Looking to Remove Black Ink Tattoo (Only 1 Month Old/Denver)

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I made the choice to have a tattoo last month,...

I made the choice to have a tattoo last month, which in retrospect may not have been the best decision. I have been struggling w/ my decision for the better half of this month to the point of feeling very depressed. I'm not entirely at odds w/ the design, after all I had planned it for several years...but the final product I realize changes my image in a way that I was not prepared to accept and has caused me great distress. I've gone to Ink-B-Gone in Denver, a reputable place which uses a Q Switched Yag laser. I was told that the procedure could be done successfully (Without scarring) but that it would entail 7-10 different sessions over the course of 2 years. While i'm not rich, my primary concern is not cost but quality...I realize I made a mistake...and I'm willing to save the money accordingly...but I want to make sure it's done right. The rep at Ink-B-Gone told me that Picosure is the future of laser removal technology, but that, as far as she knew, has not shown any greater success with black ink than the current gold standard, Q-switched laser. Given reviews and information I've read online, I've seen different reviews on picosure and it's effects on black ink, it also seems to work faster and better. I feel the need to open this discussion as I'm latching on to this hope to get past this funk and start feeling proactive about my decision to move forward with removal with hopes. I was fortunate that the artist I went to was extremely skilled and after only a month my tattoo is entirely flat, save for a couple random lines, I can't feel the tattoo on my skin...nor is there any shine to point to any scarring. I'm hopeful that this can also offer some hope for a more effective removal in the longterm. Denver, as far as I know, does not have a picosure laser, so I am willing to travel, potentially to nyc, fl, or Atlanta for each procedure. Recommendations and feedback are appreciated.

Ideal Image (Centennial, Denver, Colorado) Picosure

It's been a while since my original review while i try to decide how to move forward. At this point I'm leaning towards removal w/ a Picosure laser. I came across Ideal Image, located in Centennial, they have a Picosure laser...however I have not found any reviews for this location's services and their website only provides generic information reg. their franchise. I'm told they have Doctors on staff, and have scheduled a consult w/ them. Does anybody have any reviews for Ideal Image?

Ideal Image

Still exploring solutions for removal; though I'm also trying to heal from this recent trauma by learning to embrace my tattoo for what it is aesthetically, and what drove me to think it was a good idea in the first place. I have my moments though brief, where i'm hopeful. This Saturday I have an appt at Ideal Image for a consult for removal w/ picosure in Denver. I tried calling their office but all calls go to their customer service hotline, and not their local office (yet another concern.) I was told that there is a medical doctor who supervises the PAs and nurses that operate the laser; i guess we'll have to see what i learn from the consult. I'm also trying to explore cities near Denver that I could commute to for removal w/ picosure. At this point, expensive or not, my skin is priority and w/ laser removal as risky as already is, I don't want to take any additional risks that I can otherwise avoid.

Worries about Tattoo Scarring

I only know one person who has had tattoo removal, and it was of a solid black amateur tattoo they had done to themselves using a professional gun. After two years of laser removal w/ a Yah laser, there is barely a tan line of the original design left over...though it is slightly raised and gets inflamed in the sun. I am both comforted by the success of the removal and also nervous about the possibility of a visible residual pattern of tattoo leopard spots on my arm...i guess i'll have to wait and talk to a professional before jumping to any conclusions.


I'm having a stressful time trying to gauge other picosure users' progress based on pics. I've heard many people claim that picosure works well, however many of the pics i've seen, after 2-4 tx appear very hyper/hypo pigmented, which i realize can totally fade...however my fear is that there are textural differences, hypertrophic scarring from the procedures...Does anybody know of instances of hypertrophic or textural scarring from picosure tx?

Celebrity Tattoo Removal

Anything I've seen about celebrity tattoo removals never mention the types of lasers being used; there's also rarely any follow up. For example, Megan Fox has been removing some ink since sometime in 2010/2011? Was her Marilyn Monroe tattoo ever removed? On the plus side it's good to see that celebrities having tattoo removal is increasingly visible. I mean, it's encouraging to see affluent individuals...whose body image is largely their most important asset...go through removal. If they are doing it, it stands to believe that there is hope for effective removal that would not damage their skin, but it would be nice to know what procedures they are using as well as progress...as a gauge for others going through the same. Please note that I am not invested in celebrities in the least...just wondering. Btw....cancelled my appt w/ Ideal Image in Centennial, CO this week for a picosure consult due to lack of transport...will reschedule.

The Internet is nothing but discouraging

Looking up tattoo removal before and after pics are so discouraging and always have me thinking the worst...I want to see examples of complete removals and I haven't really, save for the same stock photos over and over again. Is this industry being deceptive? I don't mean to be a downer, but i'm desperate for clear answers. I see several examples of pics of ongoing tx, and rarely results. Of the results I've seen they're never complete or look discouraging. Picosure providers and online reviews promise greater success but there are even fewer before and after pics to refer to. Granted picosure is still very new, so it's not hard to imagine why it would be so rare to find results. Is it possible that the people with good results just don't bother showing them off? Or are they simply nill...these questions to be answered hopefuly in time.
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