - has anyone used any firming lotions in their treated area?

Day 5

If all the other reviews are correct, today is the day the pain starts. Right now, I feel fine. My stomach is still a little numb. I have exercised using an on line work out plan (idealshape.com). I don't follow the plan to a "T". Instead of one short workout each day, I do 2 every other day. I usually run/walk on a treadmill the alternate days. I have yet to run. I had planned on trying the other night but ended up at the Veterinary ER with my dog. If everything feels good tomorrow, I might try going to the gym and doing a Couch25K or a HIIT run/walk on their treadmill (much higher quality than mine).

Day 7 (Happy Easter!)

I'm starting to feel some pain. Not much or excruciating like others said but some sharp pains on one side (this was the upper that was close to my ribs). I have been wearing a spanx all day but not while I'm sleeping. I found out last night that I couldn't sleep on my side like I'm used to; my tummy couldn't just hang so I slip a pillow under my stomach. It must of worked because I ended up sleeping through the night.

I'm still feeling some pain in that same area. The rest of my belly just itches. Every time I go to the bathroom, my shirt and spanx go up and I just scratch my belly.

Day 8. OMG. The Pain!

I had my procedure a week ago. I still haven't figured out if Day 1 is Procedure day or if you start counting the next day. Anyway, as you can see from yesterday, the pain set in Saturday night. And it has gotten progressively worse as time goes buy. As I'm typing this, I have sharp pains in my belly. It is getting more dificult to concentrate at work. I just read on another review that the magic touch was: Smooth Move tea (I have this at home), some icey hot (I do have a similar product here at work), some Extra Strength Tylenol (I've been taking this all day) and girdle. (I'm wearing this right now.).

I had purchase Artic Ease which was recommended on another website. I don't think it works all that great. First, it doesn't stay on like they say it will and it only work for about 15 minutes.

I will let you know how the "Miracle Concoction" works.

Day 8 - Pain was subsiding

I woke up feeling great this morning! Yesterday was the absolute worse day! I even laid on the couch with a ice pack on my side moving it as the pain increased in one of 3 spots. I did work out a bit (doing my on line daily workout) and felt much better after moving. At bedtime, I drank my smooth move tea, took 2 Tyelnol PM and grabbed an ice pack. Since I sleep on my stomach, it was easy to slip the ice pack under my belly and fall asleep.

I got on the scale this morning and I was up a few lbs. I'm not sure if it's lack of exercise, too much indulging or I'm a little constipated. I'm hoping the smooth move tea will kick in soon.

I'm not wearing the spanx today. I just felt like my stomach might need a rest from being constrained in that straight jacket. The morning went great but this afternoon the pain had come back.

Day 10 - Trying To Stay Positive

It's 1 1/2 weeks since my procedure and I'm starting to get negative thoughts. My stomach is either still swollen or bloated. I was thinking this morning it looked smaller but right now I'm uncomfortable in my work clothes and can't wait to get home to put on sweats.

The pain is all but gone. A few pains off and on but not like it was a few days ago. I have worked out a little bit - I really need to pick up on my couch to 5K but not sure about my belly going up and down.

I find myself reading everything I can about what to expect, how to maximize your results, etc. I don't know if anyone is reading these but it really helping me to write about it.

Day 17 Update

I haven't updated my review lately so I thought I would take a minute. The office called on Monday (Day 15) to see how I was doing - I guess they waited until the pain had subsided. I have no pain now so I'm working out regularly. They did tell me that rather than coming in after a month; they want to see me at 6 weeks. They said thay it would be better indication of my progress with a 2nd procedure if needed at 2 months or even 3 months.

I haven't noticed any change in the area. My clothes are still fitting the same (after the initial swelling went down). I'm still numb in some areas.

4 Weeks Today

Today is 4 weeks. I have to be perfectly honest I don't notice any difference. I even went shopping on Saturday for a dress for a wedding next weekend and it was very discouraging. Just 6 years ago, I was trying on 6's & 8's and now I'm looking at 12's. And my weight only changed less than 10 lbs. Menopause wasn't good to me.

I'm hoping that I'll start to see some changes in the next few weeks. I don't go back for my follow-up visit for 2 weeks.


I think I'm seeing results. I noticed this morning the pants I was wearing seemed to fit a little looser in the tummy area. I also noticed in my workout pants - instead of having to hike up my pants they stayed plus my stomach just looked smaller. Yea!!!


Absolutely no change after almost 6 weeks. I am totally frustrated. My clothes don't fit better, my weight hasn't changed, my measurements are the same. I work out at least 5 times a week doing interval training or run/walk treadmill work out. Yes, I have a job that requires me to sit all day but I try to get up every hour to walk.

I'm suppose to go back for follow-up next week but due to a hit and run accident, I won't have transportation so I will have to push it back to the following week.

I was told I would need two procedures but I'm not sure if I am willing to go through it again. At least, not in the near future.

I actually have another review from day 1 and updated every few days.

2nd Treatment 4 days ago

So it's been a while since I updated my post. After 2 months, I went for my follow up. I saw absolutely no difference but the technicians swore then could. Unfortunately my before pictures were taken differently than my 2nd pictures.

But they also agreed that I needed a 2nd treatment and offered to give me double treatment on my upper belly. Instead of just the small one on both sides, they crisscrossed the larger paddle (and only charged me for the small ones). I really hoping to see some results.

And she made a comment that she was starting to see some results in the lower ones (this is 10+ weeks from original treatment).

Another thing I noticed, I gained 7 or 8 lbs after my first treatment and haven't been able to lose it. This time I immediately started working out, took my dog for a walk that night (I worked out earlier) and ran/walked plus strength training the next day.

No bruising, no real pain - a few twinges every once in a while but I have been staying ahead of the pain - sleeping on ice pack, taking pain medicine, etc.

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