Two Butts! One in the Front, One in the Back! Lol - Denver, CO

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I've had two C-sections (years ago) and also have...

I've had two C-sections (years ago) and also have gained and lost weight, creating a lot of excess skin in the front (called an apron) that is the same size as my bum in the back! Boooo! I've gotten good at covering it up. I wear longer shirts, higher waisted pants and always wear a spandex, sleeveless tummy control thing under all of it. The summer is the most uncomfortable, but I'd rather sweat a little extra than let it all hang out. I find that the spandex keeps my shirts from clinging, too. I've stood in front of the bathroom mirror a million times, grabbing a handful of the "front butt" and pushing it up, and then in, to see what I'd look like with it gone! Lol My youngest was born 24 years ago, so I've had many years to dream of a flat tummy. The thing is, I could never justify the money on something not "necessary". Oh the guilt! I just turned 50. No way! Pinch me, someone! Am I REALLY 50? This birthday was a hard one for me. I don't FEEL 50. I'm active, and young at heart, darn it! Somewhere in my mind, long ago, I decided 50 was OLD. But now that I'm here, well... it only SOUNDS old, but REALLY isn't. Now I'm thinking maybe 80 is old! Haha Ok, so I'm 50 and my husband says, "What would you like to do for your big 5 0? Should we go on a trip? Where would you like to go? Do you want me to plan a surprise party for you?" He's sweet, isn't he?

Being brave and adding tummy pictures

...And here they are

Another front "butt" picture

I picked a Dr! And Scheduled my surgery!

Eeeek! After I interviewed 3 different TT Dr's here in Denver, I finally decided which one I liked best. Then I talked over possible dates with my husband and decided to call and make the date official! September 7th it is! It's actually a month earlier than we'd originally thought about. (Partly because I want to be able to attend my grandsons birthday in late October. Silly, yet important to my heart) Even though setting the date with the Dr is also still doesn't feel real. Weird. I thought this step would bring it home. But I suppose it's because it's not next month, or next week!

I cancelled my TT Procedure...

So...I just can't justify it. My husband loves me and tells me he thinks I'm sexy ALL. THE. TIME. And I feel that the money could be better spent on US, as a couple. We love to to travel and explore! My husband has been so supportive and kind and sweet through all this, telling me ours totally up to me. I think that if I lose another 10-15 lbs, I feel better anyways. So....That's it my flat belly, brave sister's; I won't be joining your beautiful club. And it's ok, I'm a blessed woman with an awesome husband. Good Bless
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