46 Years Old, 5'5" 160lbs, 34 (H, I or J). Des Moines, IA

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I am about to embark on this journey of smaller...

I am about to embark on this journey of smaller boobies people! I have an appointment with DOC #1 next Tuesday, January 26th and DOC #2 on February 18th. (long time). I am reading the other posts to get information about questions to ask etc. I intend to lose more weight but this is where I am now. I lost 25 lbs last year and went from a 36J to what I am now 34 H or I (depending on bra). So not much smaller. This is why I decided to do this. Even if I lose another 20lbs - I see my boobs being a 34 G at best. Still too big. I have the usual back pain. I've even been taking Pilates the last few months which has helped my core strength tremendously (can't say enough about Pilates) but my back continues to be an issue due to these tits!!! Arggg. So wish me luck on my journey ladies!

Weight loss and Breast reduction question....

I'm not sure when I want to do the surgery. I would like to lose more weight before the surgery. I would hate to do the surgery, then lose 20lbs and they be saggy. Did anyone out there have this experience? Did the operation, lose weight and they were droopy or did they pretty much keep their shape? I know everyone is different but am considering waiting till September to lose weight first. I'm 5'5" 160lbs - wanna get to 140.

A few start pics: 1/22/16

Saw Doc #1

Saw the Doc #1 on Tuesday. Went as well as expected. I'm learning that there really are no huge differences between the surgeries and it's pretty straight forward. I hear about the same recovery times between doctor, books, this website etc. He showed me pictures and they looked good. He thinks he can take out 600grams per breast (WOW) and get me down to a C cup. I told him I was planning to lose weight (about 20lbs) but thought there would be no significant difference in the breast shape and look than if he did it now. He is sending a letter to insurance to get coverage - thinks this will be no problem as I'm a good candidate. I swear I've looked at so many boobs now I'm going nuts. I asked him about the pain and he said it is painful but not nearly like the ACL knee surgeries I've had in the past (thank god!). I have Appointment with Doc #2 on Feb 18th.

Got approval from Insurance

So - almost 2 weeks to date of my initial dr. appointment - I got approval from insurance. There was a part of me thinking it may not happen but, then again, duh - I'm huge! LOL - so - I was anxious and feeling in limbo and now I'm scared of the surgery. I've had 3 knee surgeries (2 ACL Meniscus repair and one Meniscus removal). All are very painful. The Doc let me know this would not be as bad but still, surgery is surgery. Then there is all the personal prep that needs to be done: having the house in order, cancelling other activities previously scheduled - you know, kind of putting your life on hold for a few weeks. I'm lucky to not have to worry about going back to work and my husband will take care of me but it's just been hard to focus on goals etc.

Now I'm wondering about the best way to heal - diets, supplements, and then scar treatment too. Give me a shout out if you have information.


I was out with a couple of girlfriends who used to work for the 2nd opinion doctor I will be seeing on the 18th. They assured me he was a great doctor and fine surgeon. This particular doctor is also in my insurance group. I was going to just go ahead with the first doctor but they are telling me the second one it better. They have worked within the P.S. network of doctors for a while now. SO - with that being said. I am putting the first one on hold and will see what the second one has to say. I don't do the waiting game very well. I have a tendency to want to get it over with but I really need to be thorough and patient with this decision and feel completely confident in my choice. I truly wasn't feeling it inside but was choosing to ignore that little voice inside - but this is important - VERY. So I've given myself the pep talk and my surgery may not be scheduled now for a few months (due to my schedule and theirs). But this is the right thing to do - I've got to calm down and feel good about this surgeon. If it takes another opinion so be it. I'm not good at limbo but I'm going to have to deal with it on this one. In the meantime I will focus on losing more weight and being as healthy as I can before the surgery date is given.

I do have another question for all you ladies out there. I have trips scheduled. Has anyone travelled (plane) 4 weeks after surgery and did ok? Or even 3? Please let me know if you did and how you felt.

New Photo - Pre Op

Just thought I'd add a "laying down" pic in here so I can look back and see the differences. Boy one side is bigger than the other - lol

Doctor Number 2

Went to 2nd doctor this past Thursday. I definitely liked him better than the first. I'm so glad I waited and listened to my heart (which was basically not feeling comfortable with the first). Doctor #2 explained that there are different types of surgeries he does depending on the size and skin that would be taken off etc. and he explained, with drawings, what the differences were. After looking at my breasts he explained which surgery he was going to do and why. Turns out I need the one with the most scaring (under the breast) because there's just too much to take out. He thinks he can get me comfortably at a D. Sounds good to me. So now I wait for the insurance approval for this doctor and then will be scheduled 6 - 8 weeks out. Oh - he also explained about the recovery. He just said that I needed to take it easy. No heavy lifting - no over doing it. The healing process of this area is delicate because it can move so easily so no bouncing movements or stretching. I get it.

Got surgery date!

OK - so it was April 8th - now the 19th. The nurse scheduled the previous one with a hospital out of my network - glad she caught that one. So now it's the 19th which is a few days before my bday - Happy Birthday to me with new boobs! So now I can plan my life.

I intend to lose a bit more weight before the surgery. Say about 7 lbs. (1 per week or so). I will take my Pilates classes religiously as well as usual cardio. I need to get a cleaning service so I don't fret over my home. I have a tendency to just start on a marathon cleaning adventure which is not advisable (AT ALL) after surgery. So also - will have food easily accessible too. My husband and I got a food service delivery (GreenChef) - where they send you all of the ingredients and a recipe and you make it at home. Green Chef is organic too. I think my husband can handle this right? LOL - we'll see. His assistant is so sweet - she scheduled him off the whole week after my surgery. Luckily, unlike almost all of you, I don't have a job to return to. I am a painter though and will need to put that on hold - I think the raising of the right arm up and down and over to the paint and up and down and over to the canvas is gonna be a no no in general.

We also have this great reclining comfy chair we'll need to bring into the bedroom. I will move my end table by it so all my books etc are nearby.

I've had 3 knee surgeries so I know the drill about general anesthesia. I plan to eat like a pro up to the surgery date (organic, well balanced, high protein meals). The day before I will eat a blander diet (white breads, potato without skin, lean meats, no veggies) - in other words easily digested foods. When I'm back home after the surgery - back to the solid balanced meals I was having previously.

I learned from my previous surgeries that the pain meds make you constipated. SO I will have my metamucil or something along those lines immediately after surgery to prevent that nightmare from occurring. It's bad enough you're dealing with pain from surgery, you certainly shouldn't have to deal with a pain in your ass right ladies?!?! I was also told to stop taking my daily Krill Oil supplement a week prior since it's a natural blood thinner. Also, I will need to lay off my ibuprofen. I take the damn stuff like it's a vitamin. My back hurts people - thanks boobs!

Thats it for now. THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!!!


Today I got the official letter from the insurance company adding the new doctor as provider. I had the surgery covered by insurance already (but with another doctor). SO they switched it over so it's official. CHECK.

I've had a rough couple of weeks. Had reassuring and severe nose bleeds. It gets very dry here in Iowa and I'm new to the area so my nose (which has always had a tendency to bleed) - went ape shit recently. Went to the ENT and they stuck a hot poker in my nose to stop the bleeding. Then my left elbow inexplicably started aching badly a few nights ago - it went away after a couple of days and I think it was due to a Pilates session and doing a couple of hours of yard work hacking at bushes and trees. Just feel like my body is giving up sometimes. Ah life getting older. So this all made it difficult to stay the course on lowering my ibuprofen usage and diet plan. But I'm back in the game now.

Hope all is well with everyone out there.

Working out with large breasts.....

So much fun ain't it ladies? I have been taking Pilates for months now. In fact it is one of the reasons I decided to get the reduction (like the pain in my neck and back wasn't enough - oh and not being able to fit into clothes etc.) I was getting so much stronger in my arms and back in areas I didn't even know had muscles - and STILL - my back hurts. My lower back is better and my posture is improved a lot but the pain is still a constant. OH and trying to do a plank is a joke. I do it, i'm strong but it's SOOO hard to do! Also, any work out where you are using your sides is a joke too. UGH - so interested to see how I do in Pilates once the girls are knocked down and I can do Pilates again.

Hospital paper work....

OK - so I got the paperwork from the hospital telling me all of the the things to stop taking etc. SO:
No Anti-inflammatory 10 days prior (ibuprofen, Naprosyn, Motrin) - this will be tough. I've been trying not to take as much lately but I have back pain - a lot (thanks boobs). I will need to make sure I take it easy so not to cause the pain but I want to work out so I'm as in shape as I can be prior to surgery. UGH. Hell it helps me sleep sometimes cause of pain I'm having.

Stop taking Vitamin E, Fish Oils or garlic supplements 2 weeks prior.

Do not take products containing Ehedra / pseudeophedrine like Sudafed for at least 48 hours prior.

No diet pills or weight loss supplements 4 weeks prior

Do not drink alcohol for one week prior to surgery.... now this is funny since I signed up for a wine tasting with my girlfriends. I guess I'll have to spit it out. Oh well.

Also was requested to have physical with primary physician and have blood tests (hemoglobin / hematocrit)

Just can't believe this is happening - I keep running that song through my head:


Moving around - hmmmmmmm....

So I've been reading other recoveries and I'm wondering about something:
What little "exercises" can I do that would help me from not "freezing" into place. In other words should I get a ball I can squeeze or some kind of leg lift or something? I just don't wanna cramp up from being so immobile afterwards.

Also - something clicked with me today as I was reading the hospital information about not moving around.... they mentioned Intimate relations after surgery and to only do it by doctors consent. I get it - it is a lot of movement - so is working out but what I didn't think of and they pointed out is ANYTHING that gets your heart rate up is NOT GOOD. It will make more bruising and make healing slower. I never thought of that. I was only thinking of moving around - not my blood flow being the issue. interested eh?

19 Days.....

I'm having a hard time thinking of anything else. Everything is about the surgery.

Meals: I'm a beaner. I love beans. I soak them overnight, then bring them to a boil in the morning, rinse, put back on stovetop with some water (all of that is to get rid of the enzymes that give you gas). I add some chicken, turmeric root (wear gloves), onion, garlic, other dried spices, bay leaf, a whole bunch of kale or collards that have been shredded in the food processor. SOOO yummy! I am making Cannelloni, Red and Pinto Beans with varying meats and veggies. As "Steel Magnolias" quotes - ...they freeze beautifully". My husband will be "cooking" for me so this will make things easy.

Clothes: Went to TJ Maxx yesterday and bought a couple of short robes. I'm going to be home mostly so don't need to worry too much about button down shirts that people are going to see me in. I just need to be comfortable at home. If and when I go out I will put on my zippered work out jackets. When I got home I went online and got a couple of button down night shirts from SOMA (Sales area). They are SUPER comfortable. Their lounge pants are great too because they have pockets and again are SUPER comfy. I have yet to get my front closure bras. I've read about Genie and some at Walmart. I'll get those next week. I've heard to get a couple of sizes bigger than you think you will be - especially the rib cage size. SO - I'll get 38DD.

Comfort at home: Will be in a recliner at first. will have two night tables on either side to hold my stuff so I won't have to reach too far.

Last night I spoke with my husband about the realities of my recovery - how at first I won't be able to do dishes, cook, reach for cups and dishes or hold pots. Hell it seams opening the refrigerator will be a challenge at first. How he will need to help me wash my hair and body in the shower. Luckily we have a large walk in shower with an additional hand held spigot. I think I will continue these talks as I get closer to the date just so he's not caught off guard. I'm not going to pretend he should "get it". We discussed laundry too. I even mentioned placing my pain and antibiotic post op pills in easy to open containers.

Amazon: Got that pick-up-things stick. Maybe I'll get the bras there too.

Working out: I've been hitting the Pilates, walking, elliptical and/or TRX daily. Wanna be in the best shape I can be. I know I will atrophy - especially in the upper area (back, shoulders, arm, abs) at first. Nature of surgery.

Unfortunately I did not lose the weight I was hoping too. Had some visitors for 5 days and that always screws that up. It's like a holiday. But I'm still trying. I'm still at 160 - maybe I can get it to 157 by surgery day (3 weeks). After surgery I will need to first just get nutrients into my body but then will have to watch the calorie intake as my activity level will be so low and so will my metabolism.

I plan to have activities (other than TV) to do. I am a painter so I will try to do some sketching at least, catch up on stupid paperwork that I've been putting off (gotta make that list now). Catch up with old friends too. I will try to keep myself mentally active and scheduled so to not get depressed by my inactivity and just needing to generally chill out so I can heal.

I have a trip planned at the beginning of June so I'm planning to be ready to enjoy that trip.

New thing I'm gonna do - take pictures of myself now in clothes before I go out daily. After I'm able to dress again post op - take pictures in the same clothes again.

OK - I'm done rambling now. This really does help me to stay organized mentally and physically. Thanks for "listening"

"Heavy Boob"

Hilarious ladies = check it out...

Pre- OP Appointment with P.S. (T minus 11 days)

So this was a voluntary appointment. I thought I would ask him if he could remove this pesky (yet big) mole on my arm while he was at it. The dermatologists didn't really want to do it. Answer? NO - insurance would freak doing it in a hospital as the charge would be much higher than in his office and I'll be laying on my back and the damn thing is located on my arm but the back side. So whatever - no biggy - just thought I'd ask.

Got some other answers:

- No Underwire Bras for 6 months (at least)
- I will have NO stitches - just sutures under the skin that will dissolve. GOOD! So I don't need to be tugged or picked on post op. I see him 10 days after the surgery just to see how I'm coming along.
- I won't have a surgery time until the day before (scheduling within the hospital).
- He thinks he can get me to a Large C cup or small D. Yippie!!!
- I asked him if there were supplements (or anything) to help healing. He said while there are vitamins that claim to help with the healing, there is no magic pill that will make it better than without. But he did say there are plenty of things you can do to make healing NOT go well. Common sense dictates this one.

Ladies - have you looked at bras in the store that are D or even DD cups? They seem like training bras to me. I simply can't imagine how I will actually fit in those! But I'm really excited. OH and strapless? Can it be?

Honestly though, I've been nervous and have been having bouts of depression and anxiety as I get closer. I talked to my husband about it (and the doctor). Having had major surgery when I was 32 (15 years ago) and that being so damn painful I have been worried. They assure me that this surgery as opposed to ACL knee surgery is MUCH less painful. But the thing leaves me trepidatious is the down time afterwards; the loss of muscle mass, possible gaining of weight due to metabolism going in the tank. I think I've also just been such a slave to my boobs it's almost unthinkable to not have them. I feel like I have Stockholm Syndrome or something LOL!!!!

Let 'em HANG!!!

So today I'm up and going around the house and decided - huh - screw it - I'm not wearing a bra. I would always wear a bra (unless in bed) cause I didn't want to stretch them or hurt them or whatever. NOW - with only 10 days to go until surgery, I don't care!!! (that is unless my back starts hurting - ugh)


So the countdown is really on now people! I now can't take ibuprofen and of course my back is killing me now. I took some tylenol and will simply have to take it easy. Started Bromelain supplement and am eating like a pro. I've am going to take my sodium intake down and sugar. I've been generally having way too much sugar recently anyway. Lower sodium is supposed to help with the swelling that happens after the surgery. Makes sense. But otherwise, working out every damn day this week and eating really healthy (which my ass should have been doing anyway! LOL).

Need a recliner - quick!

OK - so I made a majorly bad assumption. I thought the recliner I had (which I never use) would be ok to use. It's not. I can't get the thing up or down without using my arms and that ain't gonna happen after surgery. So now I'm thinking about sleeping in my bed but thought that would be difficult at first.


My surgery is Tuesday - yes THIS Tuesday so I wanna move quick on this one.

Thanks for any help / advice you may have....


SO - I went in for surgery yesterday morning and all went smoothly. I was nauseated a bit but they took care of that. I was moved into my room (I spent the night in the hospital) - THANK GOD! I was having bouts of low blood pressure that they had to treat. They were draining my drains and at about 7:30pm when the nurse went to do it there was a big blood clot in it and was full of blood too. Unbeknown to me she let the doctor know and he came in at 10 to check on me. He was able to get the clot out of the drain and then was monitoring the bleeding - which had been a bit. It did slow down but that breast was tender and noticeably larger. My doctor decided to do surgery again on the right breast to take out any blood clots I had and take a look. Unfortunately this meant I had to stop eating a drinking anything. They were about to get me into surgery by 7:30am. My blood pressure was still low and I was having trouble urinating and resting - I was in pain and a bit of trauma I think. So they put me under again and spent an hour or so cleaning and seeing if there was any residual bleeding and there wasn't. I felt so much better the minute I was in recovery and was able to go home by noon.
So here I am chilling out. They originally were sending me home without drains but due to the complication I will have them in for 7 days to monitor my bleeding. My hemoglobin levels were normal so I'm not having bleeding issues per say but they want to monitor it - fine with me!
The staff was AMAZING. I had a dedicated nurse through the night who made me as comfortable as she could. My doctor and all three anesthesiologist were very attentive.
My throat didn't hurt one bit after both incubations which was awesome. I am able to shower immediately if I want although I'll give it a couple of days. Not going to push anything.
It's truly amazing how your body reacts when something is off. I thought I was just recovering from surgery but the staff knew better.
SO that was my experience with this type of surgery.

I know I've said it a few times but I can't say enough about having taken Pilates for 6 months. I am easily able to get in and out of bed because my entire core is strong so I'm able to "lift" myself with my abs and back without using any of my pectorals or slouching or twisting. I'm also doing perfectly well sleeping in my bed too. Just pillows to put me up. My arms are even ok just by my sides.


I have no idea why these pics keep going in sideways on this site. Even when I turn them they end up the same direction. They didn't do this earlier so i don't know what's up.

OK - more pics pre surgery

POST OP - day 1

Total Breast Tissue Removed:

I forgot to mention that they removed 458cc's on the right breast and 650 on the left! Damn! A full liter!

Day 2 - post op

Feeling really good today. General anesthesia wore off by now and am in minimal pain and not woozy anymore. Taking my Citracel and eating my bananas to try to get those bowels moving. Will probably take another day but we'll see - I'm not uncomfortable but it's a bodily function that has to occur right? I will need to take pics next time I disrobe to check on the girls.

I do feel quite a bit lighter today too. I actually am finding my back arching back cause I'm so used to holding those puppies up! My drainage is going well and am so thankful that not too much blood is coming out of my problem child (right breast). Everything is going well.

Love the people who took care of me - they even called to check on me last night and said they would today too. I'm planning a shower later today so we'll see how that goes.

Spoke too soon!

So yesterday I was doing great and then - crash. I bit of pain and general discomfort. I was in bed from 4pm - till now (8:30am). Just needed to rest. I know it will be like this off and on. Right now I'm trying to stay up a bit and walk around to get the blood pumping. Planning my first shower with the help of my husband (of course). After that I'm sure that will be enough activity for me and I'll be resting once again.

My appetite has been fine although I certainly don't feel hungry but I eat what's in front of me.

Another thing that kind of sucks is I thought my left drainage tube was hurting me at the site (where stitches are) - but when I pointed out where it hurt it is a full 4 inches from the site which tells me it's hurting inside. It must be sticking somehow inside. I just suddenly get a burning sensation on that side if I move around just so.

So anyway - I'm hanging in there and doing what I can and just healing.


POST OP day 3 - pics

So my right breast looks a little different - probably cause that was my problem child they had to go in and mess with again - but overall looking good. Took my first shower - was ok - husband was wonderful and did a good job. I'm a bit worn out now and ready to relax again. Still feel a little nauseated. I think some of that is mental - just knowing the trauma my body endured gives me the heeby jeebies!

Pain Meds - UGH!!

So I'm on OxyContin - never have been on them before. Had Knee surgery and was on Vicodin so I discovered (Finally) that they were making me nauseated. I was taking 2 every 4 to 5 hours and finally thought that maybe they were the cause of my nausea and general yuck feeling. So a few hours ago I took 1 instead of 2 and I'm feeling MUCH better. I feel more of my incision site but nothing unbearable and I can eat more and feel like a person. I guess I was overdoing it and didn't know it. Yesterday evening I believe I did need 2 every 4 hours as I had the shivers but so glad I took it down a notch now - I can breath!

Looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully feeling a bit stronger.

POST OP - Day 5?

I don't even know what day it is anymore. I guess I'm one of those that doesn't have smooth sailing at all.

Yesterday I had my husband call 911 cause I was in so much pain. Pain from what? NOT BEING ABLE TO TAKE A SH*T!!!! I was eating my bananas and taking my citrucel and even went a couple of times since my surgery on Tuesday but BAM I was in hell!!! First I sent my husband out to the pharmacist and he came back with a suppository. After I did that it went from bad to worse. My whole body hurt and was convulsing. I was able to get back into bed and my husband called my surgeon. He told him to get some Magnesium Citrate and an enema and said if I'm not able to pass anything in a few hours to go to the ER. Sweet Jesus - really!? We sent a neighbor for that as I didn't want my husband to leave my side. Super wonderful neighbor. Then I told him to call 911 cause I thought I was going to pass out. I was sweating and nauseated and in pain. I had low blood pressure the whole night in the hospital so I wasn't sure if I was crashing again or not. They came and took my vitals and everything was normal. It comforted me just knowing my body was ok - just in no bowel turmoil. The EMT's had me deepen my breathing and try to relax. I drank the Magnesium Citrate and within minutes I gave birth to a brick.

SO sorry about the TMI but I'm hoping no one has to go through what I did. Afterwards my abdomen was tender and I had no real appetite. I did eat (mostly bread) and was able to finally get to sleep that evening.

This morning I woke up to the opposite - Diarrhea. But it passed and I'm hoping we're done with all that drama. I ate a little something and went back to bed (about 5:30am). At about 9 I took my morning vitamins only to puke them up a few minutes later. I NEVER puke - my body is just over it all. I guess my stomach was empty so didn't like the vitamins. I ate some yogurt and a waffle and am about to rest some more. I've been drinking coconut water and water with electrolytes since last night too. Gotta get my strength back up. Feel weak.

On the upside - my incisions look good and draining has stopped. I'm seeing my surgeon tomorrow to remove my drains. Today I must concentrate on getting nutrients into my body and getting my strength back. Yesterday's ordeal was trying on me. I'm so worn out.


Just got my drainage tubes out. Didn't even feel it thank god!

Last night I had pain and was trying not to do too much with the pain meds. I got some ice to help but in the end just needed more meds. Doctor told me to take the pain meds if I need them - that's it's ok. He also said to just take Myrelex for my bowels once a day and will be fine. My episode of horrible bowels is over (mostly due to the two times I had to have general anesthecia) .

So I feel better now knowing i'm doing well. He said everything looks good and is healing nicely.

I feel very relieved. Now to fill my days.....

A little before and after..... 1 WEEK POST OP

So it has been one week. I'm feeling a lot better. I find that by the end of the day I'm pretty sore and need a full dose of my pain meds and ice to get comfortable. I ordered a couple of more bras online. I am wearing the Fruit of the Loom ones so many have recommended. I am normally a 34 and ordered 38 but feel right now a 40 may be even better. Also they barely cover all of me. I have no idea what size I am but I may be a DD right now? no idea.

I think icing throughout the day will be necessary with some discomfort. I find I MUST wear the bra because when I take it off the boobs spread a little and it pulls on the incisions near the sternum - ouch.

I'm also in the process of seeing about a message therapist. I just need my back messaged. Of course we have to do this in a chair somehow. The muscles in my back are getting so tight. I have been using this Back Joy message thingy (seen in picture) and it's amazing but sometimes you need someone to give you that human touch healing gives. But really - if you can get your hands on this back joy thing found at Bed Bath and Beyond for $30 - it's awesome!!!!

In just a few hours....

Wow - I go from great to not so great to crash. Geez. I was up this morning, made my breakfast, did a little dabbling on line and got some errands (online) done then I just was tired. So went to take a nap - 2 hours later I'm up, have lunch, watching tv and just feel crappy! It's about time to take another pain med and I will.

I noticed something too. My sides are swollen. They took out the drains yesterday and all I can figure is it's where there is some fluid now (the drains would have drained that out of course). So I have this side boob now and I'm just feeling crappy. Hopefully I'll feel better later? Back to bed. Send me some good healing vibes ladies - not feeling good today. :(


Can't decide if it's day 8 or 9 being that I had two surgeries in two days. UGH - I do have to think of that for my recovery though. My last surgery was Wednesday the 20th so that's where I should start I think.

YESTERDAY: Was awful. Just could not find any energy in the reserves and had no appetite. Then at about 8pm - boom - I'm up and CRAVING a hot dog, or a quarter pounder with cheese - basically junk food! I chatted with my nurse sister who thinks my body has been losing muscle and fat fast and needs quick fast calories. She suggested plenty of fluids including freshly squeezed juices and some animal protein (which I'm flippin craving - STEAK). She said I probably lost enough iron to crave the red meat. SO tonight it's filet mignon and broccoli. What funny still is the LAST thing I want, I mean the thought of it just turns my stomach, is sweets. I also don't want carbs (the pasta, whole wheat kind). I want MEAT. This morning I had three eggs over easy - yum!! My body ate it like a junky on a binge. I just find it curious when your body craves: it's telling you you're depleted. Im glad I spoke with my sister because at first I wanted fast food (salts) and after talking further what I really wanted was a good lean steak and some broccoli - so not so unhealthy as a fast food binge. The salt craving is needing more fluids - so I'm drinking lots of water and coconut water. Gonna add some freshly squeezed OJ to the mix too. I was so weak this morning and when I had the eggs - boom I'm feeling like a human again. But don't worry - gonna SIT ON MY ASS!!! Just really looking forward to that Steak - now what to eat for lunch (Hmmmm). I know this craving will pass once I give my body what it needs.

Other good news - way down on the pain meds (FINALLY!). Got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Oxycodone is a bitch!! My pain is tolerable and it's nice to see clearly.

On to the weight loss part of my story; So this is how much weight I've lost (not intentionally):
4/19 - Surgery Day - 159lbs
4/23 - 164.8lbs (pre being able to Sh*t)
4/24 - 161.8lbs. (after finally giving birth to a Sh*t)
4/25 - 158.8 lbs.
4/26 - 156.8 lbs.
4/27 - 155.2 lbs.

I realize a lot of this is loosing muscle - unfortunately but what-are-you-gonna-do! And loosing some BOOB! Those bitches weighed a lot after all! LOL And while I'm happy to lose another 25lbs - I gotta be careful. I have been monitoring my caloric input so I don't balloon up BUT not being able to exercise (no metabolism) and I'm sure this loss with stop soon. It's loss of muscle I'm sure and as we all know - muscle weighs more than fat.

I've also been monitoring my swelling by measuring the circumference of my boobs to see if they're changing. It's hard to tell when you look at them all of the time but I thought a measurement would help me keep track. There has been no change since 2 days ago when they swelled up so that's good (not getting any bigger).

I hope this day for me continues to be ok. I do know I will have my moments of crap though - inevitable.



Feeling really good now. Went through the entire day yesterday feeling good too. I have my appetite back too - UT OH - gotta be careful now - lol.

The downside to feeling good:
You wanna do more
you get moody and a little depressed bumming around the house
Your body wants to sleep on the side. Yep - all of a sudden last night I was desperate to sleep on my side. I angled a couple of pillows and was able to perch towards the side but damn- was kind of nice just sleeping on my back without issue.
I don't need as much sleep - but then - what do I do with my time?

UPSide - I'm getting better and feel like a human being for a change!!

BRAS: Sweet Jesus how many different brands and types do I have to go through! I just bought new ones (Glamorise) on Amazon in a 40 (I'm a 34). I can't stand any tightness around my rib cage (and incisions). I was wearing the Fruit of the Loom, then they got swollen a little so I was wearing my old Enell sports bras, now the Glamorise brand, and I just ordered a different one. I even considered using an ace bandage wrapping technique.

Occasionally I get this sore kind of burning sensation on the area of my boobs between my nipples and neck. Weird area I know since it's furthest part of breast away from incisions. I gently massage with my hands (that are typically cold) and it helps. I am also still icing the sides as this is soothing as well.

Well - nothing else to add that I can think of right now. Just same day as yesterday - SITTING ON MY ASS!!!

NO Lipo? Hmmm

So I'm reading up on so many of you ladies and so many of you had lipo included. I did ask my doctor about it during our initial consult and he was like "no" - don't do that. But honestly I think I may be weird about the whole thing - I didn't really care about making them the best they can possibly be. I just wanted these bad boys off. I didn't even show him pics or anything - just wanted them OFF!!! I don't care if they're not even or not the same size (as I had one whole cup size bigger on the lefty). I'm not even worried about scaring - I JUST WANTED THEM OFF.

I think part of it too is only me and my husband will be looking at these puppies when they're all healed and my husband doesn't give a rats ass if they were chopped off completely so I'm not worried about how they look. I just want to be able to wear normal clothes and look cute in them and be able to work out with less pain and weight and be able to do more. Other than that - I just don't give a sh*t. I guess the only thing i'm concerned about is if they end up bigger than I planned. I'm only 1 week out but currently am a 34DDD. This shit better get smaller than that. He said he could get me to a large C small D and I better get there - I'm so DONE with these boobs. I'm grateful I'm healthy and don't have breast cancer or anything like that but am really done with these tits people! LOL


SO funny - looks like everyone I'm following who had surgery about the same time is getting out finally. My husband is out of town this weekend so I got some girl time together. I went out to a restaurant last night and then was hanging around home afterwards. I did really well but did put myself to bed at 10. I was in bed today most of the day too. They're coming back tonight to make dinner and hang again so I'm looking forward to that. I was in bed most of the day today. I feel my boobs but I'm definitely moving around a lot better than before.

Feels good to be getting around better now. I have 2 more weeks before I see the doctor again and not sure what I'm going to do with myself but I think it's just a matter of really listening to my body. ANY pull or pain in the boob area will be seen as a BAD thing. So I will do my best not to irritate. I guess the next big step is driving. I'll do that sometime this week - straight to the spa people!!! LOL

DAY 12 - OY!!!

Can't believe it's day 12 and every day I'm getting better. I think I'm gonna need to step up the sitting on my ass just a little. I find that when I'm up and about for a little while - even just sitting in a regular chair - my upper back is hurting me. I mean geez it's just like old times with big boobs! But I know it's because I haven't been using those muscles being horizontal practically 24/7.

EXERCISE - you heard me - I'm gonna do something now before I lose ALL of my muscle. I lost another 2lbs and I know it ain't me eating all good. Oh no - that's muscle flyin' off my body. I'm talking something VERY mild - going up on my tip toes a few reps to get my calves going. Tiny little squats to work on my quads a little. SOMETHING. I'm not sure what to do with this back pain. ugh. I could use a massage but can't lay on the table.

I sure wish I could get together with all of you say - next Monday and go shopping - wouldn't that be fun? I will be needing clothes - yippie!!!

Another note: I HATE that the elastic on my bras is going right on my incisions - freaks me out! I put mini pads on the area now for some padding. I don't feel it but it doesn't sit well with me that there is binding on that location.

OK - off to lunch with a friend. I think I'll try driving on Wednesday.


DAY 17 - Post Op - SWELLING BE GONE!!!

OK - so today I'm going nuts. I want to DO THINGS. I want to vacuum and do laundry and cook a meal and garden. I want to do pushups!!! LOL I do! I wanna get on my elliptical and do pushups and weights and not worry about hurting myself. whah wah. I'm being negative - sorry. BRAS: I've been using mini pads around the rib cage of my bras because I hate the bras binding in that area. I'm a 34 but have been wearing 40 just so it's not tight at all. Unfortunately I am NOT comfortable not wearing a bra because any little swing of the girls is uncomfortable. This has been a constant battle. UGH Today I described to my husband the discomfort I feel. I compared it to a really bad sunburn. When you move at all it stings and is generally uncomfortable. It's not unbearable by any means - just uncomfortable. Does anyone have the sides hurting? I didn't have lipo but the sides of my breasts tend to get pretty sore. ALSO - I'm obsessing about my current size. I know it will get smaller but HOW MUCH? I'm trying to find others who had it done and how much the girls went down after 6 - 9 months. I've only been able to see that doctors said you don't get the true size and shape until 9 months to a year. Currently I'm a DDD - is it unreasonable to hope that I'll be a D one day? Please let me be a D. I hear about people having adjustments done a year later. NO WAY am I going through this again. Well Happy Healing!

Bra Shopping - AGAIN - 3 Weeks post op

I went bra shopping yesterday. I'm now able to wear a bra that fastens in the back. Got a sexy number from Wacoal and a couple from Bali. Both no underwire - DUH. The Bali was a Large - no cup size yet. I did try on bras with cups and right now it's hard to tell because I'm wearing a 38 rib cage (cause of the incisions) although I'm a 34. So with the 38 I was wearing a D. So with a 34 I'll most likely be a DD or DDD. POOPIE!!!!! I did also go shirt shopping and was able to buy Mediums! Looked great too! I'm so psyched about getting more but I must be patient! I see my doctor next Monday - looking forward to that and curious if he'll start me on any scar remedies. My incisions are starting to flake off too. I had glue only on the outside (no tape) so there are these little scabs that are now flaking off. Kind of gross - lol. All is looking well but still get pretty sore by days end. I have some shooting pains too. My right breast is the tender one - Also was the one that had the second surgery due to hematoma. It also may be getting more tired because I'm right handed. Who knows. Happy healing. BTW - Can't say enough about the comfort of this bra!!! Bali Comfort Revolution® ComfortFlex Fit® Wirefree Bra

POST OP - Week 5 and one day....

So hello everyone! It seems all the peeps that had surgery around the same time as me have disappeared - me included - lol! We're getting much better and don't have as much time to look at the forum here. So I saw my Doctor last Monday (about a week and a half ago) - he said all looks well and to not dwell on my size as that will change. I told him my circumference has measured 40" since I got home with sometimes being 40.5" (swelling) - he said not to expect things to change that quickly. Well yesterday - I measured 39.5" WOOHOO - AND I was able to put on a bra I gave up on 3 weeks ago because it was too tight around the rib cage. In other words, my incisions are getting more comfortable. All of the scabs have come off except for a couple around each nipple. I'm hoping they come off in the next week as I was instructed to not submerge in water until they do and I'm on a vacation people! So I don't have an appointment until October now - a 6 month follow up. I sent a message to him a couple of days afterwards asking him for more pain meds - I find that by the end of the day I hurt and need half of a pill. He was reluctant but did. I have only used one in 3 days. He did say something to me that resonated though - "don't do anything that requires that you take a pain pill" and "don't take the pain pills so you CAN do more". I get it - it spoke to me. I'm in denial sometimes about where I am in recovery. I seem to think I'm done - a hell no! gotta chill. Speaking of chilling - this shit is killing me. I took a private pilates class (only 30 minutes) a couple of days before my 4th week post op date and it hurt. Doctor said if something hurts me - to not do it the next week and try again the following. That's how I'm to introduce working out. Sounds good. I'm getting the message - ANY PAIN IS NOT GOOD!!! I get it....NOW. LOL So I am able to get on the elliptical - do 15 minutes only for now. I find I don't like to walk too much because I bounce. I'm thinking I need a firmer bra now when I want to go for a walk - so I will especially since my incisions sites are feeling better. I did Pilates again for 30 minutes this past Monday and had no pain - YEAH! BUT - it did cramp up my back because it's so weak. OH - And where did my ass go? Has anyone seen it? if so - please give it back! SHIT my body is jello! Sucks not being able to tone when you're older - your body just atrophies so quickly! I've lost weight but am wearing the same size in pants which tells me it's just a shift from muscle to fat people! BABY STEPS - gotta get my body back in shape but have to be careful. OK - what else - I tried on bathing suits I had before (ones without a cup size) and they look fantastic!!! WOOHOOO!!! I don't even have to go bathing suit shopping - feels good. I'm also putting off buying another new bra because I think I will be getting down to a 36. So next week I'll try the 36 and see how it goes. I've bought a few 38 because of the incisions. Am currently wearing a 38D. Will try a 36DD next week. I'm a 34 but not there yet. I sure hope by the time I get my boobies where they should be I'll be a smaller cup size. My boobs are more pliable now too. I'm actually hoping they don't get much more pliable - no loose boobs people! I like my perky fake feeling boobs - lol. Went shopping the other day - so nice to get smaller tops. I am able to where some of my older tops - they just fit like they're supposed to. Found a picture of me from last summer that I'm sharing with you here - looks at the boobs! They cover a larger area. I looked ok - but if you look closely you see how much of an area they were covering! OY! Also - I'm finally starting to sleep on my side. It's amazing how your body suddenly is like - "bitch - get on your side" and then it doesn't hurt to do so. Of course it's not real easy yet - have pillows propped etc but I do fall asleep so that's a good sign. My poor back needs to work out! It hurts like it did pre - op but I'm guessing it's just so weak from not doing crap so I'm working on it. Well - Happy Healing ladies!!!

5 weeks and one day post op PIC

DUH - was supposed to share this pic!

I said in a previous update that I'd share this pic from last summer - notice the size of those puppies! LOL> I've got to get another pic of me in the same top to share now.

9 WEEKS.....

So it will be 9 weeks on Wednesday. Most of my healing is done with the occasional pissed off area but overall good. I'm resuming all of my working out but having not dared riding a bike or jogging due to the bounce effect. So I'm back to doing weights and even planks but not for too long. Just really listening to my arm and chest area - any pulling or pain I stop what I'm doing and try again the next week. I have recently shopped for bras and find that I am mostly a 36DD with the occasional 36D. But I have only purchased 36DD. In other words - sure some 36D's fit but were not the most comfortable or best fit. So 36DD I am. AND I'M NOT TOO HAPPY ABOUT IT!!!!!. I did not get a flippin reduction to be a DD!!! Yes I'm a nice hour glass but hell I was looking forward to being a pear shape for once in my life. I intend to lose weight too. I wanted a C or D - not a DD. I was a J for Christ sakes! I've been measuring myself since 2 days after the surgery and it hasn't changed but maybe 1/2" in circumference. I keep being told it will go down and it hasn't at all! Crazy. They have also settled too and are heavy. I had heavy boobs before the reduction and they're heavy still (another reason I wanted them to be C cups). It's not strange that their heavy - they are still my boobs and that's how I am. But - I find myself wearing a bra 24/7 because the weight of them tugs at the incisions making that obviously uncomfortable. Today I'm not too upset about it but overall I wanted to be small. I would have been happy with a B. But this is where I am and I guess I will deal with it. I see my doctor in October so I'll speak with him then. I'm just worried because I had two sisters who had reductions and they literally grew back. They gained 15 lbs and it went to the boobs - they lost the weight and the boobs stayed. That happened to me before the surgery. So now I can never gain weight (and that's a good thing) but damnit I wanted them good and small to compensate for my family freakish boob nature. Seriously - I literally gave my old bras (34H, I and J's) to my sister who had a reduction 13 years ago!!! She ended up a DD like me AFTER the reduction and is now what I was before the reduction. Scars the crap outta me! My other sister went from a 34DDD to a C. She is now a DDD again. Again - she gained 15lbs. and then lost it but boobs stayed. I hope I'm not doomed to this future. I'm also using salves and scar treatments now I purchased from whole foods. They are great and help sooth the area. I just keep the area clean and try not to sweat too much. If I could give advice to those getting it done it would be to wait till the temps are not too hot!! Well happy healing!

BOOBS - they look the same as the first week!

See my photo the first week post op and now @ 9 weeks


HI everyone! It's been one year yesterday since my surgery and I just wanted to give you all an update.

I went from a 34J to a 36DD(E) or 36DDD(F or UK E?) depending on the brand. The 34 to a 36 is because I was always a 36 but needed to be tighter to hold up those heavy bitches. Otherwise the back of my strap would be up my back. It's nice not having to have such a tight strap around my rib cage.

I'm thoroughly please being a smaller size. My back doesn't hurt anymore and it's so much easier to get into clothes. I do wear some of the clothes that I wore before but they look so much better. Also, the girls are up! I am able to wear a strapless bra as well! YES I WROTE STRAPLESS!!!

I did hope to be smaller. I am definitely proportional but my family has a tendency to grow back. In fact my older sister just had another reduction yesterday (same day as me!). My other sister needs one - she just inherited my old J sized bras.

What was weird about my journey is my breast ended up exactly the same size as the day I came out of surgery. They never got smaller (due to swelling). Oh well.

I occasionally have discomfort at the incision sites and the nerve endings haven't all healed but I do wear some underwire bras without discomfort. Depends on the brand of course. I have Natori 36DDD and Chantelle 36DDD underwire and Bali Women's Comfort Revolution non underwire 36DD. I also still wear the Hanes ComfortFlex Fit® Get Cozy Women`s Wirefree Bra to bed. It just feels better to have my girls cozy and I'm trying to make sure gravity doesn't kick me in the ass again!
Dr. Yen

Dr. Yen is part of the Iowa Clinic. AMAZING doctor and staff. All were attentive and addressed my questions and needs. I truly felt the love baby. Dr. Yen also recognized a complication and wasted no time correcting it and I feel much better now!

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