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I'm nervous. My surgery is coming up. I will post...

I'm nervous. My surgery is coming up. I will post my before pictures. I'm 42 had 2 children, lost elasticity of my abdomen and I want rounded bottom with hips as I do not have hips. I have been thinking to do these procedures for quite sometime now and I finally made my decision to do it now before I get too old!

Here's my before pictures with 3 wishful photos

The doctor's office called my this morning as they made a mistake on my surgery fees but they were concerned about my happiness so they will honor the original quotes. Meanwhile, I am uploading these pictures for you to see so you know I am truly a person not acting on behalf of the company.

11 more days before my procedures, excited and nervous

11 more days.....I had my pre-op visit this morning. Took 3.5 hours but it's all good so far.

It's Almost time for my procedures????????????

Nervous, excited and not looking forward for the pain but I know I never wanted to see my pooch and saggy belly.

I'm at home after sugery, I'm alive!!!

I feel tired of course and a little nausea. I actually threw up and that me when taking medication that are new to me and when I'm not feeling good. I cannot stand straight as it feels like I'm going to rip the stitches as they feel so tight plus with the swelling, it doesn't help either. I took 2 pain killers today after coming home. I'm only able to take couple of pictures as my back is hurting pretty bad????

1st Day Post Op Appointment

Last night was not fun but I figured if I walk around I will feel better which I did. I woke up every 2 hours drink my vitamin water and my pineapple juice. I slept okay then in the morning I felt like I needed to do something, so I made breakfast for everyone. Anything I need to reach or carry, I get help from my family. I only ate couple of bites as by the time I divided the scrambled eggs, it was sold out. Anyway during my 1st post op visit Dr. Nick was there, he looked at my bruises and he decided that I keep the wrap around compression to keep my suture in place and not to wear the garment they had for me. I feel that they are all very encouraging and very helpful including my nurse Beth and massage therapy for my lymphatic massage Pam was great. My husband took some pictures but it's on his phone, so I cannot post it here right now. Everything else seems okay and we were able to stop by at Vitamin Cottage to grab the Arnica pills and cream for me to use later. Then I made soup without adding any sodium. I'm not trying to be a hero but I'm a type of person that if I can and have the energy, I wouldn't mind to help out plus I only cut the chicken and my son cut the carrots in pieces. One thing to help with any surgery is exercise before any procedures. I'm not bragging but I work out 3-5 times a day and same thing after I had my 2 children, I got up and clean go to the bathroom because the nurse at the hospital was nowhere to be found. I really felt the FAITH and work out helped me a lot. I thought about this procedures a lot and prayed about it. I did not want to pick or travel to DR (Dominican Republic) then get complications. For those of you who are thinking about it, please know that you this is your life. I thought about doing it in other country or different state but I thought working hard and with the support of my husband, I would do it locally. So far I have no regret. I thought I would not wake up after being knocked out for over four hours but because I choose a not cheap doctor, I wouldn't have to worry about that. I have a good coworker who told me about Dr. Broadway. She had breast augmentation and partial tummy tuck. She was not satisfied with her partial TT. I actually had 2 friends who had BA there. I asked God to direct me with a doctor who will do the procedures for me and when I checked realself, Dr. Nick came, so I knew I would have him do the procedures and it worked out great because I only had to take 1 day vacation which was yesterday and everything else is paid for by my company. It would be challenging the first week of January as I had a desk job. Thankfully I'm over on my vacation hours, so I will be off on the 7th and 8th of January and couple more days the second week of January. It use it or lose it. None of my co-workers except for one are aware I'm doing these procedures. I figured, it's non of their business since I'm using my own vacation time.

10 Days Post Op

Here's my 10 days post up. It's been getting easier everyday. I'm still walk a little hunched but I'm still working on it to walk like I was before. No more tight breathing, just a little pain.
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Just did consult and after some thoughtful thinking, research and looking at my self on the mirror, I decided, I really want to have my flat belly and rounded butt!

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