At Home 2mm Dermaroller Every 2-4 Weeks for Past 6 Months

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I've done at home dermaroller for the past 6...

I've done at home dermaroller for the past 6 months, rolling moderately firm pressure (some pinpoints of blood and definite popping sound on forehead) every 2-4 weeks with a 2mm roller 560 needles (I think).

At first, right after rolling, my skin was bright red (I have fair east Asian skin) right after, then for a few days the first 2x I rolled my skin was super dry and peeled a bit, just a bit. It started looking better about a week after initial roll day. There's too much speculation about how much time collagen induction needs for proper healing care, but unless you're getting completely bloodied, I figured every 2 weeks was fine for my skin with how I roll. I don't use any anesthetic before I roll, I don't want any of it getting into my punctured skin. First roll was shocking and so painful I had tears rolling down my face, and I can take a LOT of pain, so that's saying something.

It's definitely how you prep your skin before and after that's going to make a big difference. I tend to cleanse my skin, take a cotton pad with Seabreeze to remove any oil, grime, dirt, makeup, then I do some kind of facial pack (yogurt, honey, cucumber, egg) to soften my skin even further, then I roll. Right after I roll I rinse with warm water only, then apply vitamin e oil, then use hyaluronic acid on top of the oil. Sometimes I'll also apply Laneige water pack and that makes a difference with plumping, softening, getting rid of pores & fine lines. I also stay out of the sun and use sunblock religiously.

I'm pretty sure being diligent with the dermaroller will pay off in the long run. So far it's not made a huge difference, such as it won't replace fillers or botox or lasers, but I can still see it making a difference each time I roll. I can feel my facial skin tightening and being tighter. And though i haven't gotten botox in 2 years, my 11 lines aren't there and that is directly fom the dermarolling. It definitely thickens up my skin but sometimes makes it feel drier than normal.

I'm wondering if I should mix it up with glycolic peels once a month with rolling once a month.
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