VERY Painful Procedure - Don't Let Many of These Reviews Fool You - Denver, CO

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I have to agree with a previous reviewer who...

I have to agree with a previous reviewer who questioned the validity of many of the positive "no pain" reviews for Sculpsure. I went to for an appointment for my inner thighs in the Denver, Colorado area. There is absolutely NO way I could take the pain - 3 minutes into it they had to turn the machine off. All 4 applicators were on my inner thighs. I literally thought an iron was burning me, and the setting was not even at the lowest threshold for results.

I do not believe any of the reviewers that said it was "painless" - there's no way. It was extremely painful, and I do not have a low pain tolerance. I've gone through lasers and deep chemical peels so my pain tolerance is pretty high.

The good news is that the doctor's office was very gracious and caring - nothing was charged and they were wonderful.
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