3 Week Post Op Breast Implants and Lift - Denver, CO

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5'6" , 125 pounds, 36 years old had 275cc sub...

5'6" , 125 pounds, 36 years old had 275cc sub muscular implant with lift. Expected pain - as this is 2 major surgeries. However, the pain is exhausting, deflating, and draining and way more than anticipated. Had a hard time managing pain since the minute I came out of surgery. From a 2 and half hour surgery, took over 5 hours in post op. stopped pain meds after 3 days because I couldn't take the side effects, and they didnt really work, but perhaps that was my first mistake to not continue. (Note - i metabolize pain meds and sedation, muscle relaxants very different than most people)

On pain scale of of 0 to 10, 10 being that you want to cry, I wake up everyday at a 7. Takes me a couple hours to get moving and get pain down to 4 or 5 at best. By the time I go to bed, I am back to a 7 or 8. Days are long, pain is more than I expected and am questioning when I will feel even slightly normal again. I only took 5 days off of work and that likely was my second mistake. Worked on computer in slow mode for next week - didn't feel like I did a lot but apparently taking a solid 2 weeks off is HIGHLY recommended and even doing your make up and driving very short distances is too much.

Pain is achy, shooting knife like, switches from side to side on any given day and nipples feel like I have nursed 25 babies for hours at a time. Beyond hyper sensitive and sore. Miserable is the word that comes to mind. Tightness is very tough - still hard to breath. Very frustrated at this point and really questioning my decision. Really like my doctor and they say I am healing correctly but completely underestimated pain and really went in expecting the very worst and even that was not enough. Sleeping is tough - sitting up. Once I sleep I stay asleep for a good 8 hours but getting up is awful. I am REALLY hoping this week is better because I am not sure how much longer I can take this (not that I have any options) but looking for any insight, advice, shared stories etc. It helps to hear words of encouragement. Note: cost is Doctor, hospital and anaestia.

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