Tattoo Regret - Yet Another Sad Story You've Heard a Million Times - Atlanta, GA

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Because my stupid mistake made in my much-younger...

Because my stupid mistake made in my much-younger years was filled with tons of green and blue, I've had to wait for many years to even attempt removal. Even in Atlanta there aren't many places that offer the PicoSure and/or PicoWay lasers. I chose Dermatology Associates of Atlanta because they not only have PicoSure and PicoWay, but also the Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser for tattoo removal. I was able to begin my first treatment immediately following my initial evaluation, which was awesome, and the $100 consult fee went toward my first treatment. I was lucky enough to have Dr. Karempelis perform the procedure. Because everyone is different and every tattoo artist is different, it's very difficult to accurately predict how long it will take to eradicate a tattoo. He did tell me I had the best chance of success because I am so pale-skinned. Yay. My tattoo artist decided to give me plenty of beautiful greens and blues, so I was told to expect plenty of blistering. Yay. First round was to start on all the black. The second round was with the PicoSure for the greens and blues. One word: OUCH! And oh boy was it ouchy. The whole "popping with a rubberband" analogy is complete b.s. It felt to me like someone was slowly burning me with a hot coal. The doc did point out that because it was so painful, that told him the laser was "seeing" the greens and blues really well. Yay. He went to the PicoWay for the orange and yellow. Long story short, I squeezed a foam ball and moaned internally for about 20 ish minutes. Directly afterward the whole sordid spot was that familiar white/icy looking scene we've all looked at on here. After slapping some antibacterial-coated saran wrap on top and then large white bandages I was good to go with some instructions: (1) keep covered until tomorrow morning; (2) elevate as needed; (3) don't touch it; (4) showering is ok; (5) regarding the inevitable blisters - it was suggested that I let mother nature take care of them unless they were causing such distress and disability that I am forced to pop them, in which case I must take great care to keep coated in antibacterial salve; (6) keep moist with Aquaphor or something similar until the itchy healing phase passes; (7) see you in 6 weeks for round 2; (8) NEVER feed after midnight - wait, that's another instruction booklet. LOL I kill me.

I'm happy to post photos later. I'll post the before later, and when the wrapping comes off I'll post a nasty tat-selfie so everyone can ooh and ahh and ask themselves if they really want to do this.


2 days after

I've lanced and drained the giant blister 5 times and it keeps inflating. Also, smaller blisters have enlarged. Blisters everywhere. Pretty gross. Hope a long skirt will be doable for work tomorrow. No bandage today. It's very tender when I coat it in Aquaphor and bacitracin zinc.

5 days after

Even less pain today, though still quite tender. As long as nothing touches it I'm fine. I do still have blisters everywhere and tons of the red (blood blisters?) left, though the red has darkened to a maroon. That pesky ugly large blister just refuses to die. I caved in and lanced it again on the 3rd day and it stayed pretty flat until last night when I had to stand for hours - it re-inflated. But ... even through all the blisters and such I can DEFINITELY see that the ink has lightened everywhere and a great deal of the green is already gone in several places - yeehaw !! No more Bacitracin at this point - only Aquaphor three times a day. I've been *very* gently massaging it in just to avoid globs of the stuff on my clothing. I have had some itching, but not much yet (knocking on wood because I can feel it around the corner).

5 days after

16 days

Still peeling where blisters were, but check out the difference !

At 6 weeks - the day before treatment # 2

Today - the day after treatment #2

This treatment was much more painful than the first - and I even used numbing cream and was given a pain pill beforehand. The lasers were increased, and I honestly think this was the most excruciating thing I've ever experienced ... and I've gone through natural childbirth .... being honest. BUT - take a look at the fading already !!

Tomorrow is treatment 3 !

2 days after treatment #3

A bajillian blood blisters.

Tomorrow is treatment #4

I feel butterflies because last treatment was so excruciating. But look at the progress !!

Tomorrow is treatment 5!!

It's really happening. I can see it slowly disappearing.

Blisters and terrible bruising

For the first time since my initial treatment I awoke on day 2 to blisters everywhere and deep purple bruising in spots. I haven't commented on treatments 3-4 because they were unremarkable, albeit painful. On each of those day 2s I awoke to red bruising everywhere, but no blisters. Hopefully it won't take long to recover.

Before treatment #6

It's fading nicely, but it feels like it's taking ages. I want this monstrosity gone yesterday ! Today was treatment 6. As always, it was the longest 15 minutes of my life, and as always I made it through shuddering and whimpering the whole time. I'll post updates only if I blister again.

Treatment #7

I swear it's more painful each time !!
Take a look at how it's fading. This is right before the treatment today. I'll post an update before #8. Bottom line: it's going away !!
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

Despite the fact that he was looking at a very professional lady with a very ugly, terribly placed tattoo, he was never once condescending.

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