IPL to Improve Mild Rosacea/skin Damage and Pigmentation - Vancouver, BC

Hey y'all! I have never had any treatments on my...

Hey y'all!
I have never had any treatments on my face other than two facials and a couple shots of Restyline in the black circles under my eyes.
Recently I have noticed Rosacea looking patches showing up on my cheeks (usually after a night of drinking red wine).
My initial plan was to correct the damage I have on my décolletage but after consulting with Dora, I think it would be best to do my whole face and décolletage and see what type of response I get.
550.00 for both face/chest. She said I may want to do 3-5 but I will see how the first one goes.
I need to lose the tan so that we can do the tray meant in October!

Consultation was very helpful and free! Dora is very well educated in skin care and I feel comfortable moving forward with a treatment.

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