Cosmelan New Formula on Type III Skin - Egypt, EG

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I have hyper-pigmentation spots from acne on my...

i have hyper-pigmentation spots from acne on my cheeks my dermatologist cosmelan treatment although its very expensive but she said it will be worth it

day 1 after the mask "22/6" nothings happened just swallon face not red or anything so i applied cosmelan 2 my face started didn't get red but tanned like i spend all day in sun i looked hideous , but continued to apply cosmelan 2 3 times per day although she recommended only once but i saw reviews of how weak the new formula is and i was afraid i was not peeling

day 2 "23/6" face is still tanned with slight redness peeling is only above my lips and on my chin no itching or burning or any kind of pain just my skin is dry i dont have the hydro k but i am using panthenl 2%

day 3 "24/5" still tanned and slight peeling only around the mouth i started to panic i wanted to peel my cheeks only in the first place my skin used to be perfectly fine before at the end of the day i decided to improvise as i am pharmacist so i have a medical backgroung i used a serum containing glycolic acid and salicylic acid on my cheeks and forehead "they werent peeling at all ! "
thank god they started to peel i felt comfort and decided to add them to my regimen but may be not daily ....anyway i also decided to use cosmelan 2 on my cheeks only 3 times per day

day 4 "24/6" woke up peeled areas shows red but smooth skin i hope it gets better only applied cosmelan 2 on my cheeks i am not sure there is any improvement in my hyper-pigmentation or may be its still to early to judge ????

day 5 "26/6"

all peeled yesterday and for reason unknown i can see the hypepigmentation clearly like nothing happened just faded slightly and i am starting to lose hope with this treatment
plus cosmelan 2 started to cause me break out so i am not treating old marks just to make new ones !
i am not sure if i should stop using it or may be just use it once at night on the hyper pigmented area ???!!!

day 6 "27/6"

well now i am sure about my opinion i used physiog and el AI to moisturize and ease the redness yesterday and heal some the skin that had hard time flaking from dryness which i am very afraid that it may leave PIH probably would
now my face almost returned to its natural color i can say that my old hyperpigmention are technically the same and i may end with new ones !!!!
so my conculsion if you hear from your dermatologist the name cosmelan just open the door and run and never come back , it was a horrible experience and although i may end up with new pigmentation i am just glad i still have a face and i dont just look like the ugly step sister of hell boy

i did my reasearch about best treatment for hyperpigmentaions caused by acne i think the best thing is to stick to your daily routine which is
1- a very good sun block spf +50 " yes the sun is your enemy "
2-night cream with exfoliating agents "glycolic acid, salicylic acid ,lactic acid" or even the three !
3-day cream with liqourice extract & AHA & azelaic acid
& avoid hydroqiunone its not approved by the FDA and they probably have a good reason for it !

and if you want to try something to help you get rid of them faster i recommend trying first TCA peels and alwayes find a trusted dermatologist & do your research first read about what you are going to do , never take a risk
its your face ! your body ! its you !
Dr. Heba Darwish

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