IPL to Improve Mild Rosacea/skin Damage and Pigmentation - Vancouver, BC

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Hey y'all! I have never had any treatments on my...

Hey y'all!
I have never had any treatments on my face other than two facials and a couple shots of Restyline in the black circles under my eyes.
Recently I have noticed Rosacea looking patches showing up on my cheeks (usually after a night of drinking red wine).
My initial plan was to correct the damage I have on my décolletage but after consulting with Dora, I think it would be best to do my whole face and décolletage and see what type of response I get.
550.00 for both face/chest. She said I may want to do 3-5 but I will see how the first one goes.
I need to lose the tan so that we can do the tray meant in October!

Finally taking the IPL plunge

I have been putting off starting this procedure for a few reasons.
1. Tan free skin (we vacation a lot and although I wear sunscreen and avoid the sun, I still get a tan!).
3. Scared to have something done to my face.. Yikes!?

I'm sure I will love the outcome and the positive response I will get but there is something that freaks me out about getting something DONE to my face. I'm 37 so I should probably get used to the fact that as I age I might be getting some minor things DONE.
On another note... But face related :)
I have always been curious about lip injections (nothing crazy) but again...super scared I will look like a freak show! Or worse yet... Get addicted to the plump!
Wish me luck and stay tuned.
I am going to Sony at Planet Hair Day Spa in Burnaby. She does my laser hair removal and facials...so I trust her.

Pictures 24 hours before procedure

One hour after Pictures

I ended up getting my first IPL treatment done on my entire face, neck and décolleté for $375.00.
The procedure plus the spa portion was about 1 hour and 15mins long. Sony has almost 20 years of experience as an Active Aesthetician and she was very knowledgeable about my skin type.
Does it hurt? Yup... The zap feeling is hot and it is not relaxing LOL but I am hoping it will be worthy the pain! The ice pack, cooling gel and collagen mask definitely helped chill me out.
I will visit her in two weeks for a check in and a facial.

Pictures the next morning

Photos after my post procedure home care routine.
Face wash, toner, eye cream, Rosacea cream and sun scream.

First makeup application Pictures

I was a little worried about how I would look out I public after having IPL done.
Day one with Makeup application looks like this for me....
My under eye area feels puffy and I'm pink but I think it's manageable.
Don't forget the sunscreen!

One week post first treatment

I have scheduled a facial with the same aesthetician who did my first IPL so that she can assess my skin and administer a personalized facial. My aftercare/ home care has been on point but I think I will need a few more treatments to truly even out my skin tone.

Consultation was very helpful and free! Dora is very well educated in skin care and I feel comfortable moving forward with a treatment.

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