My Miradry Experience in Treating Hyperhydrosis - Calgary, AB

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Hey everyone! Well first a huge thankyou to...

Hey everyone!

Well first a huge thankyou to everyone on the board for writing all their reviews of the Miradry procedure. They were tantamount in my decision to also go for the treatment. In addition a personal thankyou to those of you I spoke with directly after procedure who gave me confidence my recovery was proceeding on par with you own ?


First let me say hyperhidrosis runs in my family, dad’s side. It affects everyone, males and females. My dad had surgery when I was a kid where they “burned” the sweat glands under his arms, this was back before any modern techniques existed, and was very painful and had a lot of complications and huge scars.

My problems with hyperhidrosis started when I was about 13… I remember forgetting to use antiperspirant one morning before going to junior high school, and was dripping sweat before 10am.. Soaked a t-shirt and even the sweater I'd put on over top of it was damp :( I don’t think I will ever forget that day, no will my classmates who has the misfortune to be sitting near me. UGH :(

I remember picking an outfit for grade 9 “grad”  that had a jacket, just so I could wad paper towels under my arms to soak up the sweat without the extra padding being noticed. In Grade 12, thankfully the gowns were loose so no one could see the extra padding anyway.

The problem remained of course, and got worse in adulthood. I went to university taking engineering and had the fortune of landing my first office job at 20 for a work term. Ya… that didn’t go so well.. I remember having to go the bathroom and soak paper towels so I could wash off (hidden) in the bathroom stalls where I could attempt to reapply antiperspirant.. largely in vain. I finally resorted to packing a second dress shirt every day so I could just change at lunch. Then let’s not forget the dry cleaning bills to try and remove the sweat stains from my shirts, which worked better than me using a bottle of shout and scrubbing every week... but still I think if a dress shirt lasted me 6 months before it was garbage I was lucky. They had to be dark as well, nothing light colored or white. OMG

Well I could go on, but I know many of you with hyperhidrosis get what I’m saying. And as many have said… people without hyperhidrosis just don’t get it. They don’t know what it’s like to have the social embarrassment, or to have a soaking wet shirt under your armpits all day.. or to be afraid to raise your hand a little to point to something when giving a presentation. (oh ya I remember my first laser pointer.. I thought it was a god send because I could finally point to something on a screen and keep my arms down)

And yes I tried it all… antiperspirants (oh please.. like they did anything), drysol, certain dri, clinical strength antiperspirants, you name it.

So fast forward ~15 years or so and I heard about botox injections to treat hyperhidrosis. Now… I have to say.. FINALLY something that worked (at least for me). Using botox with a light application of gilletes clinincal antiperspirant every day gave me relief. No more secondary dress shirts, or multiple trips to the bathroom to wash a re-apply, no more wadding paper towels under my armpits. YAY!!!! So, botox was life changing. So for any of you that aren’t ready to resort to a more permanent solution… give botox a try ! Yes, you need to go back every 3 or 4 months, but if you’ve got insurance, it’s worth it yes.

However after doing that for 5 years I (as always) kept searching for a more permanent solution. Finally heard about Miradry and as mentioned, after reading all the reviews decided it was for me.

Miradry Experience

So I had my first Miradry procedure Feb 6th, 2015

My experience was similar to what a lot on here have described I’d say…. They stick a temporary rub on tattoo under your arms that gives a grid pattern for the miradry machine and for local anaesthetic injections. Everyone asked me if the freezing hurt… its about 30 to 40 injections under each underarm. Overall, pain of 1 on a 10 scale I’d say… similar to botox injections so it didn’t really phase me cause I was used to it.

The miradry procedure itself didn’t really hurt because you’re numb from the anesthetic… As some people have mentioned… There was a few times I had the sensation of some localized “hot” sensations.. but as soon as I felt them and was going to mention it.. it went away. So overall pain level for the procedure itself I give it a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10.

About 2 or 3 hours post op, things definitely start to sting. Kind of feels like a first degree burn and it’s definitely uncomfortable if you rub the skin together. I had just a couple of square ice packs the doctor gave me.. and I definitely used them extensively as they’re the only thing that feels better. I did the procedure on a Friday so I could take the rest of the day to relax, and the weekend. I’m glad I did, and if /when I do my second treatment I’d do the same.

The morning after… there was a lot of swelling, almost the size of a tennis ball cut in half. So…. I used ice a lot for the first 48 hours, almost every hour I’d say for at least 20 minutes per session. I had trouble keeping the ice packs frozen in the first 24 hours cause I used them so much. I DID try to tough it out without any pain meds, but I admit, I finally resorted to advil every 4 hours, and that seemed to take the edge off and let me be comfortable enough to watch movies while I kept things iced up LOL. I used advil for maybe 3 days post op.

One thing I wish I’d have seen was the idea of frozen water bottles instead of square ice packs like misssydney27 used after her procedure. This was coolest idea I’d seen because of the ergonomic fit water bottles would bring, and I recommend anyone doing miradry should have 4 of these babies in the freezer for when you come home so you can cycle them. ?

The swelling subsided a lot about 48 hours after the procedure… and for almost the next 5 days the treatment area was just kind of puffy. After about a week out, there seems to be a just a series of small lumps under my arms, they’re a little tender for sure, but very bearable.

The best part? I haven’t used a stitch of antiperspirant since the procedure. Showered once a day and there’s been no smell, and everything has been completely dry. I check multiple times every day in stark amazement that I haven’t had any sweat.!! After all these years of knowing nothing else.. this is absolutely astounding! ?

I don’t know if any will come back once all the lumps are gone or not.. I’m hoping not of course. But they say you do need two treatments so I guess we will see where things are in a couple weeks. I will take a couple more pics at the 2 week mark and post an update
So far.. for someone who’s suffered with hyperhidrosis for a lot of his adult years… Miradry is life changing. I wish this would have been available when I was like 16!!

Thanks to everyone else who wrote and told me their story, as well to those who encouraged me to write about mine. :)

Over 2 weeks sweat free!

Hey everyone! Just thought I'd post an update. Wow.. Over 2 weeks out and things couldn't be better.. Almost all the little lumps have receeded to the point they're hardly noticeable between my 15 day and 17 day post op

Still haven't had to use any antiperspirant at all. No sweat or smell even after a whole day at work. Discomfort on the skin is gone now so think it may be time to try a workout and see what happens. I still Check multiple times a day and continue to be stunned my fingers are completely dry after the "under the shirt test" lol

Holy this is just crazy amazing!! :) miradry rocks

update - after second treatment

Hi Everyone!

First I must apologize to all my fellow real-selfers for going M.I.A. for so long. I owe thanks to one particular member for a kick in the butt about not posting updates, which of course I should have done a long time ago so people can read about the long term results.

So I had my first treatment in Feb 2015, as you know. In May 2015, I went back for my second. I again had the procedure done on level 5, and pleasingly, the healing process didn't seem as bad this time. I still needed ice of course for the swelling and bruising, it just didn't "seem" as painful.

I will upload some pictures, but over-all I think you'll see post treatment effects still very similar to my initial treatment.

After the second treatment, as before, there was a period where I was completely sweat free for a couple weeks, I was hoping I might be able to get by without using any antiperspirants again, but I guess that`s not realistic *damit*!

It seems that I only really sweated under stressful situations, but even when I did, there was no longer any wet stains under my underarms. I would occasionally do a finger check and there would be a little dampness under there... so occasionally I`d try to get by without wearing an antiperspirant, but then I`d start to notice some smell as the day progressed. So after treatment number 2, it seems a light antiperspirant was still required as part of my normal day.

I lived like this for a year... and all the while wondered if having a third treatment would allow me to eliminate sweating under my underarms all together. (I`ll cover that in the next update).

All told, I`d say by this point, I probably sweat less than the general population. A marked improvement from how my life used to be

update - after 3rd treatment, + plus 1 year

Hey again everyone!

OK, this will be my update after my 3rd treatment, as well as how I'm doing 1 year after that (so 2 years after I went for my initial miradry treatment).

So after my 2nd treatment I spent a year using a mild anti-perspirant daily, but kinda longing to be sweat free completely, so in April 2016 (just over 1 year after my initial treatment series), I decided to go back for a 3rd round essentially because the staff where I go is amazing, and they offered to reduce my cost somewhat since it was the 3rd treatment.

I did have starch test done, which showed being bone dry... as I said, it seemed I only sweated a little under stressful situations. I was more concerned about still having a smell when I sweated, I guess you could say I was chasing the dream of being like it was after each miradry treatment (i.e. 100% sweat free).

Once again, I had the procedure done on a level 5, but as before the pain level afterwards and 1 day post didn't seem as bad as when I had the initial treatment done. But by this time I also felt like a pro and had 8 small size water bottles in the freezer ready to go and used in succession for the first 24 hours, so perhaps that helped too! But by the pictures I think you can see that things don't look as swollen as they did on the same days post my previous treatments.

As before I experienced ~2 weeks completely sweat free, and I went to work putting on no antiperspirant or deodorant. Sadly, after 2 weeks, I could notice a small smell at the end of the day if I didn't wear any deodorant though, however things were really dry under my underarms. So I started just using a mild deodorant, and that's what I've been doing for the last year.

So NO MORE ANTIPERSPIRANTS! yay!! No more toxic aluminum salts!

That's right, just a straight deodorant or even a drop of those essential oil peppermint oils and that pretty much takes care of business. Sometimes, on the weekend if I'm at home, I won't wear put on any deodorant at all, and by the end of the day things are fine. It often seems like I can skip a day when it comes to applying deodorant, but when I'm working, I don't chance it, even though it's subtle by the end of the day, and I don't think anyone would notice.

So... did the 3rd treatment accomplish what I'd hoped? umm... not entirely I guess. I wanted ZERO smell under underarms, no such luck I guess, but it's certainly down to a bare minimum, and I never notice any dampness under there anymore, and my shirts are NEVER wet.

All in all, that's my journey.. I've gone from taking a change of shirts to work and throwing out my destroyed dress shirts after 2 months, and mopping up in the bathroom and applying clinical strength antiperspirants multiple times daily to just having to use a couple strokes of a mild deodorant once a day (again, no antiperspirants for me any more).

So over all I have to say this has been a SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY.

I'd have liked to eliminate 100% any possibly of any smell of course, but not sure as it's worth the cost to do more as I don't know if that could ever be achieved.

Overall, I'm very pleased. It's life changing. I hope this has helped all of you who read, I know I read so may posts about people who've suffered like me, and many of you've have prob seen me post on your blogs encouraging you to try Miradry if you're in the same boat as me.

My only advice to anyone considering Miradry woudl be these 3 things:

1. Find a medical clinic/tech who actually has been certified by Miradry. The machine must be used in the proper sequence over the underarm area to deliver the right pulses to the targeted zones.

2. Insist on Level 5, anything else is a waste of your money. I've had 3 treatments on level 5 and as you've read, there's still some remnant sweat glands, so don't let someone scare you into thinking you'll be destroying every last sweat gland after 1 treatment and you should therefore have a lower setting. That's BS

3. Have about 8 of those half-size water bottles frozen and ready to go in your freezer before you go for your appointment so you're ready to use them once you get home, and with 8 you'll have enough that the used ones will be re-frozen again when you need them. (misssydney27 you rock for giving me this idea!!!)

Good luck to you all, feel free to ask questions you may have. PM me if you like as well!
Ildiko Juhasz (RN / Laser Technician)

I had an a RN / Laser Technician perform the procedure (Ildiko Juhasz) under the supervision of the clinic's dermatologist. I was amazed at the care, diligence and even the follow up call to see how I was doing. I have only good things to say about the staff at :) They are busy though, so book in advance ! It's also worth mentioning that ildiko is certified by miradry for performing the procedure. The miradry rep was even on site and present for my procedure.

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